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Photo showing apparition

Kristen Sheley – Paranormal Investigator says: “Paul, when you capture a full body apparition, it’s like playing the lottery!”

I simply agree with Kristen, what she caught tonight was exceptional. Imagine this, Kristen is standing at the end of the hallway with two other investigators, she prepares to snap her picture and all three can testify that there was no one at the end of the hallway. She snaps…and voila..there it is, the shadow of a man. A full body apparition! The second photo and there is nothing, except many feet of empty hallway. So what was that shadow of a man?

When Kristen sent the photo to me, in her email she says:

Attached are a series of photos from tonight. (I’ll post/send more later…tomorrow later.) The “figure” one is just that — the shadow figure at the end of the hallway. It was taken at 7:20 P.M. with Holly and Carol next to me, who can verify the fact that no one else was up there at that end of the building at the time. The “secondslater” shot was just that — I took it seconds later after I thought I saw the figure in the first shot when my camera displayed it for about 5 seconds. (I saw NOTHING with my eyes in taking the original photo.) Then there’s “hollyinhallway,” which is one of our attempts to recreate the photo. While it may look similar to the first, my camera knew the difference immediately; it locks on figures and isolates them before the shutter is clicked when there is something to focus on. (Shannon saw this when we were trying to debunk.) It did not do that in photo one.

I’m insanely tired, so more tomorrow, as well as a closer look at the rest of the photos. Forward to those who wanted to see them and who’s address I do not know.”


This is a paranormal investigator’s dream come true and I congratulate Kristen for her many years of determination in capturing proof that there is life after death. The photo is now going through strict analysis to determine if the photo could have been created via a trick of shadow and light or what we actually have is a paranormal image of a full body apparition. From all indications, I believe this photo to be paranormal in nature.

How did this investigation get started? The date of this investigation is October 9, 2008, Thursday. The location is secret. The employees of this establishment do not want the name of their facility released.

Paranormal Investigators on the Scene were: Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe (President/Lead Investigator), Paul Dale Roberts – (Ghostwriter/General Manager), Henrietta & Jesus ‘Bear’ Martinez (Investigators of Mystic Valley Paranormal and working in liaison with HPI), Carol Gillis, Kristen Sheley, Holly DeLaughter, John Wachter (HPI Vice President), Michele Paykel, Justin Kohn, Nancy Towne, Jeanie Wigley.

Equipment Used: Numerous video cameras, digital cameras, digital audio recorders, temperature gauges, EMF Readers.

I did some interviews with the Mystic Valley Paranormal couple. Jesus told me that as a paranormal investigator he saw his first full body apparition on H Street, while installing fire extinguishers. The apparition was seen on the porch of the house and it was captured on digital camera. During an investigation at Power Inn Road, they retrieved many EVPs. They have taken classes with Nancy Bradley – Celebrity Psychic and once worked with Gold Rush Ghosts. Both Jesus and Henrietta have been ghosthunting for 3 years and both are now believers.

My next interviews were with the people that work at this establishment. I interviewed Joseph Stanley, Nate (Nathan) Cordero and Valerie Burrows.

Interview with Joseph: Joseph states that many times he has felt cold spots in the building. One time he was walking up the aisle and a gust of cold air hit him. Many times the hairs on his arms will stand up on end, because he can feel the presence of something next to him.

Photo shot seconds later shows no apparition.

Interview with Valerie: Valerie says that the toilets at times flush by themselves on a frequent basis. She says that there is a little girl ghost that is sometimes seen in the lobby section of the building and she is known as Bella. There has been knockings on the bathroom walls. She tells me that this building was built in the 1920s.

Interview with Nate: During a time when Nate was cleaning the theater and the stage, the lights would come on by themselves, or they would flicker on and off. Sometimes the theater seats will pop up by themselves.

During one part of the investigation, the toilets were flushing on their own and one of our investigators, Justin Kohn went to investigate further and discovered that the optic sensor was very sensitive to light. If you turn on the light, it will trigger the toilet to flush. So, this is somewhat debunked, because later one of the employees told us that the toilet will flush on it’s own in the dark too. This needs to be verified.

We are pending other results, but I can tell you from my digital audio recorder, I picked up no EVPs. I checked my photos and discovered numerous orb photos.

The most tantalizing piece of evidence is the full body apparition photo taken by Kristen Sheley. May we search for the truth and find it.

Just Came In! Kristen Sheley’s Final Comments:

The investigation was in a former school-turned-rec-center. The building was built in the 1920’s and totally gives off a Garden Home vibe. The place had hard cement floors and high ceilings, which made every single noise echo and magnify like crazy. Part of the building’s facilities include a performance theater, which is where the activity is supposed to be centered, so we had video cameras set up.

People took different stations when the investigation started around 7 P.M. Myself, Holly, and Carol had our digital cameras and were told to go upstairs and check that out. There was one class taking place up there, otherwise the floor would be empty. When we reached the top of the stairs, Holly — who is our group’s psychic/sensitive — said that she sensed something. She whipped out a digital thermometer and got some fluctuations in the temperature. I shot photos with my trusty Elph, getting a few “orbs” in several shots. (Orbs — glowy balls of illumation — I am very skeptical about as I think it’s dust or whatever in the air.)

What pissed me off is that my camera’s battery started to tank around then, which was stupid. It wasn’t near death before. Since the class taking place was right near this spot, we decided to move down the hall to the other end so we wouldn’t have to worry about lowering our voices…because as I said before, everything echoes like crazy. As we walked down there, I asked “what’s the deal?” about the activity here. Holly, who had grown up nearby, said that a man and women were reputed to linger there.

“I don’t think they were students here,” she added. “I think they were teachers.”

I rolled my eyes a little. “Man, I can tell you that the last place I’d want to haunt is the school where I worked!”

“The man could be a janitor, I think…I get that impression,” Holly said thoughtfully.

We reached the end of the hall at that point, and I stood near a sort of windowed door that was locked. The drop beyond this was about 15 feet, and I commented, “I wonder if they fell out of one of these windows?” I took a shapshot of the window, then turned and aimed my camera down the hallway. I took a photo of the empty space and, as the picture snapped remained in the viewfinder for the typical 5 seconds after the shutter click, I squinted at something in the photo. It looked like a dark figure was standing at the other end of the hall…which had been and was still empty.

“Huh,” I said aloud, drawing the attention of the other two women. “That’s weird.”

I took another photo from the same spot aimed the same way, curious to see if the phenom would dupe. This time, the photo showed no figure.

I went back to the first photo and zoomed into the point where I thought I saw something. It was no trick of light. I had captured a man’s figure in silhoette standing at the opposite side of the hallway — where my camera batter had drained, where Holly got temp fluctuations, etc — with seemingly no explaination. No one had been walking around at that end; no one had come up the stairs or come out of the classroom. The way the lights were set up — this was after sunset, too — would have made it impossible to cast any shadow like that against the back wall of the hallway.

I showed Holly — who was standing next to me at the time — the picture, and she gasped, immediately spotting the figure without my having to point it out. We all took more photos of the passageway, but got no more like that. Then we tried to dupe what had happened to disprove it. I walked down to the other end of the hall, went down the stairs, turned and came up and walked to the closed door of the classroom while they shot photos. Nothing came out with me or a shadow in it.

The Photo had been shot around 7:20. At 7:30, we went down to the theater (per instructions, we were going to rotate sites during the investigation) and when the news came about what I had captured on camera, everyone got super excited. Capturing any sort of ghost figure — this is a “shadow figure,” which is one type of ghostly manifestation — is very unusual, and in fact no one in our group, in all the investigations, has gotten something quite like this.

Before we had to shut everything down around 9 P.M., we had videotapes, EVPs, and scads more digital snaps decend on the hallway. We also sent a few people down to stand approximately where The Figure was and take pictures to compare to The Photo. They look faintly similar, except for one huge thing — no one was standing there at the time. My camera kept locking in on the figures during those debunking-attempt shots with a green box around the person and chirping and trying to make that the point of focus. (Not to mention you could clearly see the person in the viewfinder.) That was not happening when I took The Photo.

So, that was very very neat.

Full source: HPI paranormal