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Yes, you read right! This may be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen on the interwebs.

Although this story is not all that new, I had never seen it before (I think), so I figured why not give it a shot? My memory is not all it used to be either. Odds are, I’ll remember it at around 3 AM tomorrow morning, but by then it’ll be too late. So, I’ll just have to chance it, right?

Apparently a man had an ultrasound done because of a mass in his testicle. The CT scan comes from Dr. G. Roberts of the School of Medicine at Queens University, Kingston.

Obviously it’s pareidolia but so very freaky none the less. Here’s the photo along with a short description from the source:

The picture on this post claims to be an ultrasound image, again of a man who had a ‘mass in his testicle’. As you can see it shows what appears to be a face of a man who looks to be in pain – and in the circumstances, why wouldn’t this testicle be in pain!

There is a quote said to have been made by Dr G Roberts of the School of Medicine at Queens University, Kingston: “It looked like a man screaming in pain, which I thought was hilarious considering the clinical picture of the poor guy.”

And there I was thinking that doctors were a sympathetic bunch, appears not.

You’d think that was something unique but you would be wrong because one testicle face is not enough. So we now go to number two.

This one is the CT scan of a 45 year old man’s scrotum. He was being checked for an undescended right testis but what appeared in the picture was something strange yet somewhat familiar, if you know what I mean. I hope you do because I haven’t a clue!

In my opinion this one looks more like an animal, maybe a small primate of some sort got into this man’s scrotum by taking a wrong turn (your head and) *cough* somewhere.

A 45 year old man was being investigated for an undescended right testis. A CT scan was carried out and no right testis was to be found. What was seen on the scan was the photo on the right – the haunted face of a … well you decide.

There was an amusing remark made by the doctor concerned, J.R. Harding. To quote his words: “If you were a right testis would you want to share a scrotum with that?”

Of course pictures of faces have been seen in all sorts of places from Jesus on a slice of toast to the face on the planet Mars. Generally this is known by our ‘expert’ friends as pareidolia.

The meaning I have for the word pareidolia is: ‘The erroneous or fanciful perception of a pattern or meaning in something that is actually ambiguous or random.’ So this is a handy word that will answer many questions for paranormal skeptics: ghosts, faces, UFOs and so on are all brought about by random events – maybe the light in a certain direction causing shadows etc… But is this really always the answer? Most likely not.

While this is not my usual fare, I just couldn’t resist. However, I can’t keep from thinking that this second photo looks awfully familiar. Of course, I’m not claiming anything about authenticity here.

I just keep wondering what you’d see if you looked behind these guys. You know the old saying of someone being so close it’s like having them up your…..

Wellll, I reckon I could keep zinging out the one liners but that might be considered in poor taste. After all, this is not only a touchy subject but a sensitive one too. I don’t want anyone getting testis over this.

OK, nuff said! I’m available for Bar Mitzvahs and brisses.

Have a great weekend and don’t say I didn’t give you something to talk about on Monday.

A big thanks goes out to Mike Perry over at 67notout.com for providing this interesting subject. If you get a chance, go check out his site. I think you’ll enjoy it as it’s not all about testicles all the time…Uhh, I think…

  • Henry

    “Here’s lookin’ at you kid.”

  • Ophu

    OMG, it’s Sam Kinnison! He’s coming BACK!!


    Oh sorry, I thought it was a pregnancy ultrasound…

  • M Mayhugh33

    I think it’s nuts.

  • Marcus

    load of bollocks if you ask me.. 😉

  • I’m having a testicular ultrasound on Wednesday…. now you’ve got me curious hahahaha.

  • Lindsay

    this is old news!

  • AaronD2012

    Looks like one of those goofy headlines on a paper at the checkout line…do people still fall for this?

  • I second Aaron’s response.

  • Aimeejkendall

    no wonder it hurts to be kicked in the balls ,because your hitting someones face!!!