I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

I was over at Bigfoot Evidence today and noticed that Shawn had pulled in a recent BFRO report. As I read through it, I found it a little hard to believe. However, the woman who filed the report seemed genuine enough and it is a very interesting story, so I decided to throw it up for you guys.

The incident allegedly took place in July 1995 very late at night. A woman was driving home with her baby in the vicinity of Everson, WA. She rounded a curve when she noticed someone in the road waving his arms.

What happens next is a bit shocking to say the least.

Here’s the official report:

YEAR: 1995
SEASON: Summer
DATE: around the 5th
STATE: Washington
COUNTY: Whatcom County
LOCATION DETAILS: South Pass Road just after crossing breckenridge creek bridge and the road climbs up and to the right, at the end of the guardrails to the right, North Pass Road is off to your left just ahead.
NEAREST ROAD: South Pass Road just before North Pass heading East

OBSERVED: I was driving home with my baby girl late after visiting her grandma one July night, I think it was the 4th of July weekend. I was coming up on a corner with a guardrail to my right, there is a gully with a creek at the bottom, and a telephone pole about 3 feet from the end of that, I was going 35 mph. When I was almost arond this corner my lights started hitting something that I thought was a telephone pole or a guardrail at first but I knew that it was something crouched down on the last cement guardrail post as I got closer.

When I got closer the thing stood up from almost sitting on it’s heels and jumped into the middle of my lane and threw it’s hands up in the air, I’m thinking about 8′ total from a crouching position, I think trying to make itself look bigger. I think it was only around 7 feet tall, it didn’t seem that much bigger than my stepdad and brothers who are 6’2″-6’4″. I was so shocked, I could not believe what I was looking at, totally stunned. It was all black and definately not a bear, I’ve seen a black bear and it was definately not that. It’s arms stretched high like a man’s not like a bear and I didn’t see a longer nose like a black bear has, it was like a man not a dog’s face. I think as soon as it realized I wasn’t stopping it laid down on the road right in front of me and I ran over it with my little Honda Civic sedan.

My drivers side tires went over its head and it was a very loud boom boom as I rode over it with all four tires. I immediately started thinking about stopping and seeing if it was still alive but all I could think is that if I got out it might come after me and then my daughter woudln’t have me anymore. I thought what if it did damage to my car and I got stuck out there with it and my baby. I cried the whole way home thinking I had just killed the only Bigfoot there was, and still there is no doubt that’s what I saw.

When I got home my family had left a note saying that they had gone up to Canada to go to a wave pool and there was no way to get a hold of them so I thought about what I should do for about half an hour or so. I put my daughter in bed right away. I decided to call 911 and tell them that I had hit a bear and I was worried that it was injured and would go after some of the young children who lived down a private driveway just across from where I hit it. I said I was also worried that it might cause an accident because it was in the road if it was dead. I wanted them to find it on the road, I wanted someone to discover it so I wouldn’t seem crazy.

As soon as I got off the phone with 911 I went out to the car to see what the damage was to my car. Amazingly I only noticed one thing, my license plate holder with the dealership’s name was broken in half and the bottom half was gone and the whole license plate was bent under the car. I bent it back and noticed some hair hanging from the license plate bolt. My dogs were circling and circling the car and wouldn’t leave it alone. I grabbed the hair and thought maybe it would help if I got the hair off the car. I was thinking the whole time I was throwing the hair into our garbage that I should maybe keep it but decided against it because I figured that no one would believe me anyways, my lab mix’s hair was very similar in color, DNA testing was announced on the news only months later, can you imagine how mad I was that I didn’t keep it. It was dark brown with sort of reddish highlights to it. It was wirey feeling.

When my family got home they did not believe me, my brothers to this day still tease me a little about it. I thought there was only one way to prove to my brothers and parents that I wasn’t crazy, call 911 and check out what had come of my call. When I called them the next day they had no record of my call, even after I told them the exact time of my phone call they couldn’t find it. So I decided to take one of my brothers with me to the place where I hit it and show him the evidence on the road, surely there would be some left over from the night before. There was nothing on the road, no hair, no blood, no nothing. I just realized a couple months back there should of been one thing for sure, the other half of my license plate holder but it wasn’t there. I looked everywhere but I didn’t spot anything. It hadn’t rained, it hadn’t even been 10 hours later on a very lightly driven road, at the time.

My brother thought I was insane. I’ve only told a few of my close friends and family over the years but only a few even think that what happened to me is possible, most of them just think I’m telling a joke. I sometimes hear the cry late at night that could only be a Bigfoot but I haven’t seen one again. The only reason why I’m coming forward now is because I never knew there was any organization for this sort of thing and I want my brothers to apologize for teasing me for all these years, I won’t be holding my breath though. Thanks for reading this, I appreciate it. I’m sorry my sighting was so long ago but I hope others may have seen something in this region more recently.

ALSO NOTICED: All evidence of my phone call that night to 911 was missing when I called to ask what had happened, my dealership license plate holder half was not on the road, neither was there any hair or blood after the accident.
OTHER WITNESSES: No, just myself and my 3 month old baby. I was coming from a visit in Everson, where we had dinner and played with the baby.
OTHER STORIES: No, I try not to share it with others.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11:30pm completely dark beautiful, no clouds
ENVIRONMENT: just after a bridge off and on a road going through very woody area with a creek just off the road down quite deep and a steep side, that’s why the guardrails were there.

Follow up by BFRO Investigator:

The witness is a 35 year old homemaker with an associate degree in mechanical engineering. She still lives in the area and drives the South Pass Road often. I met with her in the town of Everson and proceeded to the exact location of the incident. As the witness pointed out the details at the location I took photos of the scene. The witness did not hesitate in her accounts of what took place, never changing her description of what happen to her 17 years ago. I found her to be very pleasant, forthcoming and detail oriented.

What I can add to her account is that later after much thought, she really felt that the creature waved it’s arms in the air and laid down in front of her car, to try to get her to stop. At the very moment the incident started she really felt it was a person in a suit pulling a prank on her. But she quickly became concerned about possible danger and feared for her child in the backseat, so she was reluctant to stop. Then as she got closer she realized it was not a person pulling a prank and was therefore not stopping for anything. Thinking that no one would take her seriously about a bigfoot when calling 911, she told them she thought she ran over a bear.

The witness estimates that she had about 30 strands of hair that she threw away from the license plate bolt. The hair was approx. 3″ long, soft and wiry like dog hair. It was dark brown with a red tinge. The witness said the creature resembled the body of a basketball player about 7 feet tall and slender. There were no ears and when it waved it’s arms in the air she noticed how long they went above the head. It’s head was round like a human shape. The creature was facing and heading north on the road as she approached in her car.

For years, the witness has heard unknown vocalizations from her home in the area, including howls and screams. There are gold mining caves southeast of the incident location and plenty of rugged, forested terrain. The witness can’t forget what happen to her on a daily basis. She has driven the same road home for many years and is always looking for this creature and can’t believe what happen to her that night.

My main concern with this is that she was driving such a small car and she claims to have just run it over with no problem. I can’t imagine her not losing control of the car, nor can I see how it wouldn’t have been a more violent accident. The way she describes it, it was like she was running over a stick in the road.

The 911 center having no record of her call seems a bit shifty as well. Are we to believe the authorities went out immediately and recovered the body and cleaned the area? Did they also make her call record disappear ala Col. Jessup…”You can’t handle the Bigfoot!”

There I go breaking my own rule of interjecting opinion. OK, I’ll stop there and let the readers have at it.

Thanks to Shawn over at Bigfoot Evidence for digging up this report.

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  • billy

    people…if that was really a bigfoot, her car would of had severe damage to A-frame and the car would of came to a halt, not kept going.  Your a liar lady, stop trying to get publicity.

  • Jay

    I read this report a couple days ago. And as much I want to believe, I just can’t. The story had me up until the point she states the only damage to her vehicle was a little scrap on her bumper, and that she conviently decided to throw away the hairs and the 911 call center had no record of her call. Doesn’t add up.

    Hitting a deer that theoretically weighs half of a BF does major damage to a car, yet all her car experienced was some light scraps and a bend licence plate frame? Then she said she threw away the hair? Most people would keep all evidence of the event to prove your not making it all up.

    Sorry, great story, but I personally ain’t buyin’ it.

  • The Oshmar

    I agree, the car would have been a write off, i’ve seen a civic take minor damage (more than what she had got) from mounting the curb let alone running over what is supposed to be a very large creature.

  • Oogity Boogity

    Well I believe her story because I too have seen this thing. In fact it’s a well-known entity around these parts knows as the PlankSquatch of Everson.

    Every July, when the moon is waning and the nights are black as pitch, this eldritch beast frequents remote stretches of roadway, lurking along guardrails and low fences, waiting for unsuspecting young women and cat-ladies to come driving by in small, economical foreign cars. Then, just as they approach, it rears up to full height before terrifyingly laying down in the road RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ONCOMING CAR!!!! The tremendous jolt has been known to cause herbal tea to spill out of travel mugs, and the poor women to do foolish and inexplicable things, such as destroying evidence and calling 911 instead of the police.

    After my own encounter with the foul creature, my hair went from dirty blonde to silver gray within a matter of 20 years.


  • AaronD2012

    Good point, unless she had slammed the brakes and was actually going 5mph at the point of impact–then the story seems plausible. Now, the parts about the 911 call being lost err whatever, so typical…..

  • Jon

    So much skepticism for this one from everyone. Well thats fair enough I suppose given the many points in the story that don’t seem to match, however with Bigfoot there often follows high-strangeness. The fact her car wasn’t seriously damaged doesn’t seem that out of place to me cause I think bigfoot is more than just a flesh and blood creature, I think he’s more ethereal, or maybe even a Tulpa created by our collective unconscious. There are too many strange strange things I hear around bigfoot sightings that I really think he has to be more than just an unknown living creature.  

  • Ophu

    It doesn’t seem to have the flavor of a deliberate hoax, at least.

  • Henry

     Nope, sounds like she fell asleep at the wheel, and either dreamed a little dream or had to explain the scratches to her husband.

  • Ophu

    …and ran over a speed bump that bent her license plate?

    Well, I guess this is why it’s called “The Unexplained”.

  • AaronD2012

    17 years ago cars were built a bit more solid so less damage would be likely…especially if her car was older than that year…I remember my ’61 ford falcon, built like a tank but the gas mileage was lousy (16-18) and even loaded trucks caught up to me on a hill (where’s the freakin benefit?!?!)–point is it I hit several deer with little for my insurance co. to deal with…