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The “Dudley Dorito UFO” is the term given to the black triangular craft that has been spotted hovering above the West Midlands conurbation of the United Kingdom since 2007. There has been several reported sightings of the strange hovering craft by many different people. This time, a family claims to have captured the ‘Dudley Dorito UFO’ on video, with great details.

Full article: Express & Star

A mysterious triangular UFO dubbed the ‘Dudley Dorito’ has re-appeared in the region’s skies with the latest sighting reported near to a Midlands beauty spot.

Property worker Gary Nock and his family were on the car park of the Badgers Sett pub, Hagley, when they saw the distinctive object flying overhead.

The 52-year-old said the UFO, a black triangle with white lights at each end, was flying at low altitude from the direction of Birmingham.

He said the object had turned silently in the air and they had eventually lost sight of it as it passed over the Clent Hills.

The sighting occurred at around 6.40pm on Wednesday  and Mr Nock immediately looked it up on the internet after returning home. And he said the UFO bore a close resemblance to the “Dudley Dorito” first spotted over the skies of the Black Country a few years ago.

Mr Nock said he, his wife Susan, daughter Claire and her boyfriend Jamie Burgoyne had just arrived at the pub to have a meal.

“We were just getting out of the car when we saw this object overhead. It was very low in the sky and could easily be seen,” he said.

“At first I thought it could have been a jet but no aircraft has those types of lights to my knowledge.

“It banked to the one side and made no sound whatsoever which was also strange. It was so low we lost sight of it over the tree line of the Clent Hills. When we got back Jamie and I looked it up on the internet and saw the stories about the Dudley Dorito and what we saw does bear a resemblance to it.”

Like every other paranormal or UFO related video posted here on GhostTheory, this one looks too convenient. I’m going to reserve judgement on the video until the video is examined by professionals and there is a follow-up investigation on the sighting. I’ve seen many convincing UFO videos in the past, most are easy to dispel but every so often I see one that baffles me. This one, isn’t one of them. Although I do find the explanations for the Dudley sightings quite amusing:

Typhoon Eurofighter explanation

At 16.10 hours on Monday 14 January 2008 a sonic boom thought to have been created by an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon was heard in Shropshire. Callers to local radio stations described seeing two large aircraft in the area and reports that a Eurofighter had suffered an undetermined malfunction resulting in a 30,000 ft plunge causing a sonic boom which shook the county. Nearby RAF Shawbury and the Ministry of Defence denied any involvement.

Local press compared descriptions of the unidentified object and that of the Eurofighter and suggested the sightings were linked due to the similarities.

Project Condign explanation

According to the top-secret report UAP in the UK Air Defence Region, aka Project Condign, Black Triangle (UFO) sightings are likely to be caused by a supernormal atmospheric plasma phenomenon akin to Ball Lightning. Bouyant Plasma formations are hypothesized to create electromagnetic or other energy fields which refract light, creating the appearance of a black triangle or polygon between 3 or more points of light.

–source: Wikipedia

  • Why are Gary Nock and associates the only witnesses to this amazing craft?. Why no independently reported sightings or footage. The craft was hardly whizzing across the skies. I know this area well and it’s very populated. Nearly everyone owns a phone with a camera or even video capture capabilities….but only this footage???. I”m calling it a fake until it’s proven otherwise.

  • sk8daddy

    This one here looks fake. Camera zooming in and out too much. Plus. the craft is spinning around like it’s on display at the Auto Show…While I do think these types of ufos exist(must likely military, no et’s), this one is too good to be true.

  • Peter

    This video doesn’t belong to that recent report. This particular video has been around for years, check “triangle UFO” on youtube.

  • Looks fake. I hate that 4 people would consciously decide to lie together. One liar or two bad apples? Fine, whatever, but 4? Not 1 of them thought hey, this is wrong? But I might be biased, I’m a bit of a misanthrope.

  • Henry

    I have to agree with the above statement wondering why there is no corroboration? This video is not high enough quality for me to form an opinion about it being faked, but I would ask: if it has the capacity to hover as shown it really has no use for vertical stabilizers at the rear. Nor do they serve any purpose in space travel.

  • PCWilliams

    Is this the same footage i stabilized a while ago? (YouTube video)

  • Ramon

    Peter is right. This video is old (years). Nevertheless, it looks pretty fake to me.

  • In case you hadn’t noticed Ramon, it’s slim pickins for news out there these days.

    As soon as things pick up, so will we.

    We do appreciate your patronage though.

  • This video keeps popping up so I did a whole lot of googling. As PC Williams has pointed out, this is an older video. But first things first.

    > This time, a family claims to have captured the ‘Dudley Dorito UFO’ on video, with great details

    Not true. The article does not state that.

    Now a little video history.

    The earliest version I can find was uploaded Nov 30, 2008. There is no information in the video description. There is no UFO claim, no place, no time — nothing but the title.

    Aurora secret spy plane!

    Dec 21, 2008, the exact same video was uploaded to a French-language channel on youtube, now claiming to be a July 2008 UFO sighting over Paris. There is no additional information in the description. A commentor correctly described the video as, “Fake de merde.”

    Ovni – Paris Juillet 2008

    If you search youtube for “triangle ufo,” the #1 result is a March 4, 2009 upload of the Aurora video. It claims to be a July 23, 2008 sighting over Paris, France (no idea where the 23rd comes from). It happens to be the oldest English upload of the Paris claim that I can find. The text in the description, however, is from an unsigned February 9 2005 article on Whitley Strieber’s site about an unrelated Paris UFO sighting. (I can’t find an earlier source for the article.)

    TRIANGLE UFO Paris France Possible TR 3B Project Francais July 23, 2008

    October 2009, the Express/Star posted the Aurora video with a voiceover. The paper credits Jamie Gardner with filming the video. An article appeared the next day, stating, “The sighting has echoes of the infamous ‘Dudley Dorito.'”

    Mystery UFO spotted over Merry Hill
    October 19 2009: The Express posts the video with their voiceover

    UFO spotted going to the shops
    October 20 2009: Gardner claims to have made this video with his mobile phone while out walking. No date is given for the sighting.

    The Express/Star habitually includes their version of the video with any article about a new Dorito sighting.

    New sighting of ‘Dudley Dorito’ UFO
    January 19 2011: same as October 19 2009 video

    ‘Dudley Dorito’ UFO re-appears in sky
    December 13 2011: same as October 19 2009 video

    If anyone can improve on my findings, please let me know here. Maybe after the holidays I’ll pull it all together into one blog post so we can use it for one-stop reference the next time this pops up. (And you know it will.)

  • Ramon


    This is one of the reasons why youtube, or any video service, is not a credible source of proof.. There is too much copy-and-paste going on, deliberate or not. Personally, i think the majority is done just for some poor bastards to get more hits on their pathetic channel.

    Internet recycling i call it. It happens more then you think. It is also very tiring to have to start discussing something that has been discussed many times before (ATS anyone?).

  • eyepopper

    Remember the Belgian ufo flap where Belgian Airforce Pilots chased black triangles just like this one and were caught on film, with the triangles easily outpacing the jets and doing right angle turns that would have torn pilots apart? Well this is exactly the same craft of 20 or so years ago in skies above Belgium. This UK triangle is mostly likely to be a reversed engineered British Aerospace-engineered craft. Anyone who has read the Majestic Special Operations Manual of 1954 will see a triangle mentioned as new ET technology back then. From my understanding, covert US and European involvement in the early days was done exclusively with ETs of human lineage. Real ETs won’t have anything to do with humanity, for obvious reasons.

  • Gary

    I resent the fact that some contributors on this post think I am a liar. One of the contributors is correct in that I at no time took any footage, or said that I had. The footage has been linked with the sighting that’s all. Hope that’s put the record straight.

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