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Beginning today, the hacker group known as Anonymous has vowed to attack the US and “wipe it from the cyber map”. Judging by their recent attack on North Korea, I’d say they are serious.

Anonymous claims that they will begin phase 1 of “Operation USA” when they launch attacks on banks today.

More details from Yahoo:

Anonymous threatens to take the U.S. ‘off the cyber map’

Anonymous was praised for its recent cyberattacks on North Korea, however the hacking collective has shown that it is a friend to no one. The group late last month declared its latest target and this time it isn’t a communist regime or oppressive government, but rather the United States. The group stated that on May 7th, Anonymous will start phase 1 of Operation USA, which is a response to acts of “multiple war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan” and “in your own country.” The group is protesting the Obama Administration’s uses of targeted drone attacks that have resulted in the deaths of “hundreds of innocent children and families.”

“Anonymous is speaking it’s mind, don’t try to blind the worlds eyes,” the group wrote in a message on PasteBin. “We have a voice that we will use, you tried to take from us with the power you abused. You will lose that power by the time Anonymous is done with your nation. Your intentions are ill in aim. The Internet hate machine has came [sic] from our shadows shining light on corruption and having Lulz, and now United States of America, you are in the cross hairs of Anonymous.”

Operation USA, or OpUSA, threatens to take America “off the cyber map” with several “doxes, DNS attacks, defaces, redirects, DDOS attacks, database leaks and admin take overs.” The group hints that its first targets will be major banks, suggesting people switch “from a big bank to a local union.” Individuals associated with Anonymous even claim to have accessed Michelle Obama’s social security number, although no proof of the incident was provided.

The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that a group of mostly Middle Eastern and North African-based criminal hackers were preparing to attack several high-profile U.S. websites, although such attacks may be no more than a public nuisance.

Anonymous has threatened various government agencies including the FBI, NSA and NATO, along with banking websites belonging to Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo and Capital One.

If you have a bank account, you might want to pay close attention to what’s happening. Of course, this is just the beginning according to Anonymous as they dig deeper into American cyberspace and try to bring the country to a screeching halt.

This is serious business and I for one am going to be checking my accounts closely. Not much more to say, other than cover your butt! It may be nothing, but this group has flexed it’s muscles and wreaked havoc all over the globe, so best to take it seriously.

Quoted content comes to us from BGR and Yahoo.

Note: I do apologize as I would have liked to expand on this story. I know there is video out there on this. I’m just very short on time right now. However, I felt this needed to get out there to our readers.

  • All those Anonym groups attacking various internet places, after some group closed MEGAUPLOAD and start to kill piracy.

    Theres piracy, because world goverment wont gave enough money to peoples and videogames cost lot of money, especially i poor countries..in my country, a videogame cost like one month food..

    And the last one is MEGAUPLOAD..i guess the cyber pirates wanna say with this: we cant let that happen, we neeed piracy because we dooont have the money to buy every single stuff in cyber world..pay one month food money for an antivirus which is not just outdated but wont protect my pc? hell no.

  • Tonya-Clay Davis

    “Theres piracy, because world goverment wont gave enough money to peoples and videogames cost lot of money” that they get from the Magic Money Tree which grows at the top of the world.

  • AnonymousLoser

    Anonymous are a joke. A bunch of computer nerds living out a fantasy they got from a movie. Even if they COULD bring governments to their knees, what the hell gives them the RIGHT? What? We all have to do what Anonymous tell us to do now, or there will be trouble? Anonymous are going to tell everyone how to act? Thank God they have no power, because they’ve already shown themselves far less qualified to wield it than even the worst governments.
    And what happens when the US computer nerds in Anonymous don’t agree with attacking their own country? Or Maybe it will be the Chinese or someone else.

    What a dumb idea for a group. Basically, anyone can call themselves a member and do anything in their name, and they can’t ever deny their involvement or confirm it, because you never know if the source even knows any of the other members. But since calling yourself a member MAKES you one…Well, the whole ridiculous game can’t sustain itself without becoming a complete mess.

  • Valkyrie13

    Yes, messiness and ambiguity, how frightful.