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According to news sources, Jeff Rice and his assistant were poisoned by a gang of local thugs in Uganda. The failed robbery turned into a homicide in which the ‘Destination Truth’ and ‘Amazing Race’ producer lost his life. His female assistant was also poisoned by the gang and remains in critical condition (coma). Jeff Rice had been working in South Africa since 1999.

‘Destination Truth’ was one of his latest shows produced. DT’s host, Josh Gate, posted the following on his Twitter:







Full source: NYDailynews

An American-born television producer with credits on “The Amazing Race” and other reality adventure programs was found dead in a hotel room in Uganda, the victim of a suspected poisoning attack.

Jeff Rice, 39, and a female assistant for his South Africa-based production company were reportedly poisoned after they refused a shakedown attempt by local gang members in the capital city of Kampala, reported.

“They were not attacked but [evidence] points towards being poisoned,” Rice’s widow, Sally Blackman, told the website.

“[At] this stage it is quite difficult to give you any firm reports as the incident is currently under investigation by the Uganda police.”

Paul Blackman, Rice’s brother-in-law, told MSNBC that Rice died on Friday night, while the assistant, who he didn’t identify, was in a coma at a hospital in Uganda.

According to a website for his company, SB Productions, Rice and his wife had been producing films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials in South Africa since 1999.

The pair had two daughters, ages 7 and 2.

According to, Rice had worked as a freelance facilitator for CBS’ “The Amazing Race,” which was shot several months ago and premiered last Sunday.

Rice wasn’t a full-time employee of the show, but worked as an advance man making local arrangements before the show’s crew arrived.

He wasn’t working on the show at the time of his death.

The Oklahoma native’s other credits included work on Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars,” and “The Biggest Loser South Africa,” along with several other shows.

“Jeff is the ideas man. From pie in the sky to looking no further than his nose, is mind is always churning,” a blurb on the SB Productions website said.

“If Jeff isn’t crunching budgets or breaking down scripts, he can probably be found in some unusual African location with is PowerBook and a bottle of the local brew.”

Syfy channel host Josh Gates, who worked with Rice on the show “Destination Truth,” tweeted that he was “floored by” the news of Rice’s death.

“You were, quite simply, the real deal. I’ll never forget you,” Gates wrote.

Sally Blackman said her husband was a dedicated father who had planned to go home to South Africa for their daughter’s birthday on Feb. 25.

  • lindsay

    but like…i love destination truth 🙁

  • The Oshmar

    Yet another reason not to go to Uganda

  • Brady

    Very sad story.

  • Nestor

    It’s funny how people blame  “third world countries”  when stupidity is the cause of this tragedy. These guys died because they could not resist the offer of a good drug obviously the intention of the dealers was to rob them but why do they do that? because they know that there are tourists that  go to third world countries to try as many drugs as possible and commit all sorts of illegal things that can’t be done on their countries and these guys take advantage of that.

    I really hope you keep listening to your common sense and please don’t you dare to go even if it is ABSOLUTELY NECCISARY (I can’t really understand that second word) to those places, narrowed minded persons are not welcome anywhere.

    By the way, I hope you don’t get confused one day and travel to Colombia instead of Columbia

  • The Oshmar

    Stupidity or not, I’m fairly sure the guys these people were dealing with were not of the “blue collar workforce” they were more likely the kind of “don’t be found in a dark alley with” kind of people.

    I agree with John personally, all of the places he’s listed are not on my “must visit” places, I saw a documentary called “welcome to north korea” until you’ve seen it, btw it’s available on youtube in one complete video, you don’t know how bad some of those places can be.

  • Tuckerls

    Its Colombia, not columbia, and Im american white blonde and live in Colombia. Its it safer that most of usa, and or at at least new orleans where I have lived for many years. Have you ever visited a foreign country besides cancun or canada. Learn to travel and set your self free. Or dont and allow me to enjoy it. But dont make stupid comments. 

  • Nestor

    I agree with Oshmar that they were not dealing with the high society of Uganda but they did it at their own risk.

    For your information JohnP, I lived in Mexico for 26 years and thats why I disagree with your dumb comment. open your eyes and stop judging without knowing how things are