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Apparently Shangdong residents are a bit less creative than Rick Dyer when it comes to perpetrating hoaxes.

In a story from ShanghiList.com

Shandong man claims he electrocuted an alien and stored it in his freezer

Today in obvious bullshit: a man from Binzhou, Shandong province, claims he found an alien on the banks of the Yellow River and stored it in his freezer, Guizhou Metropolis Daily reports.

Weibo is currently going nuts over this story, and the not-at-all-fake-looking photos that accompany it. The discoverer of the extraterrestrial, a man surnamed Lee, said he saw a number of UFOs flying over the Yellow River when one crashed to the ground. The alien conveniently hit an electric rabbit trap Lee had set up previously, incapacitating it and allowing Lee to transport it to his freezer.

According to a statement from Binzhou police, the alien is, amazingly, fake. Upon inspection, the extraterrestrial proved to be made out of rubber.


Excited Weibo-ites are tying the two stories together as evidence of an alien invasion, because duh.

I am truly scratching my head as to what more there is to say here.

Oh, well, no use losing any more hair over this one.

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  • HaywoodZarathustra

    LOL. Is that Famous Amos or Mrs. Fields cookie dough?

  • Sarah Longtime Champ

    bahaha how can somone believe that!

  • alanborky

    He might’ve got more traction with Squid Man or rather Woman because it appears to have its knickers pulled down exposing female genitalia and there’s a big market in that part of the world especially Japan for interspecies sex especially if you can squeeze a few tentacles in there somewhere.

    For all we know this’s just some local art student showing what you can whip up with a wok and some mung beans.

    The only other observation I can make’s I happen to have a friend with a nauseating fascination for CSI type medical books and I happened to catch a stomach churning glimpse of one photo of a guy who’d been submerged in a barrel of gunk for some considerable period and they didn’t look a million miles removed from that.

  • The Oshmar

    Bam, 5 days of detention time for this sucker. If only this happened more often to hoaxers, and hopefully for longer.


  • Valkyrie13

    Normally I would agree, but I feel that in this case he’s being punished for being creative or daring to be a bit different.

  • The Oshmar

    He’s shouldn’t have said it was real then, maybe done something else with it, like start a club for UFO awareness.

  • Valkyrie13

    Except in this context there is a long history of communism where people were discouraged from believing anything remotely superstitious (though were encouraged to believe plenty of other things). It doesn’t hurt to bring a bit of magic back into the world, try to get more people believe.

  • General Tso

    That looks like my fried dumplings!