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After the big Russian meteor scare last week, it seems everyone is looking skyward and it’s even got several world governments planning action for a possible impact in the future.

Now we have something new coming out today that will likely put a scare in many who read about it. Apparently some sort of object is coming our way. Seen now in many different locations, it appears as a blue sphere of some sort. I don’t know how credible the site newsdoors is as this is my first visit, however their story seems to be getting backup.

This is what they have to say regarding the sighting:

Large UNIDENTIFIED object approaching EARTH – Visible NOW on Stereo Ahead HI1 – Is it This Blue object NOW VISIBLE in our skies?


The object flaring on the right hand side in this image is Mercury as identified on NASA’S Website.

So, what is this large, bright unidentified object? ~ IS it perhaps THIS BLUE OBJECT which has suddenly appeared in our skies?


It’s also visible in Costa Rica too…


As I said, I’m not all that familiar with this website, so you can take it any way you want. However, some people have already piped in with their sightings of this object as well.

This is from Youtuber mbslaade in North Carolina:

As much as we love conspiracy, in this case we need to go a little deeper. The fact is, we have two comets, identified as Lemmon and PanSTARRS which were visible in the southern hemisphere over the last week.

See an example below from vimeo user Alex Cherney:

Now, I’m inclined to believe that Alex is the one who’s on track here. I’m not saying newsdoors is trying to fool us as I’m sure they are excited over these sightings and if you aren’t a comet enthusiast, I can see where you might get caught up in the drama.

Here’s a little background on comet activity for 2013 from DAHBOO7 over at Youtube:

What’s that you say? Tell us about that world governments planning action thing? It would seem we are finally doing something about thwarting possible meteor impact in the future. You can read all about it at space.com

Well, I think we are close to wrapping this one up, unless one of our readers has some sort of revelation on this that we are not aware of.

Finally, a lesson can be learned here and that is, always try to find a backup source whenever possible.

Thanks to the following contributors: newsdoors.blogspot.com, mbslaade, Alex Cherney, DAHBOO7 and space.com

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  • Bronson Alpha, and Bronson Beta

  • david mancha

    could this be the Hopi Blue star

  • Javier Guerrero

    yep we’re boned!!!

  • Noelmc7

    Optimus Prime initiating Strike Package Bravo…

  • IThinkso

    The Paranoia. 

  • Macferg2

    did u all see Colbert?? We need to grease up the atmosphere to lubricate any incoming objects. We have been doing a good job so far- but yes we need the keystone pipeline to allow more oil to be used. Just think those meteors will just slip off our primed and ready ozone layer in 2032 when it returns. If not North Korea should be ready by then to blast it off-course with a nuclear bomb,,,or Iran

  • What was that first video? That does not look like the moon at all. When was the moon yellow?
    I am confused why you are posting this information when there is so little to support it. No offence, but there is not even any knowledge of the trajectory, direction or anything else.
    I assume you were throwing it out there to see what others think or if anyone has any extra info.

    If possible, I would like to be a go to guy for you as I have a large telescope with 300+ zoom as well as a HD camera which has 18x optical zoom. So if there is anything in the night sky, I can photograph it almost any night or video it and create a timelapse. The skies here are cloud free almost year round and I have a roof deck, so I have a complete 360 unobstructed view.

  • Scott_McMan

     I might take you up on that. As someone who uses a telescope, you must be aware of the comets mentioned. I happen to believe we are seeing comets, but I could be wrong.

    As for the moon, a surround of cloud cover can cause it to glow thru like that.

  •  I have some fantastic photos of rings around the moon caused by high clouds. I have many tools to help track space items and if I know their location, I can set the telescope to track them.
    I am based in the Philippines and our skies are clear at least 99% of the time.
    Drop me an email Dave AT 5uperman.com. I would be happy to help wherever I can.

    Here are the latest images and it seems that two objects are on the Stereo Behind http://stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov/browse/2013/03/02/index.shtml

    These could be anything and NASA do not seem to have posted anything about them.

    I am sure someone can find the angles for Ahead and Behind and we can then calculate the rough trajectory.

  • I just got all the videos from both Ahead and Behind cameras from the date the date on the image in this post until today. I will post it when I get time to edit it together. It seems to be (from others suggestions) comet ISON, which will get close to the sun in November. http://www.space.com/19973-comet-ison.html

    However, that being said, there are two moving items. But I suspect one of them is a planet, likely earth or a closer planet. I do not know where the satellite is so can not identify the exact planet.

    The telescope is my 9 year old daughters! She wanted one so I was like oh yea lets get an awesome one and keep it at my house (she lives in the next street with my gf). I have used it much more than she has. Its more my toy than hers lol

  •  Ok, here is the video. I made two. NASA simply slap the images together like a flickbook, so some of their videos were 0.07 seconds for the day. I tried to make it as close to 2 seconds per day, using footage from the ahead and behind cameras.

    UnSmoothed Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJT8BvzBQig

    Smoothed Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7qQdyvwdgs

    I may end up monitoring the NASA page and creating further videos for an entire month.

    Remember, these are space weather cameras, so they are looking for Coronal Mass Ejections and not solid objects, so what we see may not be visible or even solid objects, it could be plasma.