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In follow up to a previous story, Psychic Rose Marks is sentenced to prison time.

‘Psychic’ who fleeced millions from clients sentenced to 10 years in prison
By Paula McMahon, Sun Sentinel March 3, 2014

Convicted psychic swindler Rose Marks was sentenced to just over 10 years in federal prison Monday for defrauding clients of her family’s fortune-telling businesses out of more than $17.8 million.

“At the time, I didn’t realize what I was doing was wrong,” she said, begging the judge for mercy. “Now, I realize that I caused a lot of hurt and disappointment.”

Didn’t realize you were doing wrong? From just one of the cases of a defrauded client:

Marks tormented her with claims that the child was not in heaven and that Marks could transfer the child’s soul or spirit into the body of another person, reuniting mother and son “to keep him out of the flames,”

You knew you were not providing the service you advertised.
Yes, you knew you were doing wrong.

Victims testified that she convinced them she could swap people’s souls between bodies, prevent a woman from conceiving via in vitro fertilization and even use her psychic powers to prevent the Internal Revenue Service from going after them for taxes.

Marks blamed many of her crimes on alcohol and prescription drug abuse as well as a gambling addiction, all of which she said affected her after her husband and young grandson died.

Pity, as with all psychics, you did not see your own future coming at you. One set of crimes and misdeeds does not absolve you of another. I only hope (though do not suspect) to see more of this sort of conviction against psychics.


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  • The Oshmar

    Every time I see an article about a psychic getting hit with charges I always wait to see if there is the “Didn’t see it coming” joke =D

  • I really should try to restrain myself, but who can resist.

  • IThinkso

    True, they are not The All-Knowing, but the minute shocking information they reveal in their private sessions with individual clients still a mystery for scientific community and strictly forbidden by divines, even if one makes/spends a penny for it, let alone 17.8 million in entertainment.

  • Guest


  • Patrick Abaton

    You only hope to see more psychics convicted and sent to jail? Come on, Mr. Paterson. What about the ones who haven’t broken any laws? Spiritualism is a legally-recognized religion. Many people who practice it don’t take any money for their services, whether that be healing, attempting to convey a message from the living to the dead (or vice versa), answering questions about difficult decisions, or helping people to develop their own psychic abilities. And many ask for a donation but do not turn anyone away for lack of funds. This is similar to the policy of many “legitimate” mainstream churches. You have a right to agree or disagree with their beliefs. The fraud described above is unbelievably offensive. But let’s also take a moment to put some responsibility upon the people who were gullible enough to believe the wild claims made by Rose Marks. I don’t know where she got this stuff, but the things she told her clients she was able to do are not based on the teachings of spiritualism. If you’d done a little more research, you would have known that, but your own bias precluded some honest journalistic elbow grease.

  • A little honest journalistic elbow grease, or scientific elbow grease shows that there are no verifiable claims of psychic ability.
    It is the “grease” of agenda driven beliefs taking the place of objectivity that fosters belief in psychic abilities and opens the door to exploitation by these criminals.

    You ask: “The fraud described above is unbelievably offensive. But let’s also take a moment to put some responsibility upon the people who were gullible enough to believe the wild claims” There is no difference between this and blaming a rape victim for the clothes she was wearing or being a flirt.

    I fully support that “legtimate” churches who practice healing and make other fraudulent, unsubstantiated claims deserve the same fate. Do a
    little research yourself, you will find more than a few “legitimate” churches who do perpetrate the same frauds as Rose Parks.

  • IThinkso

    A verdict can be swayed (Noble Cause Corruption), but not the unworldly lessons learnt, them are for both parties at the same time.