Atacama Humanoid: Name, Sex, & Age Released

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Is it me or is this whole “Atacama Alien” thing getting a bit too uncomfortable?

The Sirius documentary team has stepped up their marketing research and have released new information about Ata, the Atacama alien.  Dr. Steven Greer and the Sirius team recently declared that the tiny fossilized creature found in Chile’s Atacama desert was some kind of humanoid alien. This week, the team has stepped it up a notch and went a bit further by releasing the thing’s name, sex, and even age.

Ata is said to be a male between the ages of six and eight years of age.

‘Ata’ – The Atacama Humanoid. (Credit: S.T.A.R. Research)

The Sirius team is calling the creature “Ata,” and claim that their analysis has revealed that the mysterious humanoid is male and survived 6 to 8 years, post-birth. Their findings are the result of bone density and epiphyseal plate studies. They had previously disclosed that their DNA sequencing studies have determined the creature to be a “humanoid of unknown origin.”

The analysis has been conducted by a “top research scientist at a prestigious American university.” However, they are not releasing the name of the university or the researcher for “security purposes.” They do say they will announce this information, along with the DNA analysis, on or before the premiere of the film on April 22.

The team does not give any explanation as to what security concerns they are afraid of, or why these concerns will be resolved within the next few days. However, this isn’t the first time the filmmakers have noted their concerns with safety. In the movie’s summary, they write that UFO researcher, Dr. Steven Greer, “feels the pressure of an imminent assassination attempt.” –source:

That’s a bold move for the Sirius team. They’ve been revving up their findings as the film’s premier looms closer, but at what cost? The Atacama alien was found in 2003 and since then has been debunked by several websites and researchers are pure bunk:

The current owner of the Atacama Humanoid is Barcelona entrepreneur Ramon Navia-Osorio, who heads up a UFO organization, the Institute for Exobiological Investigation and Study (IIEE). Navia-Osorio recently wrote a lengthy report, “The Anthropomorphic Being From Atacama,” that was posted by Julio Gonzalez in the Argentina news website, Realidad OVNI (UFO Reality).

Navia-Osorio’s account includes steps he took to have the creature analyzed and how he got differing opinions about its identity. One study conducted by three doctors concluded that, whatever the creature turns out to be, they didn’t think it was a hoax.

A second document, from a forensic medical expert at Basque Country University, concluded: “It’s a mummified body with all typical characteristics of a fetus. The body displays all the structures and anatomical links normal for the head, trunk and extremities. Taken together, the proportionality of the anatomical structures … [allows us] to interpret beyond doubt, that this is a mummified human fetus completely normal.” –source: HuffingtonPost

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  • BW

    Is it me or is this whole “Atacama Alien” thing getting a bit too uncomfortable?

    It seems to be getting downright sick. The disrespect shown for these human remains is astounding.


  • There is archaeology in a nutshell.

  • Well too bad we can’t believe anything unless it comes from lindsey, henry or scott. At least we can debate this though

  • The Oshmar

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • twas brillig

    Can we please compare these remains to bones from any other primate? It is NOT a spider monkey.

    I say a human fetus 20 weeks is the closest

  • signalfire1

    Most definitely not a fetus; the epiphyseal growth plates were fused, and it walked upright.

  • twas brillig

    here is a report which at least helps towards the debate in answering the question which leaves me open minded

  • CT12

    I guess if you’ve seen the movie it’s obviously something very special. Here’s hoping that everyone reading this finds the message in the film.

  • Don’t forget that the film is edited by the people who are sending the message in order to promote the message, not to question it or propose plausible alternative explanations.

  • LaszloZoltan

    the message reads “send us money” (sorry for the spoiler)

  • jeefyjeefy

    Here’s the true identity of the Atacama alien, hidden within our society all along :)

  • Elder Druid

    Well the experts have come up with the results. It is human from an indigenus Indian mother from Chile and lived 6 to 8 years post birth. Not an alien, not a monkey, human. The tests continue to determine the “whys” and “hows” of the size as well as the 10 ribs. Humans have 12 and very seldom 11 ribs. The DNA is human and this is final.

  • Tom Shaver

    Some of the alien subjects appear to be human in every way except for consciousness.

  • Elder Druid

    Yes I tend to agree with you Tom for many investigated cases, but in this case we have the DNA test and the results are definitive, beyond any doubt. So it doesn’t simply appear human, it is human, unless you want to consider the posibility of cross breeding techniques. I am still waiting for more explanations, so I have to wait for more test and results. Currently there is no explanation for the size, the head and the ribs.

  • What are you talking about? The DNA results came back human. Definitively.

  • Elder Druid

    If you read carefully my first comment, this is exactly what I said. They still do not know the why for the size the ribs count and the head (shape etc).

  • so said the so called expert druid. classic ellinaras….. without even considering other possibilities, he read an article, he drunk his coffee, and said.. this is so….. i dont know if we are supposed to laugh, or cry here with you ,man

  • citizen k

    Does a human DNA prove that someone comes necessarily from planet Earth?What about if there r plenty of planets out there inhabited by ppl with a human “compatible” DNA, or with our same DNA?Who told that “aliens” must be necessarily sooo different from us?Green,grey,big eyes,10 feet long,blah blah…Maybe humans r spread all over the galaxy,some r ahead in their history some r still in the stoneage.After all it’s just a matter of finding the right propulsion to reach us…’n a good shortcut of course.

  • seventhseal

    Could it be a conjoined twin? The skull looks flattened – the plates aren’t connected correctly. I think that fact makes it look more alien.

  • larry141094

    The human skull fuses after birth…

  • Jessica Snethen

    I am no scientist or expert in ancient remains but saying this I feel as though it doesn’t look right at all. I don’t see it as being a human baby fetus as the skull shape and body shape just does not add up as being a human mummified. I can honestly say I am baffled by this one. I do believe in aliens 100% but have never seen one up close and personal so knowing what to look for in these remains is far from anything I can do. Wow, it is baffling.

  • rocknray


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