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The video below shows a mother and her 4-year-old daughter laughing and playing in front of a computer camera. They begin to talk about grandma and great-grandma when towards the end of the video the little girl says something shocking. Watch the mother’s reaction towards the end of the clip when her daughter tells her that she has a message from her great-grandmother who “went to heaven” at the age of 93.

This was posted on Facebook by Jaime Primak Sullivan, the mother of the little girl. She had this to say:

I am freaking out – I can’t even find words. I don’t know what to think or say or do- there is no way Charlie could know this. My grandmother called me this name growing up- there is NO WAY Charlie could know. I am shaking.

There are two ways these type of stories go. One way is that this video will be exposed as a hoax by either the uploader or by someone else on the inside of the hoax. The other way is that the child might have overheard her mother in a conversation in which she mentions the nickname (Jamie-la? Jamilia?) her great-grandmother gave her.

However many will argue that there is a third possibility to these types of stories. That somehow the child has made contact with the deceased, therefore able to know the smallest and most intimate of details of their mother’s life. This is a paranormal possibility that many, including myself, have often seen or heard happen to family members.

The notion that children are closer to the other side therefore can communicate with the dead is nothing new. These are stories that we’ve all heard from the beginning of time to our current digital age where we have the capabilities of capturing these moments and sharing them with the world to see.

The truth is out there.

  • RednGreen

    I have a 2 1/2 year old.
    I await the day she starts saying creepy stuff.
    Naturally, I will be reporting to GT!

    And… inevitably call a liar. But *shrug*

  • ghosttheory
  • RednGreen

    I’m hoping for something a little more mild like past life memories. I can do without other-worldly infestations.

  • Critter

    I have a feeling that this whole thing was staged. The expression on the little girl is both mischievious and proud that she remembered her lines. The Mom in video is a reality star of the Bravo TV show, Jersey Belle. She’s also CEO of her own celebrity event planning, marketing, promotions and public relations firm. This is sad if she’s just using her little girl to keep her name out there.

  • Critter

    Also forgot… her company is currently working with Relativity Media to produce an upcoming horror film. I bet this video is the start of a viral marketing campaign.

  • SeanMcCuen

    bullshit. mommy is a fraud.

  • Joe Anthony

    My daughter has called me names, that there was no way she could knew my dad called me.