Strange Unidentified Objects Headed Toward Earth?

Strange Unidentified Objects Headed Toward Earth?

After the big Russian meteor scare last week, it seems everyone is looking skyward and it’s even got several world governments planning action for a possible impact in the future.

Now we have something new coming out today that will likely put a scare in many who read about it. Apparently some sort of object is coming our way. Seen now in many different locations, it appears as a blue sphere of some sort. I don’t know how credible the site newsdoors is as this is my first visit, however their story seems to be getting backup.

This is what they have to say regarding the sighting:

Large UNIDENTIFIED object approaching EARTH – Visible NOW on Stereo Ahead HI1 – Is it This Blue object NOW VISIBLE in our skies?


The object flaring on the right hand side in this image is Mercury as identified on NASA’S Website.

So, what is this large, bright unidentified object? ~ IS it perhaps THIS BLUE OBJECT which has suddenly appeared in our skies?


It’s also visible in Costa Rica too…


As I said, I’m not all that familiar with this website, so you can take it any way you want. However, some people have already piped in with their sightings of this object as well.

This is from Youtuber mbslaade in North Carolina:

As much as we love conspiracy, in this case we need to go a little deeper. The fact is, we have two comets, identified as Lemmon and PanSTARRS which were visible in the southern hemisphere over the last week.

See an example below from vimeo user Alex Cherney:

Now, I’m inclined to believe that Alex is the one who’s on track here. I’m not saying newsdoors is trying to fool us as I’m sure they are excited over these sightings and if you aren’t a comet enthusiast, I can see where you might get caught up in the drama.

Here’s a little background on comet activity for 2013 from DAHBOO7 over at Youtube:

What’s that you say? Tell us about that world governments planning action thing? It would seem we are finally doing something about thwarting possible meteor impact in the future. You can read all about it at

Well, I think we are close to wrapping this one up, unless one of our readers has some sort of revelation on this that we are not aware of.

Finally, a lesson can be learned here and that is, always try to find a backup source whenever possible.

Thanks to the following contributors:, mbslaade, Alex Cherney, DAHBOO7 and

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