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Today is Halloween.The day in which the world of the living and the dead almost merge together, separated only by the thin veil of imagination and belief. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins all creep out of the story books and into our heads, filling our imaginations with fear and wonder. With that in mind, I’d like to take some time and reflect back on some of the creepiest articles that I’ve come across in my years of writing for GhostTheory. Enjoy!

Zaragoza Poltergeist
The case of Spain’s terrorizing goblin

duende1On September 27, 1934, the Palazon family encountered a frightening ordeal with their apartment all of a sudden was filled with a maniacal laughter and an unknown voice that seemed to be coming from within the walls. The voice was then found to come from within the stove and seemed to have an intelligence behind it. It would interact and answer questions at times. As the news of this poltergeist spread, thousand of people took to visiting the building. Standing outside and blocking the streets, the spectators all came interested in hearing this so-called Duende of Zaragoza.

The case became infamous when investigators and the local police all bore witness to the terrifying voice from beyond this world that kept taunting them. To this day, no one ever found out who or what was behind the ominous voice that terrorized the spanish residents.

From Beyond The Woods: The Hinterkaifeck Murders
Watcher in the woods

printsnowIn the middle of March of 1922, Andreas Gruber was outside inspecting his farm after a brief snowstorm had fallen the night before. While surveying his property, he noticed a printsnowlong track of footprints, deep in the fresh snow that lead to the back of his home. Andreas followed the track until they suddenly stopped, a few feet away from his house. Alarmed, he turned around and began to follow the tracks far into the fields that surrounded his farm.

As Andreas marched through the powdery snow, he could see where the trail was leading to. A few hundred yards out, Andreas saw that the footprints had came from the dark woods that surrounded HinterKaifeck. A chill ran down his spine and he raced back to inspect his home. After searching his barn, tool shed, and house, Andreas sat perplexed at the strange tracks of a late night visitor that seemed to have simply, disappeared. Days later, the entire family was found slain in a mysterious manner that to this day raises questions and sends chills up and down the backs of those who remember the tragic fate of the Gruber family.

The last broadcast of Torres & Santos
A plunge into the dark Caribbean waters

maydayOn the frightful night of June 28th, 1980 friends Jose Maldonado Torres and Jose Pagan Santos were in route to Puerto Rico, having just left the Dominican Republic. Within minutes they were high above the dark Caribbean waters. Torres was piloting the small Ercoupe that belonged to Santos’ father. Both men were familiar with the small aircraft, having flown the aircraft several times before. However this trip, this very same route that they had traveled through before, would ultimately lead the small Ercoupe numbered N3808H into oblivion.




The mysterious ‘Lead Masks Case’
Suicide, murder, or Alien abduction

leadmask2It’s 1966, Jorge da Costa Alves finds himself flying a kite one afternoon in the nearby Vintém Hill, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As the 18 year old Jorge walks around Vintém Hill, he makes the macabre discovery of two bodies laying side by side in the tall weeds. The bodies were of two men, who appeared to be dressed identically. Both men were dressed in matching suits and wore impermeable coats. Which wasn’t out of the ordinary since the area had been drenched by recent showers. What was out of the ordinary were the protective lead masks over their faces. The type of masks used to protect against radiation poisoning. Here, laying dead in the rain-soaked vegetation of Vintém Hill are two mean in suits, a rain coat and lead masks over their faces.

As young Jorge realizes that he just stumbled onto two dead bodies, he makes his way to the nearest phone to call in the find. The local police and journalists tried to put the puzzle pieces together from what little evidence they had, only to come out scratching their heads. 45 years later the mystery known as the “lead masks case” is still riddled with theories such as suicide, murder and alien abduction.

The Entity: Interview with Doris Bither’s son

A harrowing account of the behind-the-scenes into The Entity case

braddBrian Harris
” Well everything about what was reported was true. It did happen. Living in that home was hell.”
“…We all experienced some form of attack.” “There was the pushing, biting and scratching being done to us.” “…there were about 4 entities in the home, and they made themselves known by appearing all the time….I think it took a lot of energy for them to do that.”

According to Mr. Harris, they all suffered the attacks. Himself receiving less abuse. He believes that the entities were drawn to the negative and frightened attitude the rest of the family members had. Especially Doris.


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