Australian Poltergeist Video

GT reader David S. contacted us about a “ghost hunter” from Queensland Australia who is said to have captured some compelling evidence of poltergeist activity.

NQGHOSTHUNTER is the ghost hunter’s username on YouTube. His videos show some interesting and clear shots of objects being tossed around and moved by unseen forces….or strings.

Check out the first clip. In this clip, we see lights being flicked on and off and some basic object movement:

The following footage shows real poltergeist activity caught on film in Queensland Australia. I decided to use two cameras while filming last night to try and capture a couple of different angles of the poltergeist/entity activity.

Here in clip #2 the ghost hunter claims to have captured some ghostly image right behind him:

I was down trying to film poltergeist activity as I do most nights, and I thought I didn’t get any footage of the entity until the next day when I looked at the footage. I could not believe what I saw. It is a bit creepy to think that this poltergeist or ghost or whatever it is was standing right behind me. Now I know what the chill on the back of my neck was.

Here in this final clip, he has the “ghost” tip over a bucket (after 14 hours of filming). using two cameras to capture every angle to show that there is no trickery involved:

I have had a few requests to try and get the poltergeist to move something and for me to immediately go and pick up the object to prove that there is no strings attached to the object being moved. It was further suggested that I use a bucket of water as apparently it is hard to replicate water splashing with special effects. So what you are about to see took about 14 hours of filming over a number of nights moving the bucket around each night to try and get the poltergeist to move it. Last night it worked. Although even though I captured this on two separate cameras I am sure the hard core skeptics will come up with a new reason how I am faking my videos.

What do you guys make of this?

I remain skeptical of the claims until a controlled experiment can be done on the grounds with a scientific team.