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  • Kandi

    Hi I know this is an old thread but I was searching to see if there were any hoaxes involved with the sleepbot app recording EVP’s or ghostly sounds and found it. I have been using sleepbot for about a week and when I played mine back this morning I had 2 different occasions that had voices, music, laughing and beeping. One happened right after I went to sleep and one happened right before I woke up. Let me tell you about background noise at my house. There is none. I was alone and I live out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of 50 acres of pasture and woods with my nearest neighbor a mile away. I can’t sleep with any noise so I didn’t have a tv on, music, noise maker or anything. I’m really freaked out. I am computer illiterate so I have no idea how to post the sounds on here. The only other sounds on there were of me moving around and my cat purring. If someone can explain in simple terms I will try my best to post them and maybe y’all could help me figure it out.

  • Myuu


    I just got a similar experience. I tried for the first time the app SleepBot last night, and this morning I got a very strange voice that I think can’t be mine, followed by a sound that I tried to reproduce without succes. It first scare me, and after I’ve thinking of maybe it’s a secret fonctionality of the app that insert randomly stranges sounds to scare people. I hope it’s like so, or I’ll start to think there is a ghost or I’m possessed or something. After reading this article and the comment of Kandi, I wish for us all that this is a scam. I will do more search to find something about the app and the possible hoaxes, but I’ll continue to register my sleep period to see what will happen next.

    I don’t know how to send the recorded sounds here, but after listen to it several time since this morning, I first thinking hearing “We’re there all” when I was yet sleepy this morning, but now I’m more hearing “Ask We’re all”, followed by a sigh before the sound.

    I think what scare me the most is that I always speaking french in my life, so if this scaring sound was from me, why did I say such thing in first place, and second why in english..

  • Myuu

    I don’t know. It sounds more like “I was” to me. But I’ve first thinking of heard the “Now What” first.

  • MaseMurda

    “your what?”

  • Gina

    Can you tell me how you downloaded the recordings from Sleep Bot into your computer? I also have recorded very strange things, all in the course of a few minutes, and they are all clustered together; starting with me saying something nonsensical and laughing, and then footsteps, more footsteps, (and it’s not me)….Thank you.

  • lindsay

    I’m not 100% sure. I haven’t used to app in a long time

  • Janster61

    This is bizarre. My daughter called me from college this morning a bit freaked out. She has been using sleepbot for about a year as she sleep talks and she thinks it funny to hear what she says during the night. Well this morning she sent me a copy of a recording she heard in her room last night. Her bedroom door creaks when it is opened. The recording has the door creaking open and then a few seconds later you hear a man whisper something like ‘help her’.
    Today is Halloween. I wonder if the makers of SleepBot put that in there as a joke considering the day. But there is definitely a man’s voice. She is in an all women’s sorority in a 1901 building. Very strange.

  • lindsay

    can you send this to us?!

  • TRocks

    I have a similar audio recording from my Sleepbot. app. I would share it here but there is no option to upload a file. Found this site looking to see if other people have had a similar experience with the app.
    You can download the audio using the iMazing app on your computer.

  • TRocks

    How? I’d like your input on what I recorded.

  • lindsay

    send it to our email on facebook!

  • lindsay

    send it to our facebook page! i had a reader do that a few days ago! i’d love to hear 🙂

  • TJ

    I use a sleep and have caught voices and also sometimes it will turn on by itself while I am watching t.v. and it interacts with whatever I am watching but when I go to use it to ask questions there Is nothing. Why is that?

  • Stevemagegod

    You should check out what I have recorded. I didnt use Sleepbot but an app called Dream Talk. I have recorded well over 90 recordings using this app. I have alwasy believed in Ghosts but thought EVPs was in the realm of Psudeo Science until I got stuff when I was Sleeping as well hoping I could catch me Sleep Taliking.


    Thats the link for all of my enhanced recordings