The Bible, Homer’s Iliad, and many other ancient books have included stories of blood raining down from the sky. These stories are usually a warning of some impending apocalypse, or an angry god’s disapproval. Whatever the moral of the story is, the fact remains that ‘red rains’ are a naturally observed phenomenon that has been happening around the world for ages. These blood rains have been found time and time again to be some sort of red colored aerial spores of some type of microalgae that get picked up and pushed around by clouds and crazy winds.

Fine, cool, whatever.

However there exists another claim of blood raining. This time however, the blood itself is seeping out of walls, floors, or cupboards around a house. The sudden appearance or materialization of human blood plasma has been recorded in a small handful of paranormal cases. One of the most well known of them was the Jackie Hernandez case, or the San Pedro Haunting. A case in which a young mother was accosted in her own home by unseen forces. There also exists another well known case dubbed ‘The Bleeding House‘, in which yet again the sudden appearance of blood remains unexplained.The following story was sent to my from somebody who works for the Los Angeles Police Department. I was only allowed to post it here if I omitted certain names.


“In the early 1990’s, I was a young police officer with the LAPD working North Hollywood Division.  We received a radio call, in a small but nice apartment complex.  An elderly man called his apartment manager because his apartment was bleeding.  My partner & I met the manager outside, who seemed truly bewildered. I entered the apartment and met the elderly gentleman, seated with considerable blood on the carpet and some on the walls, leading into an adjacent room.  It looked like a crime scene and I treated it as such.


A large splotch had a unique bubbling effect that drew my attention, but other than that, it looked many many other scenes I’ve seen, consistent with movement of a bleeding person in panic.


Long story short, I called in additional units, a supervisor and an an ambulance.  We searched complex, streets and alleyway.  We searched the second story (floor above) and small crawlspace under the apartment and could find nothing. Not a drop of blood beyond the interior of the apartment.  We interviewed everybody around, no one heard or saw anything and they were all believable.


The elderly man said he was seated in the same chair I found him in when I entered the apartment and inexplicably the walls and carpet just began bleeding before his eyes.  I had the LAFD check him completely and he was not bleeding.  I evaluated him for a “5150 H&S” mental hold, and we had no cause to take him into custody.


The manager said the elderly man called him and gave him the same strange story he gave me.  The manager did his own investigation, looking around and found nothing.  He got a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and poured it on the red substance which immediately began to bubble.  To the manager, that meant blood, he called us and that explained the one anomaly I observed.


The supervisor was old sergeant, who called the Watch Commander out of my ability to hear.  He broke down the scene and sent us back out to handle radio calls.


A paper trail of this will still exist, we do a Daily Field Activities Report for every shift, the Sergeant does a Daily Log and the Watch Commander also does a daily report.  I can’t remember the date, exact location.  I always wished I had a different Sergeant respond that would given me the ability for stay longer, take samples or have detectives respond.


I’m still on the LAPD, never seen anything else like it.  I don’t believe in the supernatural but when I heard about the Atlanta House, it sparked my memory.  The LAPD has changed exponentially since this incident and no Sergeant or Watch Commander would break down a possible assault scene without further investigation.  I would not want my Department to be looked upon for not doing enough, even back then.

Truly, we had a lot of cops trying to figure this out at that moment, I guess the supervisor thought it a hoax and maybe he was right.  I objected, he ordered the clearing of the scene and that was that.  The Sergeant and Watch Commander Logs may have further information.  He was under no obligation to inform me of what the Watch Commander said and offered no rationale for clearing the scene.


My mind is open if you have further insight.  What do you know know about inexplicable bleeding dwellings?”

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