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A Flying Horse In West Virginia

January 17, 2018 – 11:51 PM | 2,276 views

In July of 1878 the New York Times wrote an article titled “What a West Virginia Farmer Saw.” The article talked about a telegram that had come from a small town in Parkersburg, West Virginia …

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Bob Lazar 25 Years Later

May 15, 2014 – 5:51 AM | 9 Comments | 7,881 views

He really has nothing more to say than he ever has, except for a little bit of back peddling.

Even compulsive conspiracy believer Stanton Friedman can’t get behind Lazar. I am not certain whether that discredits …

Area 51 Files Released

November 1, 2013 – 6:47 AM | 2,645 views

In a move typical of governments everywhere, the US Government finally acknowledged what anyone with Google Earth has known for years, and everyone else has known for decades. There is a flight research facility outside …

UFO Fuel: Element 115

August 28, 2013 – 5:24 AM | 12 Comments | 39,124 views

For those versed in the wacko fringe of UFOs (and yes, even within the fringe belief of UFOs there is a contingent so far out there as to be referred to as the wacko fringe …

CIA Fesses Up Regarding ‘Area 51’

August 16, 2013 – 7:37 AM | 11 Comments | 2,222 views

This patch of Nevada desert goes by many names: Groom Lake, Dreamland, Paradise Ranch and one or two other monikers. However, those in the conspiracy arena have always preferred “Area 51” and the mystique associated …

Friday Video: David Adair – Amazing American Or Beguiling Blowhard?

October 12, 2012 – 6:21 AM | 21 Comments | 7,364 views

It was the late 60s and all over America people were getting excited about space. However, one young man in particular stood out from the rest and no, I’m not talking about Homer Hickam. …

Las Vegas UFO Lecture: The Military & UFOs

September 2, 2012 – 9:08 AM | 14 Comments | 1,694 views

I think I may finally have a reason to take the three hour drive up to Las Vegas. And it’s not for some degenerate weekend getaway. Well maybe.
The National Atomic Testing Museum –affiliated with the Smithsonian …

Bone Chilling Things Happening In Roswell

July 12, 2012 – 10:44 AM | 15 Comments | 4,230 views

This comes to us from Lon over at Phantoms & Monsters. From time to time Lon gets mail from people who have experienced some pretty incredible things.
When I read this one, it seemed fairly freaky …

New ‘Area 51’ Book Claims Stalin Behind Roswell UFO

May 19, 2011 – 4:07 AM | 27 Comments | 13,061 views

Annie Jacobsen recently released a book entitled ‘Area 51’. The book is creating a lot of buzz because in the book, Jacobsen reports that the infamous Roswell UFO crash wasn’t a UFO, but a spy …

Captured Alien & UFO Crash Video Real?

May 9, 2011 – 11:49 AM | 133 Comments | 18,451 views

I’ve received several emails about the following videos that are circling Facebook and the rest of the web. Apparently, the videos are so convincing that many of the people who forwarded me these videos are …

L.A. Times reporter interviews former Area 51 officials

April 7, 2009 – 9:33 AM | 3 Comments | 2,971 views

After decades of denying the facility’s existence, five former insiders speak out. Photo and article: LA Times

Conspiracy theories. They are entertaining and amusing. The “granddaddy” of them all being Area51.
I don’t think that we …