Russian 1969 Roswell Badly Faked

Russian 1969 Roswell Badly Faked

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In 1969 in the state of Sverdlovsky, a UFO was reported to have crashed. It is alleged that a UFO crashed, and was recovered by the Russian military. Video film is shown of the recovery, with close-ups of the UFO itself. There was one dead alien found in the craft. The remains of the alien and the UFO debris was taken to a secure Russian site, where the saucer was analyzed, and an autopsy was done on the alien.

Photo of the crashed craft that brought the small alien to Russia. The reputed event was broadcast on a TNT special, “The Secret UFO Files of the KGB.” The show was hosted by former James Bond movie star Roger Moore. Compelling video and photographic evidence were shown to support the event.

Here is a reported video of the soldiers approaching the crashed vehicle.

They are clearly not the first vehicle to have been on scene as there are a previous set of tracks the lead directly to the site, not at all as if something was placed there off the back of a truck. Of course the video makes a point of showing the guards, and men moving around, rather than getting any kind of close ups of the saucer. There is no apparent displacement of plants, trees or soil as if the object had simply been put there for the purpose of filming it, rather than crashed as we are meant to believe. By 1969, you might expect someone to be wearing hazmat or radiation protection when coming in first contact with alien technology.

Then there is the autopsy. Don’t mind the little bit of repeat on the saucer video.

For a start, I would question why the examiner is using an exact o-knife for this autopsy in place of a scalpel? Then I wonder why the skin separates so easily from the flesh beneath, AND holds the shape of the skeletal structure even when separated. There are surgical tools for holding back the skin when they body cavity is open, even for such plastic looking skin, and what is used in the video is not them. No one is stopping to take still photographs at each stage of this “autopsy” of a supposed alien. The examiner continually puts their hand in the way of seeing what they are actually doing as they remove internal organs that to all appearances have no attachment to any part of the body. The rib cage should be cut and spread open to gain access to what in a human would be heart and lungs rather than blindly poking in there with a pair of bent nose pliers (doing who knows what amount of damage to the organs beneath) in place of any proper surgical tool.

All in all, someone went to a lot of trouble to get a lot of people and costumes for this production. It is a pity they did not pay the same attention to detail to continuity, or accuracy.

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