Hyde Park, Ca. Haunting – by Dr. Barry Taff

One of the most fascinating cases in my files turned up in the Hyde Park district near Inglewood during the summer of 1970. It was the first case where I encountered direct malevolent phenomena. The case actually began months earlier when the two elderly occupants of the house, a retired husband and wife, Dompu and Rafougio, were killed in an auto accident. After their death, neighbors witnessed the deceased occupants doing various chores around the house. They called the grandson, Dwayne, who then contacted me to investigate the matter.

Phenomena began with Dompu and Rafougio’s apparitional appearances in and around the house. Many of the neighbors who did not even know that the occupants had died, continued seeing them doing various work about the house as if nothing had changed. It was not uncommon for the neighbors to observe their ghostly next door tenants taking out the garbage, cutting the shrubs or mowing the lawn!

On several occasions, individuals present in the house saw various objects being flung about or float through the air. Doors and windows opened and closed, and the sounds of a man walking about the house was heard.

There was one particular display case or breakfront, that for some unknown reason, remained dust free in a house unoccupied for more than nine months, as if it was being dusted and polished daily. Virtually every other piece of furniture in the house was heavily laden with a thick layer of dust as the house had not been maintained during its vacancy.

A number of my associates and I gathered at the house in an attempt to observe and hopefully stimulate some events. In the hope of the latter, a seance was conducted. The results were quite startling.

During the course of the seance, not much really transpired. The only thing of note was that I heard some strange sounds emanating from a bathroom that did not have any running water or electricity as they had been turned off long ago. Once the seance was concluded, primarily from boredom, I decided to check out the bathroom in question. Although absolutely nothing out of the ordinary was discovered, it was an act I would later live to regret, barely.

Upon re-entering the central foyer where the seance had been held, I saw a strange, stocky, gray-haired man in the opposing doorway, someone who definitely was not part of our group. He was clothed in khaki colored slacks and a pastel colored shirt. Before I could ask who this unknown man was, he lunged in my direction and began strangling me as he yelled, “This is my house, get out!”

Initially thinking this was some type of sick joke, I simply tried to dislodge myself from his powerful grip. As this proved impossible, and his grasp tightened, I employed some of my martial arts training and attempted to break his arms off from around my neck.

To my astonishment, my arms were repelled as if hitting solid steel (and no, he did not have an “S” on his chest). I then kneed him in the groin, hard. There was absolutely no effect. Suddenly, this brawny man literally picked me up like a rag doll and threw me into the bathtub in the bathroom directly behind me. Temporarily stunned, I was unable to jump out of the tub.

My next recollection was of laying face up in the bathtub with this immense man on top of me continuing his attempt to choke the life out of me. As he maintained his death grip, with his large, bulging, blood-shot eyes fixated on me, he began tearing my jacket and shirt as he shouted, “Get out of this house, this is my house!”

I was fighting a losing battle as I was vastly overpowered by a seemingly supernormal force. The other participants in the seance all witnessed the attack. Not exactly expecting this sort of activity, they were shocked and momentarily taken aback not knowing what to think or how to respond. Fortunately, it did not take much longer for the six other men witnessing the event to rush to my aid as there was a clear and present danger to my life. It took several minutes for these six men to physically dislodge and drag the attacker from on top of me. A struggle ensued, and the assailant was eventually rendered unconscious by the blows received, at which point he hit the floor with a loud thud. His huge body began convulsing in seizures resembling those of epilepsy.

As I was helped up from the tub, I looked down and beheld a sight that if not for the presence of more than ten witnesses, I would never feel comfortable repeating. The image of the large man who attacked me slowly dissolved and metamorphasized into that of a much younger and smaller stature individual.

What now lay before us on the bathroom floor was the prone form of a 29 year old man with dark hair and of average build — it was Dwayne, the grandson! We immediately attended to him as he appeared all but dead. After he was roused, he had no recollection of how or why he came to be lying on the bathroom floor. He was in great pain from the bruises on his body that were the ones originally delivered to the elderly man everyone saw strangling me. The last thing Dwayne remembered was being in the kitchen and hearing a voice say, “Get out of my house.”

When Dwayne was told what had just transpired, he could not believe it. After we described the appearance of the elderly man who attacked me, Dwayne finally got to his feet and went to the bedroom where he rummaged through a dresser drawer from which he withdrew a picture. The picture was of his deceased grandfather, presumably the same one haunting the house with his wife.

To our collective astonishment, the image of Dwayne’s grandfather in the photograph was identical to the man who had just attacked and attempted to strangle me. Yet, other than Dwayne, no other person at the house knew what his grandfather looked like prior to this point in time.

Is this a simple case wherein the discarnate entity or consciousness of Dwayne’s grandfather “possessed” his grandson to such a degree that we actually visually observed the image of that man, or was something even stranger occurring?

To make matters more difficult was the perception of the witnesses. All six male friends who came to my assistance agreed in their description of the assailant. However, the other seance attendees, all women, did not see the same apparition. Instead, they all saw Dwayne himself physically engage me in battle, not the larger apparitional image of the grandfather. No further comment here except that the subjectivity regarding this type of perception is always of concern and makes one wonder what is really going on here.

I vividly recall the attack as if it were yesterday and I do not remember seeing the face of Dwayne during the scuffle. For the most part, the attack broke up the evening, sending Dwayne and his friend home, along with several members of our group. However, a number of us decided to remain behind and attempt to once again catalyze something within this anything but dormant house.

During the course of attempting to conduct another seance, with only the light of a candle on an otherwise empty wooden bookshelf, my associate’s brother began acting peculiarly. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, he started ranting and raving before violently attacking me. While he did not physically change in appearance, he did appear to be in some kind of altered, trance-like state. Unlike the previous attack, this onslaught was immediately halted by a quick punch to the jaw that rendered the young man unconscious.

While attending to this man’s condition, the burning candle moved itself down the shelf in several distinct bursts of motion and eventually landed on the floor where it caught the rug beneath it on fire. It was at this point that we all decided that perhaps discretion, in this case, was indeed the better part of valor. We abruptly left.

The following day I received a phone call from one of the neighbors to the house. He claimed to have heard loud smashing noises and observed strange lights emanating from the house after we left.

Upon our return to the house the next evening, we observed that all the furniture, except for the well-dusted breakfront, had been thrown down to the floor and partially destroyed. There was a great deal of broken glass throughout the house and almost every drawer was pulled out and thrown on the floor. Yet both the front and rear doors were still locked and there was no sign of forced entry or burglary. The house looked as is if a tornado had ripped through it, a paranormal tornado. During our examination of the wrecked house I observed a large cuckoo clock jump off the wall.

Eventually, the house was put up for sale and our ability to further investigate the case ended because the realty company was not pleased with the possible adverse publicity resulting from our investigation.

Since the fall of 1971, numerous families has lived in this average looking house. In fact, almost every ethnicity has at one point occupied the residence. There have been Asian, Hispanic, African-American as well as white families taking up residency. While none of the owners/renters knew of its sordid background, almost all of them experienced some form of paranormal phenomena, ranging from simple psychokinetic activity to full-blown apparitions. I would learn of such continuing activity after I appeared on local a TV news or talk shows. The then current occupants of the house saw or heard me, obtained my phone number and called. The last call from this house was in 1979. One can only wonder as to what has transpired there since that time.

Source: worldoftheunknown.com