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From time to time I head over to “From The Shadows” to see what Jason Offutt’s up to. I hadn’t been there in a while but it looks like I hit the right day this time.

Jason received a story from a woman named Maggie who claims to have had an ongoing encounter with something from the unknown.

Maggie says it all started at age 3 when a toy, appearing out of nowhere, lured her to the dark closet in her bedroom one night. As she made a lunge for the toy something grabbed her wrist and attempted to drag her across the threshold of the closet doorway.

It wasn’t long before something else appeared in her room. I’ll let you read the rest in her own words.

Here’s the story as told by Maggie:

The Looming Shadow Man

The rattle of a toy train running across the bedroom floor pulled Maggie from sleep. As she sat in bed looking through the gray light of her room, she realized she’d never seen it before.

“I was very young,” Maggie said. “And woke up to a toy train in my room. It wasn’t mine so I got up and went to it.”

The toy stayed elusively just out of her reach, leading her toward the black, gaping mouth of her open closet door. Maggie scampered after the train, closing in as it crossed the plain of the closet doorway. She stretched out her hand and it hovered over the caboose when something happened she remembers to this day.

“Something from inside the closet grabbed my hand,” she said. “I then freaked out.”

Maggie’s mother ran into the room, pulled by her daughter’s screams. She snatched Maggie from the closet doorway and held her close.

As Maggie grew, she tried to push this story from her mind, dismissing it as something from the imagination of a very young child, but she knows it wasn’t.

Then, one day, something dark walked into her life.

“When I was approximately eight I began seeing the Shadow Man,” she said.

A blacker-than-night, human shaped shadow began visiting Maggie every other day – at first.

“It was always the same one,” Maggie said. “I felt uneasy, but not completely frightened. He was just a dark figure, no hat or anything traditionally associated with them.”

She never saw her Shadow Man appear, nor did he ever enter the room, “I just knew when he was there.” Standing. Always standing.

“I didn’t get the feeling of any emotion from him,” she said. “He didn’t seem to smile or even look at me. He would stay until I fell asleep so I never saw him leave either.”

This mysterious, black Shadow Man visited Maggie so often she grew used to him standing in her room.

“On a few occasions I did see him move, though,” she said. “He would walk a few steps either direction but always stayed in the same general area. And he would shift his stance or tilt his head almost like a normal person would when standing for long periods of time.”

But was this the thing that once tried to lure her into the darkness with a toy? She never knew. She didn’t know what this entity wanted from her.

“As far as emotions, he gave off none towards me,” Maggie said. “I never felt any kind of caring or malice from him.”

Maggie’s own feelings, however, perplexed her.

“I almost can’t describe what I felt,” she said. “It wasn’t like a caring you have for a friend or parent, nor was it romantic. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to go, or that I missed him. It was just if he didn’t come for a few days or so I felt like I had done something wrong, like I upset him.”

Maggie doesn’t know why she felt that way toward this dark sentinel in her room.

“I never felt like he wanted me to do anything but it seemed like I missed something,” she said.

Maggie’s not alone. People of all ages from around the world have reported seeing Shadow People, usually in their homes during the late hours, often walking down hallways, skulking in corners, or like Maggie’s – just watching, waiting.

In my book “Darkness Walks: Shadow People Among Us,” Lee Prosser, a sensitive and author from Springfield, Mo., described these beings as simply curious.

“I feel these Shadow Entities are scouts or explorers from another dimension simply taking a peek-see at what humans are doing,” Lee said. “They can appear at any time, and at any place; watching and observing.”

Maggie’s Shadow Man visited her regularly for about a year.

“Then it became less frequent until he stopped all together,” she said. “I didn’t miss him or feel abandoned once he left. The last time he came I knew it was the last somehow.”

Maggie can’t figure out why her Shadow Man visited her, or what she may have “missed.”

“As far as my life at that time I had no real reason to feel this for him,” she said. “My parents were happily married and I had no real deaths in my life as of then. I never felt inadequate or disappointing. My parents were supportive and encouraging.”

As an adult, the Shadow Man experiences are long gone, but Maggie is still looking for answers.

Could Maggie’s “Shadow Man” have started appearing to guard over her or protect her from whatever was in the closet? Could it possibly have been her Guardian Angel?

While we never know how true these stories sent to Jason are, I think we can all agree that they are worth reading.

This one was no exception as I enjoyed it thoroughly! I hope you all did as well.

Thanks to Jason over at Dark Shadows for this interesting tale.

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  • Valkyrie13

    Shadow people stories are cool, and the train part is freaky here.  I’ve never understood why closets are associated with scary stuff as a kid, I’ve never been afraid of them.

  • Scott_McMan

    I never had a closet, so I broke a hole in the wall and kept dirty magazines in it. They got even dirtier inside that wall……LOLOLOL! I’m here all week!

  • ghosttheory

    Nothing like a good ‘ol shadow people story. Good find!

  • Ophu

    Kids often tell us about things that would seem crazy coming from an adult. This is because their minds are still growing and parts of their personality haven’t been fully integrated into their conscious minds. This often includes repressed feelings and experiences that are represented symbolically as a dark, shadowy figure.

    Or she could’ve been seeing an alien being from the fifth dimension. I guess we’ll never know.

  • Valkyrie13

    I wish I had more magical childhood memories.  I am certain my aunt fed me dogfood once, when I was 3 maybe?  I told my mom when I was older and she thinks it was probably the case that I ate the dogfood on my own volition and my aunt tried to get it out of my mouth.  She’s probably right, my aunt is the most angelic, good person in the world.  I also have this super early memory of dirt coming out from under my finger nails, but my mom thinks I just stuck my fingers in a potted plant.  A shadow person memory, real or not, would be way more fun.

  • Valkyrie13

    Ha ha…

  • Ophu

    I have a very clear memory of a one-month period where the palms of my hands would turn blue-black in the shower. I can’t remember if I showed anyone or not, so it may have been my imagination, but somehow I don’t think so. And f—all if I know what it meant.

  • thekinz

    I had this same thing happen when I was younger… Something kept trying to lure me into my closet. It was dark. I followed it. For about a month straight. Each time It seemed to get harder to return from my dream. I finally was able to break free from the dream. Unfortunately this experiences only seemed to occur in different ways as I grew older… I have an idea whats going on but at the same time. i am very skeptical.