Emotions & Electromagnetism – A hypothesis on residual haunting

Nikola Tesla experimens with Electromagnetism

The following thesis is an attempt to bring forth a new form of reason towards the understanding of the paranormal or the events that are beyond the scientific explanation. The following theories will be a juxtaposition between the paranormal and the way modern computers work.

The thesis is not a concrete explanation of the unexplained, but more of an educated research based on my own professional experience in the field of computers and my own personal research in the field of the paranormal. In the years that I’ve been researching well documented cases of unexplained phenomenon, I’ve come to the conclusion that there can very well be a connection between the spiritual world and natural electromagnetism.

Before we begin, I will touch on the basic workings of a computer hard drive in order to set the groundwork. A hard drive is a storage unit on a computer. Composed of metal parts and platters, on to which the data is written on. The way data is stored on a drive can be simplified as follows:
The drive uses magnetism to store data on the surface of the disk. The data is composed by bits of 1s and 0s which the disk can read and produce virtual documents, images, video.
A better explanation is given to us by howstuffworks.com:
” Hard disks have a hard platter that holds the magnetic medium, as opposed to the flexible plastic film found in tapes and floppies.
At the simplest level, a hard disk is not that different from a cassette tape. Both hard disks and cassette tapes use the same magnetic recording techniques. Hard disks and cassette tapes also share the major benefits of magnetic storage — the magnetic medium can be easily erased and rewritten, and it will “remember” the magnetic flux patterns stored onto the medium for many years…” “…Magnetic storage disks are coated with tiny particles which are magnetically sensitive, allowing the read/write head of the storage device to change the magnetic alignment of the particles to represent binary data. The reverse, simply passing the head over the surface of the disk, allows it to read the magnetic field alignment and thus the data. Common magnetic devices are floppy disks, hard disks and magnetic tape.” [1]

I will not go into a more detailed explanation since that is beyond the scope of this thesis. If you were to explain the inner workings of a hard drive to anyone from the 18th century, they would reject this notion and claim heresy; for which you would probably be charged with witchcraft and burned at the stake. This being a modern age I won’t worry about being burned alive.

Now, if we take the idea of how data is recorded on the fine film of tape or the surface of a disk and apply this to nature one can easily argue that our own image can be engraved in a sort of “electromagnetic canvas” of nature. Much like the “electromagnetic canvas” of the hard drive platters. How? Well take into consideration the Earth’s magnetic forces; from its global electromagnetic fields to the Lei lines that run through the Earth like veins through our body. It is a fact that when tectonic plates shift, they emit a high concentration of electromagnetic fields towards the surface of the earth. It is also a fact that there are weaker, yet constant electromagnetic fields in constant flow throughout the earth.
Now if we think about the workings of the computer’s drive and apply them to nature, we can hypothesize that our own bodies and actions can be recorded onto the “canvas” because of the fields that surround us and the little electricity our body emits can leave a fingerprint in the static fields. Let’s take the following into consideration; It has been wildly reported that the site of a horrific and tragic event, will at times display ghostly images of what has happened. Why? Taking the theory of “electromagnetic canvas” one could argue that during this tragic unfolding of someone’s life, their body was in such state of chemical imbalance that extra electrical activity was being generated. Like when the “Survival mode” kicks in on times of duress and humans indeed acquire some sort of super-human strength. If the electromagnetic fields are constant and strong enough, they can capture our electricity that is being emitted and “record” it onto the canvas.
Like the way a hard drive can store images and music, the “electromagnetic canvas” can record events and sounds. These images and sounds can be then played when the electromagnetic current are strong enough to. Whenever the earth emits strong surges of magnetic fields. This can attest to ghosts and ghostly sounds.