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  • New Nessie Proof… Fail!

    New Nessie Proof… Fail!5

    I dropped the ball on bringing you this story when it was news, but now have the opportunity to redeem myself to bring you the follow up, or the cover up depending on your perspective. According to the August 3, Daily Mail Online: ‘The most convincing Nessie photograph ever’: Skipper claims to have finally found

  • DailyMail’s “Alien Aircraft” Photos

    DailyMail’s “Alien Aircraft” Photos7

            The photo above is what’s being passed around as “Alien aircraft” over at the DailyMail UK. Without going into any photo-analysis, I can tell you right away what these objects are. I’ve seen the same hoax perpetrated on some online forums. What the DailyMail posted up were photographs of the reflections

  • ‘Alien’ Filmed In Brazil Rainforest?

    ‘Alien’ Filmed In Brazil Rainforest?52

      With several thousand different species that thrive in a Brazilian rainforest, here is one more to add to the list. An “alien” was supposedly caught on film in the forests of Manaus, Brazil. According to several of the major online news sites like The Sun and the Daily Mail –both these sites misspelled Manaus–,


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