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Story edit:
Thanks to Doubtful News for pointing out that this poltergeist story is nothing more than a hoax.
At the time of posting I couldn’t find much information in regards to Donna Ayres’ claims of poltergeist activity. Watching her videos with more attention, you can easily spot the hoaxer’s mistakes:

Pay close attention to the upper left corner near the 1:55 mark. You clearly see the shadow of a hand pulling the fishing line. Nice try hoaxers, nice try.


Blackpool, England.

When Donna Ayres’ estranged brother passed away in 2009 she began to experience a stream of unnerving occurrences inside her home. At first, Donna started hearing loud banging sounds at night, which escalated to someone or something scratching the walls inside her home. Soon the unexplained annoyances escalated into frightening disturbances of which Donna began to record.

Not knowing what to do, Donna and her partner, Jason Heys, started uploading the disturbances they captured to YouTube. In effort to attract attention and help with their poltergeist activity.

The first video Donna uploaded was supposed to be just an introduction of her plight but ended up being the first piece of evidence she captured:

Chair moved:

“I believe this is happening because death has always followed me, but I have strong suspicions the spirit could be my brother, who died when I was younger.”

Donna had been documenting her experiences for the last three months in a desperate attempt to reach out to others who might be able to help her situation. The videos document the movement of different household items and furnishing – from spoons and cups moving from one place to another to the violent swinging of a chandelier.

Watching the videos on her YouTube channel, one can get a sense of how terrifying her everyday life seems but according to Donna, those are nothing compared to what actually happens when the camera isn’t rolling.

“Probably the worst time was when I was pinned to the bed, I’ll never forget it – it was very traumatic,” Donna said while recalling an incident she experienced that was particularly harrowing.

Donna’s brother Paul passed away in 2009 and a few months after that she started to experience paranormal activities starting with loud bangs and scratches appearing on walls at night. Even after changing residences the paranormal activities continued in every house she lived in and ever since she started recording with her camera phone and posting the videos online, the hauntings became even more common and rampant leading Donna to believe that she has angered the spirit.

When asked why Donna believes her brother is responsible for these eerie activities, “Given the rocky relationship with my brother, I genuinely believe this ghost is haunting me, not just the house which I live in, which is the most terrifying thing,” she said.

The videos have been garnering attention online with both skeptics and believers weighing in on each of the clips. Some have argued that the videos are obvious fakes achieved by moving items with nylon lines but the respected organization of Sefton Paranormal has stated that the footages are all genuine and Donna’s experiences can be classified as Poltergeist activities.

Donna’s answer to naysayers saying her videos are fakes, “It’s hard to get the footage as sometimes the paranormal activity is too quick to film, but I think I’ve done well to catch what I have with a basic camera phone.” –Source: TechTimes

Video of a spoon being moved:

Chandelier rocking back and forth:

What’s interesting about Donna’s claims is the commonality between her circumstances and those of other famous poltergeist cases. The Entity case, The San Pedro Haunting case are both prime examples of a young mother undergoing severe mental and emotional duress. Like Doris Bither in The Entity case, Donna Ayres began to experience the disturbances shortly after the death of someone in her family.

Psychokinesis? Hoax? What’s happening in Blackpool?

Vibrating guitar strings:

Coin in bottle:

  • RednGreen

    Ooooh Javi…. you know I love this stuff. Great post!

    I know these videos could probably easily be faked. As far as the spoon goes, I don’t have any experience in faking this kind of stuff and admittedly know nothing about it but it seems like she would have to do it with strings of some kind. And it would certainly take more than 1 string due to the directions it moved in and how it sometimes would just rock. Seems like it would take multiple strings to pull that off. It was so close to the camera, surely we would have seen them. Perhaps she digitally removed them? It would have helped tremendously if she would have, for example, grabbed the spoon while it was moving around and showed the camera there were no strings attached to it. Maybe someone was manipulating the spoon with crazy strong magnets? I don’t know.

    OR maybe there are things we do not yet fully understand going on here. The coin in the jar was pretty cool. I’m not saying it’s real- I’m not saying it’s fake. None of us were there so all we can do is guess.

    These are great videos nonetheless and if they are real, I feel bad for her. Seems like it would be miserable to deal with day in and day out. If they are fake, she’s great at what she does!

  • It’s been discussed as a fake for a few days now. Even before this post. So, I’m wondering why it’s still being promoted without any skepticism.

  • ghosttheory

    Thanks Sharon. I made the corrections.

  • foolsnomore

    She has been debunked and confessed to them being faked using thread/string before all this went worldwide news …however she now claims to say that they are now real but also says for entertainment purposes only on youtube LOL shes a fake and a con artist

  • Tomspy77

    Wow…I recall trying to debunk this and getting crap for it on some FB para group or another last year, made worse once the convo somehow involved I write about this stuff myself. Anyway, point is I called the string as I thought I could barely see one in one the videos and this lady in those videos or whoever was posting on that FB account was telling me that she assures me it was real and it was evil and all the ‘tin foil hat’ wearing ppl who wanted to belive ganged up on me, besides a few souls who saw I was just trying to be critical as well as open minded. Left it alone as people were so bitchy and hateful but glad to see they debunked it further on…

    I believe the woman posting that night was the same one from the FB confession posted below in the comments because the internet/texting writing style and grammar she is using was exactly the same in both…

  • Strong lady

    Ive never said I use string I said I stopped them cause of bullying I don’t get y u r so arsed abt me posting this if u don’t like them don’t watch I posted a new one I have been through sumet I just can’t exsplain n ppl need the hope there is sumet n I now know there is but ive encounterd sumet that’s evil u eaither exsept that or don’t sorry but I don’t want to hurt anyone n don’t know what y problem is tbh

  • anon mous

    FAKE FAKE FAKE… Donna Ayres is Well known in Blackpool for her constant lies/making things up. She will do anything to try & earn more money, on top of her benefits. Be that claiming a poltergeist so she can try & sell the story to newspapers, magazines etc… getting free clothing, household goods etc to sell on for profit. Or as shown here breeding an underage dog, selling the puppies on early (to make a profit as soon as possible) then abandoning the parents on the streets. Do not believe anything she comes out with