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I think I may finally have a reason to take the three hour drive up to Las Vegas. And it’s not for some degenerate weekend getaway. Well maybe.

The National Atomic Testing Museum –affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution– is having a one-night event that will features speakers the U.S. military as well from the United Kingdom. Th subject at matter: Area 51

On the night of September 22 the speakers will divulge any information and personal accounts about the little green men and their technology.


Nick Pope, who worked with the Ministry Of Defense (UK) will be speaking that night. Also speaking that night is Col. Robert Friend. He served as the director for Project Blue Book. The list of speakers continue with Col. Charles Halt, of the Rendlesham Forest incident, Col. Bill Coleman (Project Blue Book) and Col. John Alexander. Who created the top-level group of government officials and scientist to study UFOs.

Most of the speakers have written extensively on the subject of UFOs and Area 51, so don’t be surprised if they’re peddling their books. (wouldn’t you write about your experiences?)

So, who’s up for an official GhostTheory road trip from L.A.?

  • Go for it!

  • The Oshmar

    I say you should go and bring back what they said, maybe even a video of the talks =)
    Although realistically there will probably be nothing new brought to the table.

  • Marc Coppell

    I am in Vegas… I’m thinkin of going… though I wonder if they will object to me bringing my video camera?

  • Marc Coppell

    Website says No video photography

  • The Oshmar

    Just use a stealth app on your phone video =D allows you to play games/text/email/surf the net/look turned off, all while the phone records video, that’s what I’d do 😉

  • Hands On Sgt.

    Bet the deep space platforms, won’t be mentioned.
    Nor, the upper atmosphere living creatures, that float at the top of the atmosphere, known to astronauts, as ‘critters’.
    Nor the up and running ‘space elevator’, known as ‘riding the ribbon’ to those who use it.
    They probs won’t mention anything new. (unless it’s in their new book, perhaps.)
    Bet they don’t mention the deep ocean bases, or extensive exploration of our solar system, that continues unmentioned or noticed since 1956.
    Nor the chem-trail net, ever increasing that is primarily to block viewing of the ever increasing traffic in the higher ceilings of the sky.
    In fact Roswell is a huge joke to those who are truly ‘in the know’. because if it was, what UFO fans think it is”’ you wouldn’t know about it. Period.
    The craft are ours and even though they may seem magic etc. they are quite ‘easy; to build these days and are very common.
    Hey Mr Nick Pope.. remember your final briefing before you left’ the air ministry?
    And the masses are STILL listening to your latest info…. brilliant.
    Hmmmm, let’s all look at Mars with curiousity, whilst near Venus, amazing tests and manouvers ‘operation pinwheel’, reach the climax.
    Talikng riddles and nonsense am I?
    I was stood near the back at Ex-con.. Nodded. then left…..
    I will send you some photographs and film shortly.

  • There will be nothing new for those who regularly follow ufology, but it will not be filtered through blogs and their writers’ pet theories, and the talks might be more broad and informative than picking this up second-hand.
    Certainly, Alexander speaks knowledgeably and sensibly about UFOs (he had a good turn on Coast to Coast, and his book chapter on MILABs is excellent).

  • HandsOn Sgt

    Here’s a bit of advance amusement for you to watch for…
    In a the not to distant future, Mars curiosity will have a scare, namely that, they lose touch for a couple of days.
    This will be to sever the so called ‘live link’ etc, in order for our Mars ops to do some important work in that area. That is making sure certain things are not visible. A lack of communication between the Curiosity team and those working/based on Mars, caused this oversight, when selection of the gale crater landing site..

    Here’s another for you….
    Ever noticed how a certain leading ‘disclosure’ face, has bulked up on steroids and when he gives his seminar/ramblings; name dropping his so called, high level, dinner party contacts, he constantly sniffles and sniffs… wonder why?

    They will have the sheeple believe ANYTHING other than the truth of our craft, being what people are seeing!
    HEADS UP>>
    Here’s a good place if you wish to see nightly ‘powering up’ of exotic propulsion systems.. North Yorkshire Moors. Nr Fylingdales listening post./RAF-US/underground base & test center.

  • The Oshmar

    If you know of such a place to see exotic propulsion, why don’t you go there and video it?

  • HandsOn Sgt

    Why? I don’t need evidence.
    Look at my name sir.

  • Marc Coppell

    HandsOn SgtI ask what altitude are these “space critters” occurring or what frequency of light are viewed?

  • Marc Coppell
  • HandsOnSgt

    Oh dear, nobody took notice of my curiosity advance heads up..
    Seems, maybe this is the wrong site to engage with people and trickle out some genuine in the know truths amongst the false facts.
    Back to the nuts and bolts then…………………..

  • HandsOnSgt

    Greetings mark. You asked about the altitudes.

    Never lower than the Thermosphere and generally found in the exosphere.

    However, as some creatures on earth can stay under water for enormous amounts of time, needing rarely to breath oxygen; in the same way, these ‘critters’, are exospherically and exothermically adapted. They have been observed at quite large distances from our planet, though rarely huge distances.

    The current classifications of the atmosphere has the exosphere as the highest out from the earth. this is in fact misleading, as there are other ‘layers’ which are influenced by the gravitation/magnetic interactions and solar particles. The creatures mentioned are in some way, as not yet understood, able to gain a sustenance of some kind here.

    As to light frequencies, I can only presume you refer to the wave lengths.?
    These are not vehicles, so the frequency question, mentioned by some UFO interestees is not valid in similar terms. However Marc,they can be seen with the naked eye and have similar (in terms of pelagic worms and dragon fish ), properties; but this is due to solar processes, again not fully understood.
    These creatures are not thought to possess or have not displayed, intelligence of a higher level than say, shrimps, or jellyfish, yet their ability to exist, in what we would consider extremest conditions, is quite remarkable; bordering on impossible to conventional science, & is an indicator, that we need to perhaps reassess our definition of ‘intelligence.’
    I do hope you get to read this.
    I have answered with the answers, given to me by someone, who is currently in the process of classifying these creatures, for an agency involved.
    Many blessings.