• Dead Bigfoot: Portrait Of A Sociopath?

    Dead Bigfoot: Portrait Of A Sociopath?27

    • December 12, 2013

    When I turned 12 many moons ago, it was near the start of buck season in NWPA. Growing up in a small rural town surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest, I’d spent much of my youth tramping through the woods, exploring and dreaming. I already knew much about the outdoors and could identify most every

  • Are These The Tracks Of A Crypto Creature?

    Are These The Tracks Of A Crypto Creature?9

    • July 23, 2013

    Well, it’s been a busy year for giant hairy cryptids. From Sasquatch Ontario to the recent Blue Ridge Bigfoot pursuit. With all this apparent cryptid news flooding the interwebs, you may wonder why these stories have been conspicuously absent from GT’s pages? The plain truth is, we don’t believe them. In fact, we have been

  • Human Head Transplant Now Possible Says Surgeon

    Human Head Transplant Now Possible Says Surgeon2

    • July 2, 2013

    In circles frequented by Mary Shelley and her husband Percy, galvanism was strangely enough, a popular topic of conversation. So immersed was Mary that her nightly dreams spawned the now classic book, “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus”. Was this group of friends that also included Lord Byron actually of the mindset described and played out

  • Video: “Night Stalker” Terrorizes Family

    Video: “Night Stalker” Terrorizes Family12

    • September 26, 2012

    When I do my rounds I usually stop by Youtube and throw in some keywords to see what’s current. Today, I found a new video that seems somewhat interesting, so I thought our readers would enjoy debating about it. Recently a family in the Four Corners area of New Mexico contacted JC Johnson of Crypto

  • Woman Allegedly Gives Birth To Horse19

    • September 17, 2012

    Alright people, I don’t make em up, I just report em! Of all the bizarre claims I’ve ever come across in my 20 years here at GT, this has to be top three on the list. According to a story in the Nigerian Tribune, a woman gave birth to a horse during a service at

  • Real Monster: Giant Crocodile Captured in Philippines

    Real Monster: Giant Crocodile Captured in Philippines7

    • September 5, 2011

    Among the fables and the exhaustive efforts to prove the existence of mysterious monsters comes this story of a real life giant creature. After three weeks of hunting, villagers along a creek in Bunawan township in Agusan del Sur province have captured one of the largest salt water crocodiles ever. This 21 foot long mammoth

  • Friday Video: Ed Wood’s *Bride Of The Monster*

    Friday Video: Ed Wood’s *Bride Of The Monster*0

    • September 2, 2011

    If you were asked the question: What is the worst Sci Fi/Horror movie in the history of cinema, I’m sure that 80% would answer with Ed Wood’s, Plan 9 From Outer Space. Well, that’s not our Friday Video this week. However, the eccentric Ed Wood made plenty of bad movies for our enjoyment. In fact,

  • Minnesota “Mystery Roadkill”

    Minnesota “Mystery Roadkill”18

    • August 6, 2011

    The people in Alexandria, Minnesota are talking. They’re huddling together in coffee shops and department stores in tight groups in which whispers of “monster” and “mutant beast” can be heard around them. Whatever lays dead on the local highway is not a known creature, in fact, it looks mutated. With five long claws, a crown

  • Are These The Remains Of A Chupacabra?15

    • April 27, 2011

    Chilean workers believe to have unearthed the bones of a Chupacabras In the city of Pucón, Chile, workers were stopped dead in their tracks as they accidentally dug up a bizarre skeleton. The remains are said to be out of this world. Described as having a cat-like head and the tail of a rat, the

  • ‘Shape-shifting Monster’ Terrorizes South African Town24

    • April 26, 2011

    A South African town is being plagued by reports of a ‘shape-shifting monster’ according to News24. The town of Karoo has had many reports filed to its police department about sightings of a creature who at times changes from a man, to a pig and to a bat. I’m not joking, the police are looking

  • Amazing Footage Overlooked?29

    • April 11, 2011

    Yes, once again, here I am on an excursion for a suitable GT article. I had gone thru the usual CGI’s, Jokes and just plain waste of time videos when I came across this Youtube upload from last month. It got fewer than 2500 hits which is a terrible shame in my opinion because I

  • Is this Thermal Footage of Bigfoot?21

    • April 6, 2011

    Here I am just looking for subjects for an article when I happened upon this guy on Youtube who seems to be a real Bigfoot fan. So much so that he has started his own Bigfoot research organization and has been at it since 1992. Tim Stover is his name and his organization is known


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