• The Mysterious Appearance of Peter Bergmann

    The Mysterious Appearance of Peter Bergmann7

    • December 16, 2015

      In 2009 a man arrived at the seaport town of Sligo, Ireland. He was an elderly man with graying hair, thin-framed prescription glasses, and a black leathered jacket. He appeared peacefully lost in the little footage that would be taken of the visiting stranger from CCTV cameras around the town center. For the next

  • Face In Clouds A Harbinger Of Death?

    Face In Clouds A Harbinger Of Death?5

    • February 10, 2012

    Here’s a definite case of pareidolia but could it be more than that? Lismore, Australia’s Marion Dawson would tell you yes. Apparently a photo of a cloud taken on January 9th depicts the face of Marion’s brother Gerry. You might be saying: OK yea, that’s cool, the cloud looks like the guy, so what? Well,


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