Los Angeles, city of (roaming) angels.


Los Angeles, the so-called “City of Angels”. It’s a chilled and cloudy April evening here in noisy downtown Los Angeles. Traffic, pedestrians and residents all run through these few miles of one-way mazes across such a vast demographic. 5 blocks away from me is the mega Nokia theatre and 2 blocks away is the infamous Skid-row. Amongst all this commotion, peering out my windows from my 103 year old building, the Pacific Electric Lofts , I see amazingly fast and extensive renovations that are being done to convert almost all the dilapidated buildings into livable lofts.

Staring out into the never-ending construction scenes, I think to myself, how many disturbances of poltergeist are happening around me? It’s well known that renovations/remodeling/construction at times tend to “wake” the dormant poltergeist activity in a building or land. so, is Downtown Los Angeles haunted?

Starting with the building in which I reside in ( PE lofts ) I can tell you that there has been some strange happenings since moving in this building on the first day it was opened. Back in August of 2005. The P.E. Loft building used to be the first tall building on the West Coat. The building was used as a Street Car terminal from 1905 to 1950. Thousands of people arrived and departed through this building in LA. The upper units of the building are now lofts. They were used as offices for different companies throughout the years.

Since living here, I’ve heard stories about the 5th floor on this building. Stories that include loud bangs, whispers and the occasional apparition of ghosts in era clothing. Now, at first I dismissed this as just talk, or regular man-produced noises, but as I talked with the maintenance crew in the building they would tell me that most of it was true. The whispers and bangs could be heard on the 5th floor. They also told me that a very uneasy feeling was felt by the whole crew on that floor. uneasy enough for one of the crew members to refuse to work on that floor. Upon questioning her on her decision, she proceeded to tell me that most of the times it’s a very uncomfortable feeling as if you are being followed or watched.

I’ve spoked with a few of the Office Managers about such claims and the only thing that they told me was that they’ve heard the rumors, but cannot confirm any of them. The only thing they could confirm was that a girl, on the 5th floor, requested to be moved to a different floor because her unit was “haunted”.

I’ve been to the 5th floor plenty of times usually to get some snacks from the vending machine but I never really felt any of the things that many people described. At least, it’s no different to the overall spooky feeling I have throughout this whole place. I will tell you this, if you research a bit more into the current situation here about this building, so far, I’ve counted 5 deaths since its opening in 2005.

I’m sure that the majority of people immigrating to downtown LA must run into some poltergeist activity, some of these buildings are over a century old. The more I think about it, the more I wonder what other buildings in downtown LA have ghosts in them.