Evidence Shows That “Hobbits” Were A Separate Species

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I first heard of Homo floresiensis in 2003, while attending an anthropology class in college. The professor was so excited, she couldn’t even teach the class. We spent a few days talking about the “Hobbit” and what it meant for the theory of evolution. Now, there’s new research that points to Homo floresiensis being a […]

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South Carolina Man Reports ‘Missing Time’

Posted on Jan 14, 2013 in Headline | 10 comments

The following was MUFON report was posted on the Examiner website by Roger Marsh. The victim to these strange incidents could not account for more than two hours of missing time on the morning on January 13th, 2013 Original MUFON report: Here Full article by Roger Marsh: Here   “This is not a UFO sighting, […]

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Petition to Protect Bigfoot

Posted on Jan 13, 2013 in Conspiracies | 7 comments

For anyone who would like to sign up you con go to Petitions.Whitehouse.Gov/petition/officially-recognize-sasquatch And this is all simply my opinion, but I hope it is not terribly uninformed, or ill conceived. Despite the fact that I contribute to a blog based in treating many issues of the unexplained with healthy skepticism (and at times outright […]

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Unknown Destination

Posted on Jan 12, 2013 in Headline | 3 comments

James Burne Worson was a shoemaker who lived in Leamington, Warwickshire, England. He had a little shop in one of the by-ways leading off the road to Warwick. In his humble sphere he was esteemed an honest man, although like many of his class in English towns he was somewhat addicted to drink. When in […]

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Snow Circles

Snow Circles

Posted on Jan 11, 2013 in Conspiracies | one comment

Crop Circles are a well known rural occurrence in the summer growing season months, but what is a juvenile, OCD alien to do in the long cold winter months? Perhaps Greg Newkirk over at Who Forted has found the answer for us. Thanks to the film Signs, most people, even those without interests into the […]

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Freakish Weather Down Under

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In a scene that would not be out of place in almost any movie script that takes place on an alien planet, Australia’s weather has put on a display that raises eyebrows even in meteorological circles. According to The Weather Channel website Western Australians witnessed a freakish dust storm off the coast of Onslow on […]

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Psychics 2013

Posted on Jan 10, 2013 in Headline | 2 comments

The psychic community is always out there offering up helpful hints about the coming year. Many have published lists so we can check them on their accuracy. Here is just a sampling. According to the Bangor Daily News Vicki Monroe has this to offer: In Politics • Congress will reach a compromise to avert the […]

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Indianapolis Booms: Strange Lights & Explosions

Posted on Jan 10, 2013 in Headline | 12 comments

There are several online reports of a series of strange events that have been transpiring above the Indianapolis skies. Lights and loud explosions have been frightening residents for the last few days and nobody is coming forward with an explanation. An alleged video shot during the moment when one of these thunderous explosions were heard […]

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Christchurch Police Haunted By Poltergeist

Posted on Jan 9, 2013 in Headline | 3 comments

Near Christchurch, New Zealand, the police station in the Hornsby district has been plagued by poltergeist noises for the past two decades. There’s been no explanations for the disembodied footsteps heard shuffling around in the second floor or in the hallways, nor has there been a proper explanation for the lights that flicker on or […]

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A computer generated image of a near Earth asteroid

Nibiru? No. Apophis?

Posted on Jan 8, 2013 in Featured | 4 comments

I have posted several stories on End of the World scenarios. Mostly they are amusing fantasy or disturbing portrayals of abnormal human psychology. Sometimes there are true threats that must be monitored closely as Javier reported in 2011, and while Apophis is not a world ender, it is certainly a potential world changer. I will […]

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Aliens From Earth: Deep Sea

Posted on Jan 8, 2013 in crypto | one comment

Among the thoughts that ran through my head when I saw this video was the possibility that some form of alien life had found its way, or been planted into the deep ocean. There have been plenty of ocean going alien movies, and the numerous reports of UFOs entering and leaving the water, so why […]

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Posted on Jan 7, 2013 in Conspiracies | 9 comments

Yup, it’s a real word. If it is a real phenomenon is another matter. I was watching the relatively new psychological thriller “Red Lights” the other night, and was reminded of a phenomenon of the psychic world that I have not seen addressed very much recently. Thoughtography was once a popular performance of psychic phenomena. […]

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Mars Flower detail

Mystery Flower On Mars

Posted on Jan 6, 2013 in ancient archeology | 5 comments

Mysterious picture taken by the Mars Curiosity rover has more than a few people scratching their rocket scientist heads. Some are calling the object a flower. Analysis has determined that this is not a piece of the rover itself, as has been the case in the past, and is attached to the rock rather than […]

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Security Camera Captures ‘Landed Disc’ UFO

Posted on Jan 5, 2013 in Headline | 14 comments

Cotulla, Texas. A security camera from an oil company is said to have captured a “disk-like” UFO, hovering inches from the ground. I picked up Roger Marsh’s report on this and ended up at MUFON’s website. The report submitted to MUFON’s online incident database contained a brief introduction and a still from a digital recording. […]

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UFO Experience From Air Traffic Controller In The 90s

Posted on Jan 5, 2013 in Conspiracies | 2 comments

On Reddit’s ‘I am A ___ Ask Me Anything‘ section someone had posted a thread saying that they work as an Air Traffic Controller and would take random questions from the public. Questions from Air Force One to job stress made it to the top. Eventually the subject of UFOs came up and the thread […]

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Poltergeists: Is It An Economic Thing?

Posted on Jan 4, 2013 in Audio | no responses

The lack of proper controls, repeatability, and tangible results is what makes many scientists ignore Psychokinesis. However there exists a handful of scientists and researchers that believe in the existence of psychokinetic events, or the ability to influence the environment around us simply with our mind. It’s that belief that intertwines and propels forward the […]

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So, Did They Really Capture Bigfoot?

Posted on Jan 3, 2013 in crypto | 6 comments

So who is the Quantra Group? We know that a few days after the new year a leaked email message was sent to an ex-member of the Bigfoot hunting group, Ed Smith. From what we know, this was an accidental leak. The message contained the phrase “Daisy is in the box”. Which according to Smith […]

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UFO Explodes over Sacramento

Posted on Jan 3, 2013 in Headline | 6 comments

Fireworks to ring in the New Year seems to be a growing tradition in the US. Apparently it is a growing tradition among ETs as well, as we can see in this video from CBS affiliate Channel 13 in Sacramento. Wait just one silky slipper picking second, did they say he consulted the Vatican? Is […]

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E A Poe

Poe Toaster: An End To An Era

Posted on Jan 2, 2013 in Follow up | 5 comments

What could befit both the celebration of a man’s life, and remembrance of his death in more appropriate fashion than the long running tradition of the “Poe Toaster?” Though this story is a year old, it was sad news to me as I was reading up on events to bring to GT readers. Poe has […]

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Deep Creek Bigfoot Video

Posted on Jan 1, 2013 in crypto | 10 comments

Here’s a breakdown of the ‘Deep Creek Bigfoot’ video that has been going around the web. Bigfoot Evidence once again posts this excellent breakdown:

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Presidents and UFOs

Posted on Dec 31, 2012 in Conspiracies | 3 comments

E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, One is what it says on the Seal of the President of the United States of America. Traditionally the phrase is meant to express that out of the many colonies that formed the nascent new country a single nation was born. In a more modern context it could be […]

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Overlook Hotel: Kubrick’s Mind Tricks On You

Posted on Dec 29, 2012 in Headline | 6 comments

In 1980 Stanley Kubrick released one of the most recognized psychological thrillers of all time. Kubrick’s interpretation of The Shining (One of Stephen King’s bestsellers) is nothing less than a masterpiece on film. Kubrick does a phenomenal job in extracting the underlying fears in King’s novel and conceptualizing scenes to describe what the characters felt. […]

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