Mystery Hum In Canada Originating From U.S.

Mystery Hum In Canada Originating From U.S.

At last! Some information has been presented in regards to the mysterious hum that has been heard all over Windsor Canada. The hum has been described as a low-frequency rumbling type of noise and it has plagued hundreds of residents in the Windsor area. The Canadian Broadcasting corporation reported that the mystery hum is originating from an industrial site in Zug Island. In the United States.

No word yet on whether an investigation will be done at the industrial site.

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Full source: UPI News
WINDSOR, Ontario, April 21 (UPI) — A mysterious humming sound that has drawn hundreds of complaints in Windsor, Canada, for more than a year is emanating from Michigan, testing has determined.

The low-frequency, rumbling noise dubbed the Windsor hum is coming from the area of Zug Island, an industrial site, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

But officials in River Rogue, Mich., where Zug Island is located, have said they don’t have the money to find the precise source of the noise.

“The government of Canada takes this issue seriously,” Bob Dechert, a conservative member of Canadian Parliament, said in a news release. “It is important that we find a solution that works for the people of Windsor.”

Jim Bradley, Ontario’s environment minister, said the ministry has received nearly 500 complaints about the noise, and about 22,000 residents took part in a telephone forum in February about the hum.

Bradley has sent letters to municipal, state and federal officials in the United States asking them to take action, while Dechert has met with representatives of the Great Lakes Commission, the Council of Great Lakes Industries, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and the Regional Office of the International Joint Commission to discuss the hum.

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