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Thanks to “The Oshmar” for the heads up!

“Dynamo Jack” is a Javanese acupuncturist that managed to raise the eyebrows of the scientific community. DJ, as he is called, has the uncanny ability to use his powers of heavy meditation, which according to him is all about separating the Ying and Yang powers of Chi.

In front of a group of international scientists and researchers, he managed to impress them with a powerful display of the powers of Chi. Generating electricity through his body, DJ focuses his powers on the patient’s troubled areas. Without the aid of metals or electrical equipment, DJ generate enough electricity to provide a powerful shock. He also put on a show for the scientists by igniting paper with his bare hands.

DJ went into hiding after seeing the spirit of his deceased mentor one night. According to DJ, his mentor was upset because of DJ’s recent “entertaining shows.”

What do skeptics think of all this? A quick search on the Jeff Randi (JREF) website yielded some interesting comments:

Another such stunt is seen at, where one of the thousands of such con-artists, John Chang, shows other standard tricks of the trade. Note, please, that the “healing” of the narrator’s brother Loren (?) is not followed up on, nor is any mention made as to whether or not anything resembling a “cure” resulted. Knowing these folks, any recovery brought about by woo-woo would have been flourished…!

The JREF post goes on to talk about the possible ways of creating “instant fire”. But it fails to show how DJ actually ignited the newspaper on the video above. In fact, in that newsletter from JREF only calls DJ (John Chang) a con-artist. No debunking or scientific explanation given.

I usually don’t pay much attention to fire-starting tricks, but I do believe that Chi is a force of nature. A force that is in everything and that can be controlled by humans with heavy meditation. Controlled to do what exactly? Well that, I don’t know.

  • Ophu

    Well, if you want to feel how it works, sort of, you can take up Taichi (or Dai Ji or whatever system of spelling you want to use). If you do it long enough, you’ll get a sense of the way energy flows (yes, flows) through your nerves and muscles. It’s nothing as dramatic as lightingnewspapers on fire, but your health will certainly improve.

  • The Oshmar

    There are some interesting things in this video, like when he lights the paper on fire, he seems to keep his hand directly in the flame for a decent time without seemingly burning it, now i know theirs the lighter trick with your hand moving through the flame to quick for it to heat up and burn but this is a much bigger flame and his hands in there for a while (longer then I would).

    The chopstick is also very hard to explain, could be a trick but it’d have to be a damn good trick.

    I personally believe in the inner chakra’s or inner chi in a person so for me to see this as real isn’t that far of a stretch.

  • AaronD2012

    There’s a lot you can do with the energy field that “flows”, if you will, through your body.    I thought this was interesting also.

  • Time02112

    There is no woo-woo, or special magical powers involved when it comes to ‘Genuine’ enhanced mental abilities, regardless if one can actually ‘tune-in’ to another’s cerebral band~with. or start fires with their thoughts, or whatever lable one wishes to attach to it, i.e. Chi Energy & alike. I chose the particular term of the vernacular, as it specifically ties into actual scientific research documented as far back as the 1950’s Encyclopedias of the day also listed references to the research explaining how the brain does in fact behave and exert a previous unknown force upon objects that was measured. Research including millions of dollars continues to this day, but the latest has evolved to seeking the seat of the soul. Current research agrees it’s not a God-Spot in the Brain, it’s within the pineal.

  • AaronD2012

    I agree, and I wish more serious efforts could be afforded to understand the full gammet of our anatomies and potential. Sadly; however, a lot of great “scientific” discoveries are brushed under the carpet because they don’t always coincide with popular opinion or mainstream accepted theory.   

  •  It will never be proven because that would open a can of worms that would reveal that we have been lied to for many, many years and many people have died who could have been cured had the truth been known. How do you tax a faith healer? But you can tax a hospital and their services easily.