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When I saw this video, I didn’t know what to think. It’s difficult to tell these days just what is real and what’s manufactured.

If it is real, it’s most certainly the strangest thing to happen so far this year.

Apparently the crevice started out as a whilpool off the coast of Isla Victoria and then just split the water like a David Coppertone illusion.

This is certainly a tough one to figure out. While there are several theories proposed in the commentary, we have to remember, this is the sea, not someone’s bathtub! This stuff just doesn’t happen no matter how much water is being pumped from the city. Furthermore, it’s too symmetrical to have been caused by a whale.

Watch the video below along with the translation:

Hong Kong: A seaman captured with his camera the moment when the crevice
opened up. According to the person who recorded this scene, when they were
traveling in a ship close to Isla Victoria, a whirlpool began forming on
the water’s surface which then turned into a lineal crevice that separated
the waters.

Some people believe that a submarine or whale caused this, others theorize
that it could be the city’s drainage or sewer pipes that were pumping
(siphon) water from the sea.

Could we be dealing with something man-made or some natural phenomena?
Does this have an explanation? You be the judge.

Now, was that freaky or what? It seems a little too good to be true but I will reserve judgment and let the readers have at it.

Thanks to Javier for the translation.

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  • thatguyfromsyracuse

    I’m not sure what is going on, but the water just doing that seems physically impossible.

  • MarkP

    Would an underwater landslide, or an earthquake that opens up a crack in the ocean floor, cause this to happen? It looks like the water just falls off a cliff. If not, I vote Charybdis…

  • The Oshmar

    The first thing i thought when i saw this was it could be like the spillways of dams


    Obviously this would mean it could be a lower tide and a city intake?

  • PCWilliams

    My gut says “fake”. It just looks like something so easily done in a special effects program.

  • Henry

    Looks to me like there is something under the water that opens up to allow thewater in. There was even a story on this site, I believe, about a hole in the water that turned out to be an art installation, and I do recall another story about a dam intake that caused a similar hole.

    In any case, the soundtrack attatched to this video is a definite red flag for me.

  • Definitely interesting. Could be fake, but weird stuff happens.

  • justin

    I would say that was fake, interesting none the less.

  • TeganRhan

    Ok,I do not know if anyone has questioned this…maybe because it is a stupid question,but if the person who is filming this is on a boat in the sea near by…………………………..why is the boat not gettin pulled towards it.Even if it’s engine is pulling it forward,would it not (and again yes I have said this might be a stupid question as physics is not a strong point for me)be going forward whilst being pulled side ways towards the ever expanding crack?After all if the water flow suddenly….like a water fall, has gravitational pull down……..oh dunno, I think it is a hoax.


  • hossoso

    Filmed within Hong Kong sight of Hong Kong by a sailor, starts out in spanish, switches to english for the replay, has the name Gabe Hash at the bottom which sounds like a very unusual name in spanish or chinese. I call shenanigans.

  • Ramon

    Isn’t it just a lure for that guy gabe hash’s site..

    The vid looks awfully fake. Water will not turn a corner of 90degrees when no physical ridge is underneath. Nice editing though.

  • countessarcadius

    This is an OLD video, I SEEN THIS MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO, so, if it is really NEW footage, but I don’t think so, because it was in the same place , this is OLD FOOTAGE,

  • Lindsay


    could it be something like that?

  • whipthorn

    I’m with Ramon on this one. Water doesn’t behave that way, and I think the foam at the beginning of the video was from something being submerged, since the area around the water was not the same condition. On top of that, the video is too short, and too specifically focused on that one section of water to be something someone caught while recording something else. Also, what is the conclusion of the event?

    So IMO, it’s probably special effects.

  • ophu

    More importantly, where did the water go? The only explanation I can think of is a hatch of some kind opening just below the surface.