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The Epoch Times posted an interesting article about the extraordinary work that Dr. Jim Tucker is continuing in regards to connections between birthmarks and past lives.

Pioneered by the lat Dr. Ian Stevenson, the research involves hundreds of documented cases of children and adults with reports of some recollection of a past live and somehow is connected to a particular birthmark, like the following case:

Reincarnation-birthmark-3 An old woman died in Thailand with the wish to reincarnate as a boy. Her daughter dipped a finger in white paste and marked the back of the woman’s neck with the paste. 

Not long after the woman’s death, the daughter gave birth to a son with a white mark on the back of his neck that mirrored the white paste left on the woman’s neck. When the boy became old enough to talk, he would claim possession of things that belonged to his grandmother as though they’d always been his.

Coincidence? Keep reading.

A boy named Maha Ram in India could remember being killed in a previous life with a shotgun fired at close range. He remembered enough details of his past life for Stevenson to find the autopsy report of the man supposedly reincarnated as Ram. The birthmarks on Ram’s chest corresponded to the bullet wounds.

Too coincidental? Maybe so but Dr. Tucker has collected many stories, photographs, and other pertinent evidence over the years that are too coincidental to just ignore.


The late Dr. Ian Stevenson, whose work Tucker continues, investigated 210 cases of children with birthmarks or defects that related to memories they retained from past lives.

Stevenson obtained a post-mortem report in 49 cases. The wound and birthmark were within 10 square centimeters of each other on the body in 43 percent of these cases, and many were much closer to the same location.

In some cultures, people mark the deceased with soot or paste to recognize them when they are reborn.

Here are a few examples of birthmarks related to past life memories studied by Stevenson.

A boy born in India without fingers on his right hand remembered another life in which he was a boy who had his fingers amputated after sticking them in a fodder chopping machine.

A boy in Turkey with a malformed right ear remembered having been shot and killed at close range on that side of his head.

A boy named Maha Ram in India could remember being killed in a previous life with a shotgun fired at close range. He remembered enough details of his past life for Stevenson to find the autopsy report of the man supposedly reincarnated as Ram. The birthmarks on Ram’s chest corresponded to the bullet wounds.

Some anecdotal accounts of birthmarks from past lives that have not been verified are shared on a past life discussion blog post.

Karen Kubicko posted photos of herself in high school with a birthmark on her neck and a photo of herself later in life without the birthmark. She said she remembered in 2011 that in a previous life she was a woman named Helen who was hit by a stray bullet in the neck and died in 1927.

The mark was where the bullet had hit in her vision.

After she remembered this, the mark gradually disappeared.

Another person on the blog said she had a birthmark on the back of her leg. She remembered a past life in which a snake bit her there. A few years later, she realized the mark had faded away. She said the area is not often exposed, so light exposure or other such external elements are not to blame. –source: The Epoch Times


  • Fichna

    Interesting article. Channel 4 (UK) Did a documentary on this as well. A child got run over & killed by a bus, the injuries to his torso were in the same place as a birthmark on another child, who could recall his ‘first family’ He gave people directions to this family, an incense making family. He was able to tell them of recent changes to the processes involved an other details they had changed after the death of their child by the bus!!!

  • Archard

    If that’s the case I had some AWFUL experience in my past lift. I got a birth mark inside my leg O.o

  • LOOMfreek

    Bravo. This is one of thee most interesting articles, I’ve read in a long time. Thanks Xavier.

  • IThinkso

    The concept of reincarnation is the twisted form of the divine fact, The Resurrection. The three out of four aspects of SOCS (strength of case scale), can be easily explained by an entity making psychic connection from one human host to another, hence giving the subject the delusion of estrange “past life”. As for the birthmarks/defects, they are the forced assumptions, ignoring the fact that twins do look alike and further more, similarity exists between parents and their kids.

  • radioredrafts

    talk about forced assumptions ^~


  • pgb412

    thanks for a great article. i was born with three moles. one at the top of my right thigh that is just a bit smaller then a dime. the other one is on the hollow at the base of my throat and the third at the base of my neck directly opposite and just a tad lower then the one on my throat. they line up as if i was pierced thru the front and out the back. i have had a knowledge since i was little that they are from being shot even though i can not recall any past lives.

  • IThinkso

    …”Give me a piece, and I’ll invent 999 pieces, to make it a 1000 piece puzzle or just give me a birthmark and I’ll invent a past life out of it or just give me a human and I’ll invent evolution theory out of it.”

  • I hope not. My birthmark is on the inside of my leg, pretty high up. That would mean a pretty awkward death for me, if it was true. Pretty interesting, though.

  • Blinx182

    “Divine fact”

  • Exsanguination from the femoral artery? A bullet, knife or an arrow entering the upper, inner thigh at a given angle could pierce the femoral artery, and land in the body cavity, not necessarily exiting the body out the flank. The femoral artery is a major subdivision of the aorta, and a person thus injured would “bleed out”very quickly. Death might be awkward, but the person would hardly have time to register the injury before the tremendous loss of blood would render him/her unconscious–like around a minute or two.

  • Who is this entity and why would they do that? Also, Stevenson’s research subjects are not twins, and the point of registering the birthmark is that it is unusual in the family and can be connected to a family member’s experience, the subject’s past life memory, memories of people who remembered the past life family, and/or birth, medical, or death records.

    I have to agree: Sheesh!