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Situated in Western Australia, Perth is one of the most isolated cities on the planet, with vast, largely desolate land stretching out from it for thousands of miles. For anyone who has regularly traversed truly remote areas alone at night, it’s a given that you probably won’t meet a soul from point A to point B. It’s best to turn up some music to drown out fears of breaking down without a cell phone signal.

In the early morning of January 20, 1988, Faye Knowles and her three adult sons, Sean, Patrick, and Wayne, along with their dogs, were driving from their home in Perth through what might be some of the most desolate landscape en route to Melbourne. Along the Eyre Highway on the Nullarbor Plain—nullarbor meaning “no trees” in Latin—they saw a bright light in the sky. Sean, who was driving, sped up to see an illuminated egg-shaped object hovering above. Realizing the mystery object had begun following them, the terrified family sped away in an attempt to outrun it. So far pretty typical for a UFO encounter. Whatever emotions are beyond sheer terror, that’s what soon riddled the family as the UFO set down on the roof of their moving car, picked up the vehicle, and began to shake it.

Patrick reported at this point that he felt his brain was being sucked out, and family members described how their voices became distorted as if they were talking in slow motion. Fearing death, Faye Knowles gathered up the wherewithal to roll down the window and reached up to feel something warm and spongy. In opening the window, the car filled with a putrid dust and dark mist. A high-pitched sound sent their dogs into a frenzy. After an indeterminate amount of time, the car was suddenly released back onto the road, bursting the rear right tire.

A truck driver and some motorists reported seeing a UFO in the area, but what gave even more credibility to the family’s experience was a report by the crew of a tuna fishing boat. Within half an hour of the family’s encounter, about 50 miles away, the crew claimed a UFO buzzed their boat and, notably, they too suffered strange voice distortions. Authorities were certain it was impossible for the fishing crew to know what the Knowles family experienced.

The fishing crew’s report should in itself be enough to cinch the Knowles’ encounter as genuine. However, investigators somehow determined the four indentations on the roof of the Knowles’ car, believed to be imprinted when the UFO picked up the vehicle, were not recent. Dust samples proved to be particles from the blown out tire and worn brake linings.

Part 1


Did exhaustion from the long drive convolute a less fantastical experience, or was the Knowles family harassed by a UFO? Why aren’t there more detailed reports of the fishing crew’s experience? And concerning the most curious common denominator, what accounts for the strange voice distortions both the family and the fishing crew experienced? Voice distortions aren’t something you hear with most other UFO encounters.

Answers to these questions are hard to come by. Sensationalized media attention hampered attempts to seriously investigate the Knowles’ encounter. Yet because of this media frenzy, the news made it even to my middle-of-nowhere home in rural America. I remember listening with rapt attention as my older sister read the story aloud from our local newspaper one dark winter night. One of the more frightening aspects of rural life for me is that if something goes wrong, no one is around to hear you scream. Needless to say, the Knowles’ encounter resonated with me.

I should add that my nearest neighbor growing up was several miles away, and my childhood home is eerily similar to the house in the movie Signs—prime UFO abducting conditions for sure. Late one night I was driving home and saw something metallic and shiny flutter down to earth in my rear view mirror—no idea what it was—but icy butterflies fluttered like hell in my stomach. There was nothing I could do but keep driving and keep an eye on the dashboard clock to make sure I wasn’t experiencing missing time.

More than half the world’s population lives in urban areas now. Certainly many still live in rural hinterlands, but driving across remote landscapes like the Nullarbor Plain is becoming a rarer occurrence for most people. I can’t decide which is more unsettling, UFO encounters in the middle of nowhere, or alien abductions in a major city with multiple witnesses. At least in a city people can hear you scream—that is if you get a chance before the aliens paralyze you.

Sources/more reading:
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  • ghosttheory


    Excellent story and write up!

    Welcome to the club.


  • John Galt

    Good Evening.

    So, it seems that we have polar extremes here at GT.  I commented on one post that ET should be here already, but he’s not; based on a couple of ideas, certainly not new to the audience, like Fermi’s Paradox and Drake’s equation.  The Oshmar mentioned the something to the effect that the mathematician in question (although Fermi was a physicist) could not deal with the sheer sizes of the numbers; thus his argument lacked in veracity – comparing them to grains of sand.

    I completely disagreed.

    I must say that there is something to be said for the utter vastness of the universe, and its sheer, mind boggling age.  Homo Sapiens is just a blip on the RADAR scope in the timeline of the cosmos.  My whole point is this: why would advanced civilizations visit us on the sneak?  Why would they abduct us, harass us, mutilate our livestock, draw weird signs in fields of grain?  Why not just introduce themselves?  The Strong Anthropic Principle (SAP) and Weak Anthropic Principle (WAP)
    dictate that the universe is here because we are here to observe it.  My response has always been , “What about others?” 

    You know, mankind has landed probes on Venus, Mars and the Moon. The pictures from Venus are awe inspiring, the Mars Rover missions are still active. Voyager 1 and 2 have left the Solar System, embedded with the craft are Humanity’s Golden Records, to give the finders of our craft evidence that we exist.  The Hubble Telescope has verified the theory that Black Holes exist in the Galactic Centers of every galaxy; and we are finding habitable planets orbiting stars that are on the main sequence.  Put that into perspective: we’re not mutilating cattle, or planning abuductions of any kind, or secret missions to Cygnus to experiment on one of thier denizens.  I am kidding of course, but bottom line is this:  I DO NOT believe that a civilization that has reached Type II or III status would do all the things that are the mainstay of UFOlogy. 

    I analyzed the “Real or CGI” UFO video, and was suddenly struck by how badly we want to beleive in SOMETHING…the video was of course, CGI; and Scott asked me if I ever would beleive any video that purported to show evidence of a UFO.  I said, “Of Course!”  But it would be by the standards that I set for myself; not those set by others.  Carl Sagan, one of my heroes, said it best: “Extraordinairy Claims REQUIRE Extraordinary Evidence.” 

    And so they do.

    The case at hand, then, is again all heresay and testimonial.  Multiple witnesses?  Yes.  But I think as investigators, we may place too much stock in “eyewitness” testimony.  How can we account for the “voice distortions” the Knowles experienced?  WE CAN’T!  Because we don’t know for certain that they happended in the first place!  And no amount of hynoptic regression, subliminal suggestion, psychoanalysis would help us either.  According to the American Psychiatric Association, over 40% of our long term memories are fabricated or changed in someway!

    I’ve mentioned this before one one of my responses, and I think it was in response to a comment that Javier made in regards to the Doris Bither case.  In essence,  Javier said he wanted to build his investigative technique around eyewitness testimony; and build the foundation of his cases that way.  Bad move, I responded, and I’m saying it again.  I laugh to myself sometimes, and wonder why I even comment, if there is going to be no meaningful discussion.  But then again, its not my blog; and I am a guest and treated very well indeed. 

    An excellent story Ms. Valkyrie.



  • Ophu

    How do you make an egg-shaped UFO let go of your car?

    Tickle it.

    That was easy. :)

  • Peter

    At first I did not realise it was Valkyrie who wrote this, great stuff and well done!! I really hope you’ll make more contributions in the future.

  • The Oshmar

    Well John, if you’ve read all my posts in the past you’d know that I totally agree with you in the fact that I don’t think ET’s would waste their time spying or mutilating our animals, when I said the comment about the mathematician I was referring to it being impossible to calculate the rate at which a species can evolve into a space faring civilization from any random point and making their way here first of all, it would be an incalculable equation.
    I’ve always maintained the fact that if ET’s are here they will have a stealth technology vastly superior to anything we have on earth (since we’re not even at the space faring technology level) and when you consider we’ve nearly got invisible suits the stealth they will have will be vastly above the standard “caught an alien just chilling out in his spaceship/suit/bush” video that we manage to capture.

  • John Galt

    Hello The Oshmar. Are you well? Best to you and yours .
    Now then, again, Enrico Fermi was a physicist by profession and training, but I guess the argument could be made that he was one HELL of a mathematician.

    Dr. Michio Kaku, in one of my favorite books, “Hyperspace”, tackles the exact same question that you, me, Fermi and Drake are all trying to solve: where the hell are they? Why haven’t they visited us? The equation is quite solvable; I am told by physicist friends of mine. It’s what you put in for the variables that’s the tricky part.

    I have no preconceived notions on what first contact will be like. As a matter of fact, the more I think about it, the more I find myself in agreement with Stephen Hawking: First Contact will NOT be pleasant for us.

    Again the question is, where are they? Not here, obviously. Not if we keep getting stories like the Knowles Family. The same with Time Travelers: if humanity has discovered the ability to travel through time, why have they not visited us yet? Hawking posits the Chronolgy Protection Conjencture; I think that it’s just not possible yet. And won’t be, for a while.

    I’m curious about these near invisible “stealth” suits. Can you send me a link, document or article on them? Call it professional curiosity.

    Cheers. My friend. Best regards,

    John Galt

  • The Oshmar

    The Stealth technology is known as Optical Camouflage Using Retro-Reflective Projection Technology, it’s not perfect at the moment but it ever getting better. Either that one or this one which is currently working in a scaled down version using carbon nanotubes.
    There’s a whole article about it published in 2003 here: 
    This was originally brought about in 1998 so we’ve had time to improve on the Technology from there.
    My point about these technologies is we’re getting to the point of near invisibility and yet we still can’t even get a self sufficient system into space, anything that can visit us and doesn’t want us to know they are there, we simply wont detect.

  • John Galt

    I do believe that space travel self sufficiency is possible, my friend, using nuclear power, macrobiotics and enclosed ecosystems. The problems would involve the length of the flight, since we are nowhere near to achieving anything near the speed of light. It maybe that the very parsecs of space that separate us from other star systems could be the very same thing that has kept us isolated on the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way.

    Though, I STILL have trouble with a Type II or III civilization clandestinely visiting us. It’s like this: the only reason armed cultures do that is for combat intelligence, to find out all you can about the enemy. An although one would assume that being technically advanced equals being a peaceful species, one simply need to look at our own race. We have yet to move to Type I civilization; hell, we still point nuclear weapons at each other! And this is after one of the greatest minds to have ever lived, Albert Einstein, wrote to the President of the United States, urging a World Government in order to control the proliferation and use of atomic weapons…

    Thanks for the info. One comment about the stealth tech: it’s too expensive to mass produce and employ tactically; although agencies like DARPA are working on it. The carbon nanotubes are also at the point where a process to produce exists; but would cost too much to build right now. The supporting tech and infrastructure has to be developed a bit more. As a matter of fact, on the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden, one of our helicopters suffered a mechanical casualty, and had to be blown in place; a piece of tail rotor survived intact and somehow fell into the custody of Chineses intelligence. Why is this important? Because it was a never before seen, angled piece of of stealth material from the world’s only hyper-power.

  • The Oshmar

    Well I agree John, we do have the future capability of a space station like the Stanford Torus and really hope that one day I get to see it fully operational.
    One never knows why we would be studied instead of annihilated, we study bee’s as a lesser life form to see how they operate in their own way, who’s to say what political/economical/hive mind mentality that another species has been raised with, but like I say if they are here we wouldn’t know =) hence why I don’t buy these alien caught on film and the like videos. Historically a more advanced civilisation has always destroyed the lesser usually by mistake, so who knows maybe they just don’t want to wipe us out.
    Yea, the technology at the moment is a bit pricey but with all things it will come down as mass production of the new techs kicks off. They are going to need it for the space elevator that Japan has designs for 😉

  • John Galt

    Yeah! Pretty cool, there are also American designs for the space elevator (also discussed by Michio Kaku in “Hyperspace”); it all hinges in the carbon nanotube monofilament design of the cables/ribbon that will act as the primary connector between the base/foundation and the orbiting receiving station. The shuttle program’s about to go private…I wonder how much a seat would cost…?
    Seriously, though, I doubt that we are being visited. I remember reading that first case of Betty and Barney Hill, and then it was like hellfire…when “Communion” and Whitley Strieber came along, I thought we were about to be invaded.
    Then I started asking questions like: why are Grays, Reptilians and Greens all humanoid? Surely, the pressures of biological selection and assessment would select for survival in various different extremes; why should extra-terrestrials be so anthropomorphic? So humanoid? Every case of aliens I’ve read or heard of has not had a life form as novel or exotic as a starfish, or say, an octopus.

  • Mark Colit

    The ones responsible for this case and thousands of others are time travellers of a kind. It is just that they don’t look like us — they are the classic Grays

  • John Galt

    Mr. Wall, are you quite serious?  Please explain to me how time travel is possible, for starters. 

  • Mark Colit

    Lol. I can tell you a little of what I’ve been told over the years. I’m no physicist. First thing first: you have to think of time as distance travelled.  Essentially, it’s the proverbial einstein rosen- bridge wormhole connecting two places on two different timelines, and it requires an enormous amount of energy to successfully make a connection. Unfortunately, you can only seem to travel backwards in time. As for the technical side, Bohm’s theory seems to hold a lot of water — you know, the implicate and the explicate and all that.

  • Peachey

    Good one Valkyrie!!  I like the way you write…..

  • Timbothebimbo

    This reminds me of some of the “min-min” light stories that happen around Australia. It’s a strange, bright light that follows cars.  My sister, her boyfriend and my brother were once followed by it. It happened just outside Lismore in Norther NSW. They said that although they were scared, nothing bad happened. The light just hovered (sometimes along side the car) as if it was observing what was happening.   
    Another person I know had almost the same experience on the same piece of road.

  • Speaking specifically to this story.  If this UFO were a vehicle created by an advanced alien civilization, it would not attach itself to a car unless it knew (or the drivers inside it knew) whether or not it could achieve its goals (which I assume involved more than picking the vehicle up and dropping  it back down again).  If the alien craft is a) advanced enough to travel light years through space to reach earth and b) somehow able to fly with ease in our atmosphere even though its shape is less than optimal (to say the least) for flight, then it (or its drivers) should know how much mass the can lift.  If the ship’s goal is only to scan the car, it should be able to do that without lifting it off the ground. 

    As an aside, In reading through John and Oshmar’s conversation, a thought occurred to me.  Assume that an intelligent, alien species lived light years away, possessed the technology necessary to send ships to our planet, wanted to visit our planet yet at the same time avoid detection by human beings.  Why would these aliens send a massive ship to visit planet earth?  A valid question, especially given that many of the first person reports (though not necessarily this one) and most of the photos purport to show/describe very large vehicles.

    It would only make sense to send a ship that size here if the ship needed to carry a lot of fuel in order to reach us.  A smaller, automated vehicle could perform all of the functions necessary to analyze our planet and the creatures (including us) who live on it.  Regardless of how advanced a civilization is, its citizens would likely be rational and thus choose to the lowest cost method to (successfully) study our planet.  Additionally, if I want to travel faster than light via creating a wormhole or some other tear in space-time, it would make more sense to keep my vehicle small.  The smaller the vehicle the smaller the wormhole/tear needed.  Given how much energy it would take to create this type of distortion, I would maximize efficiency (and keep costs/resource use low) by keeping things as small as possible. 

    Perhaps something with a smaller mass has no advantages when traveling at or below the speed of light; however, I bet it does.  So, smaller is probably better with regards to that one as well.  Again, perhaps it needs to be large in order to carry enough fuel, but that would be the only reason.

    To whit, I would be more convinced by a story that purported seeing a small, alien craft than by a narrative denoting very large ships carrying aliens.  I would also be more convinced by a story that purports being abducted by robots as opposed to living aliens, but that is another story.

    And a thought on why aliens might not visit (in response to John’s comments).  The costs of mounting an expedition to earth would probably be enormous even for a hyper-advanced civilization.  These resources could be spent on more productive things, ie. bio-medicine (assuming they haven’t reached a point where they are ageless), bettering the home economy, etc.

  • The Oshmar

    I like how most people have never thought of an alien economy, I was thinking much along the same lines, who’s to say they didn’t expand to oh say 100 systems then stop due to economic issues, maybe an alien recession or two.
    When you think about it another civilisation will most likely have every one of the strife’s we have here on earth, keep in mind it will probably be a predator type race rather than a prey type race due to the thinking requirements of a predator, this could mean all sorts of internal strife, much like us.
    As for Johns below question on humanoid like aliens, I’ve always wondered in a sort of convergent evolution can take place, like perhaps a humanoid shape just happens to be one of the more adaptable to an environment hence the dominance of the species (remember it’s not the strong or the smart that survive, it’s the most adaptable).

  • John Galt

    An outstanding and well thought response.  Well Done.  In our capitalist democracy based economy, that would of course make sense.  But try this perspective:
    Type 0 Civilizations have not harnessed the power of thier home start, still have separate government systems, and are at the point of self-destruction because of WMD.  That’s us.
    Type 1 Civilizations have harnessed the energy of thier home star (in our case it would be Sol).  They have politically moved into one world goverment; and have survived self-destruction (this is our test, eh?)
    Type 2 Civilizations have harnessed the power of the Galactic Core, and have the ability to settle the Solar System.
    Type 3 Civilizations have achieved in breaking the light barrier; super luminal travel is possible, and perhaps time travel.
    (for a more precise definition of Civilization Types, please see Dr. Michio Kaku’s “Hyperspace”, published by Anchor Books, Doubleday, 1994, pg 277; and the idea originally came from the former Soviet Union Astronomer named Nikolai Kardashev).
    My whole point is that, an advanced  civilization that can harness the energy of thier Sun, Galactic Center, or Zero Point Energy, would not need to conserve resources as much as we we would need to, in our missions.
    In addition, Anthony, no matter what mass you have when you start, the closer you get to luminal or supraluminal speed, you approach a point of infinite density (Einstein’s Classic Theories of General and Special Relativity).
    Worm holes, though – you got something there.  If a civilization can harness the power of the galactic core – that should be enough to hold open a wormhole for a ship to go through; hell, it would even be a comfortable ride.

    Well done Anthony.  Good Conversation.


    John Galt

  • Scott_McMan

    Congrats to Val on her first article!

    You’re the Bees Knees and Awesome Possum Val!

    Great subject and the picture you chose gives that dark mystery UFO feel. Good choice!

  • Mark Colit

    Typical “alien”  abduction case by the sounds of it from 19 80s and 90s. Sanctioned by human authorities as part of tau 9 treaty, the preservation of humanity/project preserve destiny. Typical hallmarks of Missing time, medical examination, genetic material taken from bodies for paraprotein problem that afflicts the JRods, as well as genetic material taken for hybridization purposes.

  • The Oshmar

    He’s a question, if they are government sanctioned, wouldn’t the government just be able to have some of it’s agents which happen to be just as human as these “abductees” tested on?

  • Mark Colit

    I never said that abductions were government sanctioned. Elected Governments don’t know anything about it. Abductions on a massive scale were first sanctioned by the US-dominated Majestic 12, then the CoTM (Committe of the Majority, the more internationalized version of Majestic 12). The sanctioning of abductions was part of the various treaties that were made between the present-day human elites and the time travelling JRods (Grays) and timetravelling Nordics (Orion Talls), both descended from present day humans. The Grays have a polyneuropathy problem that is threatening their existence in their timeline, and the abductions were sanctioned so that they could do a longitudinal study and extraction of dna from certain genotypes in the human population in the hope that they correct their genetic problem. From my understanding, the treaty system takes place every 9 years. The next one is in 2012. The first one took place in the 1950s.

  • The Oshmar

    So basically, what I said was still valid, just swap government for elites and still realize that many “genotypes” of people can still be recruited rather then “abducted” 

    Still no sale. By the way, nice tip off on the 2012 date that we all know means nothing.

  • John Galt

    “Missing Time”.  “Tau 9 Treaty”.  “Paraprotein”  Sanctioned by human authorities…Mr. Wall, Extraordinary Claims require Extrordinary Evidence.  I am reasonable man.  Where is your evidence?

  • Mark Colit

    I could give you a office block full of details, but in our consensus reality, it would be written off as a hoax, a conspiracy theory, or whatever terms they use these days to stifle facts. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to make up his or her mind. The information is out there, all you have to do is look. BTW, there has been a metered release of good information, mixed with large dollops of disinfo, for the last 6 decades. If the individual wants to laugh and snort with derision at the information, then that is his or her right. I’m not going to argue with anybody about it. 

  • We got some real armchair physicists up in this beotch…

  • John Galt

    Hello, Gonzo…hmmmm…I was reading your post…having trouble with “beotch”(sp?); but the sheet of paper on my wall says “M.S. -Physics”….WAIT!!!…”B#*£H”…ok, now I got it…

  • M.Knowles

    Yeah.. Gotta love being a Knowles 😐

  • Cass Stretchy Knowles

    I’m Sean’s daughter :)

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