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Jews Being Forced To Register In Ukraine

April 17, 2014 – 10:23 AM | 3 Comments | 1,178 views

This is not what we do here, but it is important enough that I am posting it.
From USA Today
Oren Dorell, USA TODAY 1:56 p.m. EDT April 17, 2014
Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk …

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Ancient Aliens Debunked

Submitted by on September 29, 2012 – 4:44 PM75 Comments | 5,994 views

In ufology, a travesty has occurred. This travesty comes in a form of a television show that is extremely popular and does not seem to have an end in sight. The premise is not all that new. It’s been pushed onto the public for a few decades now, but it seems within the last few years the message has gotten clearer: Aliens are responsible for most of our ancestors triumphs. The ancient worlds could not have survived or flourished if it wasn’t for these intrusive grays.

Ancient Aliens is a television show on the sell out History channel that focuses on explaining history’s mysteries by associating them to extraterrestrials. From the great feats of engineering that are the pyramids of Giza to the massive heads of the buried giants of Easter Island, these ancient astronaut theorists keep suggesting that the engineering done by these great civilizations could not have been possible without the gray scaly hands of aliens who came down from a distant galaxy.

I became aware of the ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theory in the early 90s while reading several books on the subject of worldly mysteries. The first time I researched the subject I quickly dismissed it as just nonsense. Something about that theory just rubbed me the wrong way. There I was, reading about how societies like the Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, and the Egyptians could have never build such powerful empires by themselves. How somehow they were incapable of coming up with the notion of the number 0. How there immaculate understanding of the stars and distant planets could not have come from careful plotting and observing, but rather from the high tech intervention from above. How the Egyptians could not have possibly built the great pyramids or more incriminating, how they weren’t capable of engineering such a thing. Even though the bottom of the Nile is filled with sunken stones from a distant quarry. I’ve traveled down the Nile before. I’ve seen the quarries where the rocks have been carved out and the massive imperfect structures that these guys claim were done with laser tools and whatnot.

It doesn’t matter to these “theorists”. They want to associate any mystery or ancient puzzle with aliens. Taking from the ancient people –and their ancestors– the pride and credit they deserve.

Ancient Aliens is mindless banter. The show and the theorists that appear on it, with their fucked up hair and Taco Bell-fed asses, seem to enjoy the recent wave of publicity. They’ve become internet celebrities and intend to fully exploit it by coming up with more  insane theories. Bigfoot is an ALIEN! The Nazca Lines are a personal airstrip for ALIENS! The Epic of Gilgamesh? ALIENS!

I bet you none of these guys have taken a college course in where the Epic of Gilgamesh was discussed in length. Yet they’re quick to turn Sumerian text into an explanation for alien visitation.

Ancient Aliens Debunked is an online movie written and produced by Chris White, with commentary from Dr. Michael Hesier. The movie does one hell of a job refuting all this ancient alien trash. It’s filled with hard facts from anthropologists and archeologists who have taken their time in researching and learning as much as they can from the ancient civilization.

Do yourself a favor and watch it.



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I'm a writer, a runner, and a hell of a coffee drinker residing in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a book about Doris Bither and her terrifying account of a haunting in Culver City, California. The case was dubbed "The Entity" and it stands to be one of the most controversial cases ever to be studied by parapsychologists.

  • watcher

    by the way the scull were found by a daughter of that scientist every body know that it was her who found the scull originally.

  • watcher

    Did you know that all pyramids built by the same principle as well as on Mars

  • watcher

    FOR ALL WHO DON”T KNOW: Other civilizations have been visited earth for thousands of years on a regular bases while. WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHO WE ARE ,WHERE WE FROM ,AND WHY WE’RE HERE. This is a scientifically proven fact.
    “DEBUNKED” is a try to look at A.Aliens theory with a force of skepticism. the arguments are so poor and ridiculously silly, that it leaves me with two options 1st is to fail theory for unknown reason, 2nd lack of education, information,facts evidence etc,. On this matter, i would suggest to maker of this movie to dig much deeper so you would be up to dated of what is going on in science, just dig on architecture, so you will no that PYRAMIDS WERE NOT BUILT BY MODERN HUMANE! see what other countries have learned about it. IF you don’t get that you never will. THE A.ALIENS THEORY FOR NOW IS THE ONLY CORRECT APPROACH TO OUR UNSOLVED HISTORY. Even if some time it sound to Si Fi. With all due respect you just not aware of what is going on in science on this subject or one of those skeptics who will deny everything. DEBUNKED missing the most important facts and evidence on the theory. While every day it’s getting stronger by new facts that giving strong back up for A.ALIENS theory in right direction.

  • http://GhostTheory.com/ Henry

    Yes, the lever, the wheel, and hard work.

  • watcher

    That to ,but did you hear about pentagram that calls 11th Constanta?

  • watcher

    All new high technologies are long ago forgotten past.

  • Inka

    i wasn’t planning on commenting here, not yet at least, i need to watch the debunking documentary first.. i haven’t researched this all well enough yet, i just had to google the subject, because i came by one episode that happened to be airing just as i was channel surfing.. the thing is, they flat-out lied about a certain piece of european history (which i’m very interested in and know quite a bit about), and that fact alone made me want to comment on – well, let’s say your view on this.. this is not only criticizing people for spreading their ‘ideas’.. the word ‘theory’ does have a colloquial use, but in making a documentary such as this, you can’t really use it that way without being false.. a theory, in science, as they seem to present it to be on the show, has to be repeatedly tested and widely accepted through peer review.. that is not the case with ancient aliens.. it’s more like the colloquial use, when you joke around with something like “i have this theory on why you can only find one sock of each pair, there must be sock-gnomes living under our beds”.. and furthermore, there is nothing wrong with criticizing a bad idea.. yes, freedom of speech also includes having the right to spout out stupid sh*t, but it is almost an obligation to other people to be critical of misrepresentasions and especially outright lies.. hope i made my point, english is not my first language, so i know my sentences are sometimes a wee bit off.. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.stutes Chris Stutes

    I absolutely love the show and have seen every episode, and not because of the Alien connection. The show , in my opinion, offers and alternative view to question that have been asked for hundreds of years. I see it more as a “what if” show based on the work of Erich von Däniken, who has been asking these questions for years now. It gives an alternative view to question that the Mainstream scientist have failed to give answers to. I call BS on some of it, but there are other things that just make me “scratch my head” and wonder “what if”. And that’s what I think the show is about and I think its brilliant.

  • Iainpjohnson

    The TV series “Ancient Aliens” made me laugh more than I have in many years, these people’s beliefs come over as being the Drunken ravings and Babbling Diary entries of a collection of lunatics(much like many of the passages from the bible)  . The chief proponent of the Theory doesn’t do any favours to his cause by looking like he does.
    I imagine that these people will not accept any theory which is contrary to their views, much like the 9/11 or moon landing conspiracy theorists.
    Come on, people, aliens didn’t build the pyramids…….Humans did…..Because we are clever, and its an insult to the entire human race to suggest that we needed help in our development.
    I await your comments with Gusto

  • Samwillid

    Can any one explain Bermuda triangle or zone of silence or vimanikashastra

  • http://GhostTheory.com/ Henry

    Bermuda Triangle is easy.
    Centuries of records  kept by shipping and transportation insurance carrier Lloyd’s of London show no statistical difference in the numbers of ships or planes being lost in the area known as The Bermuda Triangle vs. those being lost anywhere else in the world. If there were a difference they would certainly charge higher rates to insure any transportation passing through that area. The Bermuda triangle is nothing more than stories.

    The other two I have not heard of or do not recall, but will be happy to look into them.

  • Jashan

    I have been watching these shows for sometime and I would like to say that I keep neutral approach regarding this subject. I don’t discard ancient aliens theory because it is just a theory. Discarding it is non-scientific until we know what is the truth. It is always good to enter in imagination when we don’t know what is reality.

    If, we analyze about ancient old monuments then we can come up with 2 possibilities:

    (i) Humans themselves had advanced technology to come up with brilliant monuments all over the world.

    Or humans had brilliant brain to come up with something like Pyramids by using tools like copper chisels?
    But it contradicts because if humans had brilliant brain then they could make sophisticated machines too. They could not just stick to simple tools.

    (ii) Humans took help from outside source (aliens) to build those monuments.

    After watching the documentaries, I can say that no theorist claimed certainty of aliens visit. Theory is just a theory. It may be true and it may be not.

    If, there is any other third possibility then please let me know about it. I will be thankful.

    Now, when we study archaeology, it talks about old simple hand tools which were used in ancient times. It totally contradicts with point (i). If, humans cannot make those sophisticated structures using simple hand tools then how come you don’t agree with point (i) at least. And, if you don’t agree with point (i) then you need to agree with point (ii) in your hypothesis.

    Accepting it in your hypothesis leads to ancient alien theory. We probably cannot accept it but we cannot just discard it too. If, we want to discard it then we have to agree with point (i) or prove point (i).

  • Semper_5

    One guy with an “Old simple hand tool” not so effective. A whole bunch of slaves with “Old simple hand tools” more so. http://www.livescience.com/32616-how-were-the-egyptian-pyramids-built-.html

    Here’s a better question no one asks: Why would an advanced alien civilization build gigantic stone vanity-objects so a species barely out of animal skins could enact pointless death rituals, thus reinforcing public belief in fantastical bullshit? One would think that when you’ve achieved the level of technological mastery that can cross the universe, you would have conquered the kind of insecurity that would go initiating mystical public-works projects on distant worlds in order to be adored by the glorified monkeys who live there.

    Or was it done with the same purpose that Ancient Aliens and television exists and is so mind numbingly banal – to keep the population docile and deluded? (Actually the last part of that question isn’t really true. I’ve worked in TV for a few years now. TV producers aren’t that clever – nor organized enough to have long range plans like that. “We just give them what they want” is the whyfore there. TV is dumb because people are – not the other way around. Though, I’ll add, I’ve seen studies that suggest it makes the problem worse.)

  • Jeremy

    that’s funny…you’ve solved the Bermuda triangle mystery by citing one English company; cause all planes and boats are insured by that company…oh wait….um that doesn’t sound right for some reason. Oh and I do believe on the exact opposite side of the earth off the southern coast of japan is another triangle known for the same mysterious events. This triangle “dragons”, if I remember correctly, has actually been designated a hazardous area and no planes or boats from japan are allowed to go in it.

  • Jeremy

    Cracks me up how people are so against this idea. I seem to remember being taught in school that a scientist looks at ALL data to form their opinion. I’m not saying to drink the Kool-Aid but come on, there is some weird ass crap in our history that no one to date has been able to explain. I mean come on look at
    Gobekli Tepe, 6,000 years older than stone hedge, built by people that supposedly hadn’t even created pottery yet, and oh yeah they buried it in sand. Um that’s odd archaeology “experts” wrong about something. Or lets see dinosaurs wiped out by a asteroid and or a subsequent comet right…that’s why we find all of the “last dino bones” at the KT boundary right…. oh nope not right um or the “big bang theory” (my as well drop the theory if you’re learning in school) problems with some physic laws closer to point of singularity if I remember correctly but mathematically string theory is much more believable, ….get it through your heads just because a person has a degree in something doesn’t mean they are right about it. Do your own friggin research and come to your own conclusions. Most of these so called “experts” spout nothing more that what their role model teacher spouted. Now politics is in the scientific community. Lol my as well equate modern science with mid evil religion. Answer this correctly and you get a bonus: does the earth rotate around the sun? If you think you know the answer go to NASA for kids, look up barycenter…don’t just spout off crap that some “intelligent looking” guy is saying doubt everything and use some common sense.