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Do you have specific imaginary events that play on your head about certain horrific scenarios that you could end up in?

I’m not talking about Schizophrenia or anything like that. I’m just asking if you ever sat back and thought to yourself: “Hmm…I wonder what I would do if I suddenly found myself adrift in the middle of some ocean at night. Clinging for dear life, on some half-assed raft. No land or familiar lights anywhere you look. It’s just you, the raft and the far expanse of the dark ocean waters and sky. Only to be accompanied by the haunting and moaning songs of a humpback whale? “

No? well that’s exactly what I sometimes catch myself pondering about from time to time. I think: “Well shit! I’m floating adrift in the middle of this ice-cold ocean. AT NIGHT! What could be worse than this?”

Then I hear it. The eerily moans of the mammoth beast that has surfaced just yards from my flimsy raft. That’s what makes me want to crawl out of my skin. It’s not just that the only company that I have in this ominous dark void is a gigantuous beast, but the fact that this beast has the capability and audacity to “call-onto” his friends just further lets me know that I’m about to become the curiosity of more than one of these giants. That dreary whale song.

The ability for these creatures to communicate in an alien language and the fact that I don’t understand it makes me paranoid. Now, the same feelings apply to humans. Whenever I listen to strange or unusual radio broadcasts my imagination runs amok. My ears perk-up as I listen to these screeches which intertwine with some high & low pitched whistling sounds from some lonely repeater hundreds of miles away, I start to think of the whales and the manic feeling of me becoming the prey. It’s alien, I don’t know where they’re coming from or what they mean. All I can think is: “It’s them! They’re onto me.”

If that doesn’t make sense to you –probably not– then let me tell you about the strange and mysterious “Backward Music Station.

The “Station”

Not much is known about the sources of these unknown broadcasts. The “Backward Music Station” does not actually play songs backwards, it’s just the name given to the obscure broadcast. Obviously we know that it takes an effort to send out a radio broadcast, so we know that there are people behind it. Expensive equipment is needed to send a signal across the pond, not to mention a large electrical power bill.

According to this website, the signal originating from the United States could be coming from the US Navy:

There appears to be two sources of these signals. One being somewhere in the United States possibly the US Navy – freqs are close to naval freqs, and reports have been received that they emanate from US naval bases as Jacksonville,  Florida & Virginia Beach.

Other signals heard in England at good strength, are poorly received in America, indicating a European source An early suggestion was that the signals are a NATO communication device, coming from a base in Palermo, Sicily.  More recently, utilities monitor Ary Boender reports the source of these signals as the U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily.

The Broadcast

The mysterious signal that can be heard on the rarest of occasions on more than two radio frequencies. What’s odd is that only on a few occasions have people heard human voices on these signals. Crackling, broken and difficult to understand, these bursts of “talk” are rare and much like the whales songs, the digital  echoes of screeching and whistling traverse the expansive Atlantic Ocean.

The signals have decreased during the last few years. Since 2001, it’s been heard on the following frequencies: 7631 kHz, 10363 kHz & 10512 kHz

This website gives us the technical breakdown of the signal:

Here, we see what really happens. It makes weird, descending tones, and distorted voices. Note the two sidebands at top and bottom of the plot, perfectly inverted from each other, around the channel center near 6 kHz. This is not the best unwanted-sideband suppression we’ve ever seen. Actually, quite a few utes aren’t much better. We’re looking at some pretty seriously maladjusted equipment here.

The straight blue lines are BMS’s characteristic, falling sine waves, inverted in the other sideband. The blue fuzz is heavily compressed and filtered circuit noise, and the squiggles, also inverted on top, are from an off-channel USB voice, possibly re-transmitted by what is obviously a heavily conditioned link.

The inverted LSB (seen higher due to the receiving process) gives the classic look and sound of the electronic music effect known as ring modulation. This is no surprise, since balanced modulators are used for both. Such noises are not harmonically related, sounding unnatural to Western ears, giving BMS its “spooky” sound. –Source

So these signals could include some re-transmitted voice broadcast?

Maybe, in some unmarked and unnoticed underground bunker somewhere in Europe, engineers have decrypted the whale song and used their newly acquired algorithm to test a new type of encryption? Or maybe these are just signals from a rogue signal repeater that is not properly configured?

One thing is certain, the specific location from which these broadcasts originate is not know. Neither is the content contained in the signal. What is known is that these signals are terrestrial, man-made and seem to sometimes carry human voices.

  • elhombre

    Sounds like Trent Reznor and the band Nine Inch Nails lol.

  • To me it sounds like a recording of Earth’s magnetosphere, albeit very cleaned up and amplified. Maybe it has something to do with radio astronomy? Auroral research maybe?

    Here is a page of clips, most a lot fainter than the one presented, that can give a rough example of what I’m talking about:

    Pay special attention to the one labled “chorus” and the one labled “saucer.”

  • Bivvla

    Im sure theyre called numbers stations,theres many of them,some play tunes,some just repeat numbers.One of the more well known of the stations is “The Lincolnshire Poacher”..


  • Tuna

    I think they been watching way way too much Fringe!

  • Scaredycat Sabrina

    my friend John just told me he just now heard his name followed by death threats and screaming on the backwards music station and I googled it and came here! this is some creepy sh!t I’m hearing! O_O

  • MDZhB

    Some say it sounds like a modem trying to connect. Others say it may contain NLPs. For a lot of people, listening to it causes a kind of extreme mental discomfort, like a panic attack. I have listened to it a lot, and now it doesn’t seem so bad. Of course, it may be some kind of equipment, and the radio signal is a by-prodct, but that raises the question, “what is it?” and “how could it be powerful enough to send such strong radio signals?” I just realized, I am not even listening to it and I can still hear whalesong. Also, there have never been any instances of voices on this station. Nor screaming.