• Friday Video: Sightings “Entity case”11

    • September 4, 2009

    Quick update about today’s video and server issues CreepyLA blog posted an event for a screening of “The Entity” movie at midnight this Saturday the 5th 2009. If you live in or around L.A., this will be a midnight showing at the New Beverly Cinema. $7 at the door. I might try to make it

  • “The Entity” haunting: The true story of Doris Bither

    “The Entity” haunting: The true story of Doris Bither451

    • September 21, 2008

      *Note:  Click here for A more recent article written by Dr. Barry Taff & Xavier Ortega:  ‘The real Entity case‘   The following article is unedited and outdated. Click above for a more recent story. The investigation on August 22, 1974, in Culver City California was to be like any other one Dr. Barry


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