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We’ve all heard of alternate dimensions and universes. Many believe we are just a frequency away from an alternate existence. Still others claim that beings from other dimensions pop in and out of our world at will, somewhat like The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Now a story comes to us out of Spain about a woman who claims to have woken up one day to find her life and past had changed. Unfortunately, she remembers a different reality than those who know her best.

Lerina García, a 41 year old, well educated professional opened her eyes one morning to discover she was in what she later assumed to be an alternate universe existence of her own life.

Garcia’s experience was related in 2008 when she made an effort to search for help on the Internet. Apparently it’s just now making the rounds in America.

Here’s here fascinating story translated from Spanish:

For anyone who is reading this blog regular will know that we have already written a few articles about parallel universes. As I write this article on an alleged case of a woman who she says is from another parallel universe. We do not know for sure if it is a Hoax or Bulo, but the story is interesting and that is what any of us could happen when least expected.

This story is transcribed for a forum where this woman named Gordo Lerina Garcia left a message for someone to help on 16/07/2008 18:38

Hello, my name is Luz, I have 41 years and I think I jumped into a parallel universe.

I find it hard to tell because everyone will think I’m a psychotic, and no one will believe me. Please, if anyone has had a similar experience to write me an email.

One day I woke up and everything was different, nothing spectacular, nothing to do with time travel and all that stuff, I just got up in the same year and the same day I went to bed but many things were different. It’s little things, but important enough to know that at one point there was a turning point in which things are different. In fact, if this is a dream you are all in a dream, as I write this there, so if someone replies is that you are living the same reality as me, be my dream or not.

4 months ago I woke up a normal morning, I was in my rental house where he lived for 7 years, everything was the same except that the set of sheets on my bed that was different, did not give importance at the moment. Well, my office was in my car which was parked where ever, and was the same office where I worked in the last 20 years. But when I got to my office was not my office, has the names on the door and mine was not. I thought I had the wrong floor, but no, it was mine. I got to my office wireless area and I looked, was still working there but was in another department reporting to a director who did not even know, I went to the office to mark the directory, I said I was sick and left. Everything in my portfolio was the same, my cards, my ID, all the same, but I do not remember having changed department at any time.

I went to medical insurance and they tested me for drugs and alcohol … .. everything clean. I went to work the next day, and asking, telling me not feeling well, well, I’ve been out of step.

My apartment is the same, all the same, I have watched all the papers that I keep in the house and everything is the same. Soon I realized that something was wrong I thought it was some kind of amnesia, as I had missed something and could not remember a time in my life, but no, I went online and was the day it should be, and news, at least cover important were the same as the previous day.

6 months ago I’m not with my partner of 7 years, we left and started a relationship with a guy in my neighborhood. I know him well, I’ve been 4 months with him and know his name, address, where he works as a child you have and where he is studying. Well, now there is this guy. It seems that existed before me ‘jump’ but now no trace, I hired a detective to look for it and there in this ‘flat’.

I went to a psychiatrist and attribute it to stress, believed to be hallucinations, but I know not. My ex-boyfriend is with me as usual, I’ve never left it seems, and Augustine (my boyfriend now) seems to never have existed here, it lives in the apartment where he lived nor find his son. I swear it’s real, I am very sane. My own family does not remember things as surgery on the shoulder of my sister a couple of months ago, have never operated, and little things like that.

Unfortunately I do not remember many important things in the news, but the rest of the world seems to be the same. There are many little things in the past five months and now many, nonsense, clothes on my closet and I have not bought, post on the blog of a radio program I had with my ex (which is still my boyfriend now) and I stopped to …. I do not know is nonsense but I’m really rope is real.

PLEASE if anyone has gone something like contact me, to see what could have happened, I find no pathology that matches what has happened to me. I’ve been five months reading all the theories I’ve found and I am convinced that she has been a leap between planes, anything, any decision, any action that has to change some things, which I ‘mosque’ is that it is in the year, and why I have not jumped to another time, I am exactly the same. To explain, it is as if he had lost his memory and 5 months ago I woke up having dreamed those 5 months, except that everyone remembers me at the time, and I’ve done things that I am not conscious of having done. Do you experience more?

Please refrain funny and people who have ‘the truth’ in his hand. It is very serious for me.

Here’s a similar story from Japan. A man flies into the country with what appears to be a valid passport only to find that nobody has heard of his country of origin.

A curious incident took place in Tokyo, Japan during the early 1990s: a man arrived on a flight with a passport from a non-existent country.

The man expressed anger and shock when Japanese customs officials detained him. Although the officials checked their records carefully, the passport had been issued by a country that did not exist. No record showed the country had ever existed.

Although passports exist issued by non-existent countries (known as camouflage passports), this passport was real and had custom officials’ stamps on various pages including stamps by Japanese customs officials from previous visits.

The man was well-traveled, caucasian, said the country was in Europe and had existed for almost 1,000 years. He carried legal currency from several European countries, an international drivers license and spoke several languages.

Finally, indignant, he demanded a meeting with higher government authorities. He was convinced some massive practical joke was being played on him.

After being detained for almost 14 hours in a small security room at the airport terminal, some government officials took pity on him and transported him to a hotel. They ordered the mystery visitor to wait there until they decided what to do about the matter. From the reports, the Japanese were just as confused and flustered as the mysterious man without a country.

Although two immigration officials were posted with instructions not to permit the man to leave his room, the next morning the guards discovered he was gone. The only exit was the door they watched and the only window had no outside ledge and was 15 stories above a busy downtown street.

The authorities launched an intensive manhunt throughout Tokyo for the mysterious traveler, but finally gave up the hunt.

The man was never seen again.

And finally a tale of vanishing where a man is seen walking to and entering his automobile at a busy University parking lot then disappearing into thin air.

Inexplicata relates a story that is like Lerina’s, except from the opposite point of view.

The original account was written by journalist Segundo Peña and published in one of Venezuela’s biggest newspapers, El Tiempo.

Peña relates a strange tale that smacks heavily of a multiverse shift. The incident occurred on the campus of ULA (the University of the Andes) and involved a well-known faculty member.

This is what happened in full daylight, according to dozens of witnesses: the professor left one of the university’s buildings, crossed a parking lot to his parked car, and entered it. Many saw him as he walked to his car, some even called out to him and waved.

The professor opened his car door, climbed in, sat down, and closed the door. The car sat there unmoving. Eventually, a few curious students went to the car and found it empty.

There are many accounts of alleged time travelers throughout history, one of the most recent is the story of John Titor that began on November 2, 2000 when a person claiming to be from the year 2036 burst upon the Interweb scene with his amazing tale of time travel. He took the strange news followers by storm and his story is still being debated over 10 years later.

So, what are we to think? Are these stories just fodder for the gullible? Mere tripe from tabloidian minds? Or is there something more going on?

In 1954 the term Parallel Universe was thrust into the mainstream by Hugh Everett III. Everett theorized that many related universes all exist in parallel, branching off of each other. Each universe has a similar origin but alternate time lines.

You can read about Everett and his parallel universe theory here.

This is heavy stuff to even get into but we need to have an open mind in cases such as this. There are so many questions that arise, to many to list in fact. However, I suppose we should start somewhere and I think it best to begin with the reader.

I would be very interested in the opinions formed by those who have pondered parallel universes, rips in the fabric of time and space, or any other related subject matter. Does our reality overlap a similar one just outside our realm of detection?

Is there anyone out there who can relate to one of the three stories above or have had a corresponding experience?

We all know how powerful the mind is and how dreams can manipulate reality. We also realize that there are those who suffer from mental illness but if we could suspend all of that and really consider the possibilities, where do we go next?

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  • 1234

    For some reason it can only happen if you are laying on your back. I don’t know why but I have never heard of someone experiencing it sleeping on their side. Every time it has happened to me I was on my back so if you dislike like this experience like I do don’t sleep on your back. It really works.

  • 1234

    Wanted to let you know as I did other person that this will only happen if you sleep on your back. I have trained myself to side sleep and the only times I have experience Sleep Paralysis since was when I have accidentally fell asleep laying on my back. People have claimed moving their fingers woke them from out of the paralysis. I can move my fingers and it doesn’t wake me up, only falling back to sleep does. I have the iron blanket experience. I can see and hear everything around me but feel like my blanket weights 400 pounds. Like I said I can move my fingers and I slowly start to move the blanket off, and then I realize I haven’t moved it at all? Some people believe this is the transition period between having an out of body experience. First you can’t move. Then you hear a buzzing some think is an evil growling. I have heard that people see them self outside of their body and think it is an alien or spirit. The reason I support the theory it is the self and not another being is I have realized when in the dream state I am myself and I am out side myself watching myself at the same time. I have never heard anyone point this out not even one single dream expert? If you pay attention to your dreams you will notice you see your self. For me the realization came in the form of a bad hair cut nightmare I woke up and realized, I was seeing myself? How did I see myself and my hair if I wasn’t watching from a distance? I saw it happen from an outside prospective but felt it happening to me.

  • Liz

    Yeah, you’re right. There were times I would see myself. I discovered trying to move my toe fingers when I get it months after experiencing the SP. i tried it when I would get it & sometimes it would work. Its scary cuz I would see & hear evil creatures all the time. All of them were scary but the one that freaked me out the most was when I was possesed by an evil thing in my SP! Its really weird I know! I couldnt sleep after that.

  • agneskeat

    i have experienced sleep paralysis while lying on my stomach, or sidelying position…

  • agneskeat

    It had happened to me before. I was kind of stressed back then. Yeah, I just prayed. Then, it’s as if God was helping me to get out of that nightmare or sleep paralysis.

  • Vos Mihawk

    how do you time/universe jump? I really would like to know, beacuse it happened in my dreams once i think. Please tell me i would like to try it and i also wanna know if I can get back to this universe if i can, when i time/universe jump

    Email me at [email protected]

  • Eileen E.

    I agree with sopho. This is more of a psychic precognitive experience. You are highly intuitive. These types of experiences have happened to me several times over in my life. Having feelings or knowing that something will happen. It is actually a normal thing. Most people lose the connection as we get older. There is a lot of info about this if you google. My frustration is that these occurrences are random. There are ways to develop it and it can helpful in navigating thru everyday life. There is a great book that came out recently called Infinite You by Pamala Oslie. She explains parallel universes as well as psychic abilities in this book. Highly recommend it. It helped me understand my experiences which are similar to yours.

  • Eileen E.

    Children often have stronger psychic connections. We are much more than physical beings. It is natural but sometimes, like in my own experience, well meaning adults convince us that it is not real or plain silly. Our intuitive abilities shut down out of fear. There are a lot of books with great info on this. It sounds more like he had a precognitive dream. Several years ago, I passed through a town (La Conchita, CA) with a friend. It is situated at the base of a mountain. He commented that it would be a great place to live. I said, “no way, that hillside is going to slide down on the town!”. The next week there was a huge landslide that killed several people. The frustrating thing is that had I gone into the town and told people what I’d felt in order to protect them they would probably 51/50 me. I recommended to another poster a book by Pamala Oslie called Infinite you. She does a great job explaining psychic abilities as well as parallel universes. Highly recommend it.

  • SolarDensity

    What’s Luz email??? Very important for me to contact him.

    Luz, Please respond asap, this is very deadly important, We need to talk asap.

    Also, look up Dolores Cannon, research her stuff and along with her parallel universe information, you will learn alot, But I have had many many many many first hand experiences, its getting so bad, its getting to frequent.

  • lovely22

    This also happened to my mom. It is a nightmare. Sometimes, it can be experienced due to stress, fatigue or even if you were just worried about something. Something that usually bothers you.

  • Mason Alexander

    I’ve been going through similar things. Like recently I looked up a friend form high school that was my best friend. We would always hang out and go party and meet girls and when I found him he had no idea who I was. Like he did not remember at all. I feel something is happening. My dreams are more intense than ever. I keep seeing the same people everywhere I go. Like not the same bodies. It is hard to explain. Like seeing someone with similar traits. Like the way they talk, the way they walk. Their eyes. Same look, same shape. I keep dreaming with natural disasters. Mainly tsunami’s. An ending and a new beginning. It started getting real bad a few months ago. I go out and I see past people. Like past their skin. So awkward. Had never happened to me. And for no reason there has a been few times where I stand out. Like someone will randomly beep at me and make funny faces. And laugh. And take their tongue out at me. Or some little kid walking with his mom in the market pointed at me and was like mommy what is that. And then his mom is like thats not nice. And the kid is like but it looks funny. I look at myself in the mirror and I look as I have always looked. Nothing out of the ordinary. My friend says it is in my own mind but I can tell something is off. Things are not making sense. There is so many other things. As if I was in a dream that I don’t wake up from. More like a nightmare. Most of my close friends that I grew up with are acting different and don’t really talk to me. My family is also strange. I have a cousin who comes over my house every once in a while and every time he comes he brings a new product I have never heard of. And he actually advertises it to me. If you have seen the truman show the movie you would know what I am talking about. Like he literally would bring a sports drink and describe it to me and point it out to me out of nowhere. Like i actually have to say am I being punkd? I laugh and ask where are the cameras. Why are you advertising this to me and he doesn’t really respond in a way where he makes sense. Things are really confusing. They don’t add up. Like this isn’t the same place I grew up in even though I am living in the same house and neighborhood as always. If anyone has experienced anything similar or wants to hear more you can reach me at [email protected].

  • S

    what I`m about to tell you is very loosely and abstract,
    my reason for writing this now is that I hope it can be of some help, and maybe put few things in perspective.

    I have a small theory to tell before I jump in to the topic.

    from person experiences I have come to understand that, material world and dream world in fact overlap each other more than what people think. As if what we call cosmos is more like a “Mass Multi dream zone”, where all the parallel world/dreams collide. As if material world is “material” because there are so many dreamers creating it at the all time, giving it the illusion of matter.
    (this can also be seen in a more philosophical flavor-kind-of-way, that all being, is god being, creating the universe as it observes it)
    In science they talk about how particles act differently when observed, I see it as observing directly at the “matter”, “matter” witch thoughts and dreams are created by, and when you have that same “matter” observing it self, you create a paradox, paradox of creation and destruction at the same time.

    Again this is just a theory from my own experience.
    I have tried to see how my thought affect the world around me, with focus on a single though, that is clear and detailed, change manifests it self in material world. I have seen it happen multiplied times, but very had to prove it.
    because if I where to tell someone before a event happens, that other person (also a dreamer/creator) influences the happening immediate with he`s or her`s thoughts just as much as I do.

    I have had a similar experience, but I cant say for sure that it is the same or that it is in face a jump between the multivirse, but never the less it was a short trip.. (I don`t want to go deeper in to the story for personal reasons).

    My theory is that cosmos, as a said early, is a multi dream zone.
    where the “material world” is a shared layer of multi realms within a outer essence of creations of someones dream (what religions call god). as the “dream world” (when you go to sleep) is the inner essence of creation, in witch you are the god dreamer. In other words we dream each other and destroy and re-create multivirse over and over again, in a eternal time loop with in your cosmological Realm.

    And as being of creation, with unlimited possibility of creation each individual is more talented in on aspect or another. In this case, parallel travel, intuitively done as an accident.

    For how to control this, I can not say.

    but discover of our own potential and dedication to learn more about is a hard road, and you have to be mentally prepared that what ever comes, you will not be prepared for it, and you will have to have complete trust in yourself.

    I hope it has given you something to think about.
    I probably will not be coming back, I`m not much of a form person…
    take care.

  • Lauren Angelica

    The reason im reading this is because I had a dream last night with a woman in it that I have previously dreamed about some 10+ yrs ago.. same woman, same house… however I do not know the woman or even know of her. Except in my dreams. I have only encountered her one other time in my dreams, 10+yrs ago..so it is baffling that she would reappear in my dreams as if I know her….. I do not think of this person or the dream ever… so why would she re-enter my dream after so long? Or better yet, why would I enter her dimension? It has become clearly evident to me now that we do cross into other dimensions when we dream. These are real worlds indeed. I am certain.

  • Lauren Angelica

    I would like to know why and how we are able to do this…

  • Lauren Angelica

    But then you have to dig deeper and ask yourself- if the human brain is so deep that it could play tricks on you, what else is it capable of doing?… Answer: we have no idea.