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Ted Bundy, American serial killer

I found this article to be fascinating. I’ve read countless books on serial killers and how they are profiled, not because I hold some macabre feelings towards these people, but because they fall onto Parapsychology and abnormal-psychology, something I find intriguing.

Bizarre reports are spreading from the Florida State Prison where convicted serial killer, Ted Bundy was executed. These reports are from the prion guards who face job termination if they are caught talking about the ghost of Ted Bundy. It’s rumored that the guards are seeing the ghost of the serial killer in the cell where he spent his last moments. These reports have been circulating for the past few years.

From PR Inside:

It would appear that the ghost of Ted Bundy has returned or showed up at the Florida Prison and appears to be having a great time.

The reports coming from the Florida State Prison have gotten strange indeed. It appears that the Ghost of Ted Bundy has showed up and is terrorizing prison guards and inmates at the prison. A guard who has asked not to be identified says that Bundy’s Ghost appears in the area where he was executed and in his former cell where
he spent his last hours before being put into Florida’s Electric Chair. Up until the end Bundy tried to save his life by offering to tell where more bodies were buried but in the end they refused to give him any more time and he was executed. Now over the last year reports of his ghost have leaked out of the prison. It is been reported that the Wardens staff have even threatened to fire guards if they spread the story of Teds Ghost being at the prison. It is also rumored that some guards have been scared into quitting their jobs by Bundy’s Ghost. It will be interesting to follow the story and see where it goes.

Final interview of Ted Bundy, hours before execution.

  • callmemike

    I don’t see why FSP would threaten the guards if they talked about what they are experiencing.
    I believe this is all just an urban (prison) legend. I hope bundy is rotting away in hell. good post

  • Simon

    It sounds strange enough to be true. I’ve never seen a ghost- but I’ve known of respectable enough people who’ve seen them- and been terrified of them. Alright, it sounds illogical- but ghosts are illogical entities- besides Bundy was as much an illogical entity in life as in death, there was no purpose, no meaning to this person – he was a shadow of a human being in life – so is it so strange that he might manifest in death ? I mean does death change things – insofar as there maight be satanic beings and altruistic beings as much as on the immaterial as the material plane – is there any reckoning – is there a shred of evidence to suggest so? At least his ghost, if ghost it be (to its eternal regret?) won’t be able to kill any more innocent girls.

  • Simon,

    Interesting theory. I don’t know if Ted Bundy was really illogical, the man was really smart and did logical things most of his life. It was only his mental instabilities that caused him to flip. He had some really bad women issues.

    Thanks for the comment

  • megan

    well .. I agree I found Bundy intriguing on a psychological level.. I , at one point became obsessed w/ it, trying to figure out his trigger and profile him as I wanted to b a psychologist. and I would not b a bit surprised if Bundy came back to haunt those who tormented him. Bundy deserved what he got .. but they should have given him more time there are still countless bodies that he, and only he knew about. there are still families who don’t know what happened to their daughter

  • drg12000

    OK..I really don’t think Ted Bundy is in a place that allows field trips. I would think by now that he has the mother of all sunburns..we can only hope.