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Dr.-Lynne-Kitei-on-FBI-memo-on-FOX-News-April-2011-Dr. Lynne Kitei (Physician, Health Educator) has been researching the mysterious case of the Phoenix Lights and believes to have uncovered further evidence that reveals a powerful blow to the Flare Theory that many have come to accept as an explanation to the UFO lights. Dr. Kitei has official government documents that say that all Air Force planes were grounded on that night on March 13, 1997.

The mystery behind the Phoenix Lights has captivated the imagination of every person who believes in intelligent life outside our planet. Many also confuse the Phoenix sighting as one long incident that took place across the entire state and that’s not true.

TPhoenixLights1he first reports of a strange hovering craft were around 20:15 MST. The witnesses reported seeing a large V-shaped craft floating silently above the Prescott, Arizona, area. Within thirty minutes, the craft was then reported 215 miles south in the city of Tucson.

The footage of the nine or so glowing orbs of light above Phoenix is considered the second incident by Ufologists. This was several hours after the initial “V” sightings and bares no resemblance to what was seen above Prescott.

Dr. Kitei’s researched yielded information about Luke Air Force Base having all their planes grounded at the time of the second incident. However she doesn’t mention anything about Arizona’s other Air Force Base, Davis-Monthan AFB.

Lt. Col. Edward Jones confirmed in March of 2007 that he had flown his squadron above Phoenix at the time and were in fact dropping flares as part of a night exercise.

In March 2007 Lt. Col. Ed Jones, confirmed that he had flown one of the aircraft in the formation that dropped flares on the night in question. The squadron he belonged to was the Maryland Air National Guard who used A-10 ground assault aircraft and were in Arizona on a training exercise at the time.

The first reports that members of the Maryland Air National Guard were responsible for the incident were reported by Arizona Republic reporter Richard Ruelas on July 25, 1997.

In an excellent, well-researched post on one website, Brian Dunning examined the flares used in the incident and how they correlate with what was seen that night. Dunning states:


The A-10 drops two different kinds of flare: a countermeasure flare, used to confuse heat-seeking missiles; and an illumination flare, used to light up the ground at night either for the benefit of troops on the ground or to light up a target so it can be visually targeted for weapons release. The illumination flare is the one we’re talking about. It’s called the LUU-2 air-deployed high intensity illumination flare. It’s made by defense contractor ATK Thiokol. The variant in use at the time of the Phoenix Lights incident was the LUU-2B/B. It weights 30 pounds and its canister is three feet long and 5 inches in diameter. Once it ejects its parachute and ignites, it puts out 1.8 million candela for 4 minutes, or 1.6 million candela for 5 minutes. It falls in its parachute at 8.3 feet per second. At 1000 feet above the ground, it lights up an area half a kilometer wide at 5 lux. The LUU-2’s pyrotechnic candle burns magnesium, which produces an intense white light. Because it burns so hot, it also ends up burning the aluminum canister, which adds an orange hue to the light for most of the burn. About halfway through the burn, enough of the canister has been burned away that it actually lightens the load and it falls more and more slowly. Once it’s almost completely out, an explosive bolt disconnects the parachute and the flare drops, burning out completely sometime hopefully before landing on someone’s wood shingle roof. –source:

  • Phoenix Lights is one of the stranger cases, difficult to debunk as a mistaken identification. But then there is a lot of confusion around what was seen that night as well.

  • BW

    Among the odder aspects of this sighting was having the Phoenix mayor appear with his chief of staff dressed as an “alien” for the purpose of creating a media circus. Tell me again why our taxes are used to pay the salaries of the public servants ? Whatever the lights were, the residents of Phoenix deserved a better explanation than this sorry show of official contempt.


  • James

    This is just more nonsense by Kitei. The refueling records were verified that the Maryland National Guard was here at Luke AFB during the UFO event.

  • James

    Let me explain to correct the record once again. I was an investigator in training for MUFON in Phoenix during the incident. I later became Maricopa County Section Director for the Phoenix chapter. I contacted Major Eileen Benz about the incident and she suggested I contact the company that refueled all military aircraft visiting Luke. I did contact them and they confirmed that the Maryland National Guard did indeed refuel their aircraft in Arizona the day before the Phoenix Lights incident IN ARIZONA!!
    Javier, if you want more information on this e-mail me. Dr. Kitei pops up this time every year to promote her book and documentary.
    It’s sad to see what the UFO community has turned into
    James Kelly

  • IThinkso

    …entitized,…sad indeed.

  • Marco V Tex Marco

    It’s lie ‘cos ‘UFO’ showed up 8:15 AM and “aircraft” was 10:00 AM, probably US army sent that “aircraft” to cover ‘UFO’ incident.

  • Scott Ellison

    Well certainly let’s conduct our flare-dropping exercise right next to a major population center with over a million people. And the national guard having airplanes refueled, well that’s proof-positive they took that fuel and those airplanes on over to Phoenix the following night and dropped magical levitating flares that managed to maintain constant relative distance from one another while not descending. And by the way James Kelly I can find no indication you were affiliated with MUFON other than you saying you were affiliated with MUFON. It’s not the UFO community that’s sad it’s the tired debunkers who won’t give it up no matter how foolish they sound. Dr. Ketai (you might try spelling it correctly) is a successful well-respected physician who made her sightings from a gorgeous home in a very expensive neighborhood. With what degrees did you graduate university? You people need to quit while you’re behind.

  • Scott Ellison

    It’s Ketai, James, K-E-T-A-I. If you don’t know how to spell something it’s quick and easy to open another window and find out. So I guess that fuel they picked up 15 miles west of Phoenix was a very special kind of fuel that only worked in airplanes headed over to Phoenix the next night to drop magical flares. Are you sure your last name isn’t McGaha? Your logic has that typically illogical disconnect.

  • Scott Ellison

    The purpose was not to create a media circus, it was to diffuse the growing hysteria surrounding the mass sighting. Fife Symington has said many times if he had it to do over again he would handled the situation differently. Human beings, even governors, sometimes make bad decisions.

  • Scott Ellison

    Here’s the most compelling study I’ve found, the debunking community still insists we’re not seeing what we’re obviously seeing but it seals the deal for me

    Pretty amazing magical flares…