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    Will Butt

    I am a writer, aspiring documentary filmmaker and paranormal investigator. You can follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/theburiedtruth

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  • More UFOs Over China On The Way11

    Maitreya Rael is a former race car driver who in 1973 and 1975 claims to have met with aliens.  According to him there are more UFOs on the way to China because China is apparently the greatest country in the world.  The article below is an interesting read and his website is a good read

  • Gates Of Hell On History44

    On Aug 17 at 8pm ET History Channel is premiering a documentary called the Gates of Hell.  I couldn’t find a whole lot about it expect a couple of quick write ups and some commercials while I was watching Pawn Stars tonight.  My guess is a group of explorers will go in search of the

  • Stay Overnight at a Haunted Fort5

    The Quarters at Presidio La Bahia is located just outside Goliad, TX.  It was the scene of one of the most horrifying acts during the Texas Revolution.  Following the surrender of 342 Texans General De Santa Anna ordered the massacre of all the Texan soldiers.  There is certainly a good amount of dark history that

  • Field of Screams: The Haunted Tales of Baseball4

    I am new here to the Ghost Theory family, so not a lot of you know me yet.  If there is one thing you will find out about me is that I am a huge baseball fan.  The paranormal and baseball are the two top interests in my life and here is the perfect book


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