• Reality Paranormal Television & Parapsychology18

    • November 1, 2010

    Vinnie Rotondaro wrote an interesting piece on Salon.com titled: ‘Why real-life ghost hunters hate “Ghost Hunters“‘. He touches on the topic of reality paranormal television and its negative influence in the study of parapsychology. Something we here at GT have always proclaimed. ‘Investigations always take place at night (Why would ghosts come out only then?

  • Paranormal State’s ‘Jersey Devil’: Deer, Devil Or Hoax?82

    • February 11, 2010

    OK, so I swore that I wouldn’t do any more ‘Paranormal State’ posts here on GhostTheory; but this was too good to pass up. ‘Paranormal State’ wrapped up their season finale with an episode that dealt with Cryptozoology. The PRS team decided to investigate the well known legend of the “Jersey Devil”. Emphasis on legend.

  • ‘Paranormal State’ client: still haunted6

    • May 20, 2009

    Viki Vandiver stands at the side door into her house on Fifth Street NW Tribune photo by David Moore Funny how I just wrote in an interview a few days ago about the problems of ghost investigations and the aftermath it leaves on the victims, and this report on the trouble a client from “Paranormal

  • Editorial reply: Paranormal State and Chip Coffey83

    • November 29, 2008

    I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail due to the article that I posted here in GhostTheory about the Paranormal state letter from a former client of theirs. You can read the article Here. Now, I want to dispel some misconceptions about that post. I did not write the letter in question. I am

  • Paranormal State – Caught faking entire show

    Paranormal State – Caught faking entire show1742

    • November 4, 2008

    Caught in a web of lies… So it seems that one of the clients for the “PRS” (Paranormal State) team has come up to expose the PRS team as hoaxers. I’ve written a few articles in the past about how horrible this show really is, and the damage that it inflicts onto the paranormal society.

  • “Paranormal State” to help in homicide case: UPDATED40

    • September 17, 2008

    Executive producer of Paranormal State Al LaGarde, said “It’s not that we feel that we can come and solve a murder,but we thought we could come and help this family.” PRS lends a hand at trying to solve one of Ohio’s cold case files. The death of Connie and Ron Collins. Both of their bodies

  • Paranormal State (Comatose State)2

    • March 26, 2008

    In an obvious attempt at trying to cash in on the new surge of paranormal interest, A&E has developed a reality type show with the “Penn State Paranormal Research Society” or P.R.S. In a more obvious attempt on cashing in on the paranormal is the P.R.S. In the beginning, the P.R.S were a group of


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