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I have to tell you, this one gave me a shiver. One of my favorite new bloggers is Susan Duclos of ‘Wake Up America’. Susan often finds those needles in the haystack that others miss. This is one of those needles and quite creepy to say the least.

It all started when two boys were playing in their parents room. As they were doing what boys do, they must have accidentally touched a button or lever that released the bookcase, causing it to swing out into the room.

What happens next will start to peak your interest.

Above, we see the bookcase as it usually appears.

Here, we see the bookcase released, exposing the passageway hidden behind it.

Once the bookcase was opened, the boys saw a hidden passageway that led to a secret staircase. Now, things are getting interesting, right?

In the photo above, we can now see the secret passageway.

Spiral staircase leading to….

When the boys climbed down, they made a startling discovery. Hidden inside the walls of the family home was a crawlspace, just big enough for one or two people. And in this crawlspace, they found candy wrappers and banana peels that had come from inside the house, in fact, they boys recognized the wrappers as likely being from their Halloween haul. Worse of all, it wasn’t like these food items were old. No, they were quite fresh.

Someone was living inside the wall spaces of the house!

Crawlspace with food wrappers and a banana peel that looks to be less than a week old.

By now, the boys had gotten their parents and further investigation turned up a few items, such as a key, a ceramic nicknack and a couple of dolls.


Here’s a video on the story uploaded by Susan Duclos:

Police suspect that whoever this intruder is, they have been living in the house, coming out at night to steal food and do who knows what while the family slept. Then during the day, it was either leave or stay holed up in the crawlspace.

The investigation is still pending, but the family was advised to stay elsewhere until the person or persons were apprehended.

Now, that’s the story we are getting and while it’s a good one, there’s just too much missing here. Where did this happen? What was the name of the family? The list of questions could go on and on. I’m just wondering if the whole thing was manufactured by someone who discovered the passageway and decided to create a story around it.

Until I can get more substantial support for this, I’m going to hold back on believing it. Susan put it out there, but she did it much in the same way I am now. At any rate, something like this could actually happen.

Content provided by: Susan Duclos
Visit Susan Here: Wake Up America

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  • Dung Shooken

    Something smells fishy and it isn’t Mrs. Pauls.

    My guess is that this is a safe room, someone was bored and took lots of photos and made up a creepy story. The most questionable and improbable aspect is that the room was only accessible through the bedroom bookcase.

    “..the family was advised to stay elsewhere until the person or persons were apprehended.”

    Yeah, SURE they were (snicker).

  • J Quest

    Checked out her blog. Wow, another hyperpartisan lunatic. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one living in the wall…

  • Archard

    What a spam filled, misery inducing diatribe of pain her page is… good lords! Sounds like she’s lost the plot to me to best honest.
    Cool secret place to go but honestly… maybe just used as a dodgy punishment for wayward children.

  • Dung Shooken

    Agreed. Just the name WakeUpAmerica tells me all I need to know about this delusional hag.

  • Jason Sentelle
  • Happened to a friend of mine, who found out weeks after the fact that his sometimes homeles brother had been living in the garage attic.

  • radioredrafts

    This somehow reminds me of “The People under the Stairs”.

  • nice try

    I have an idea, let’s add a banana peel to make it look more believable. Then people will think that someone has been here recently

  • Leslie

    We eat a lot of bananas in my house and that one looks freshly peeled. As in, no more than 15 minutes ago peeled. Banana peels turn brown really fast. My guess is this was staged. Creepy looking staircase though!