Here we go again: Ghost in surveillance camera (Guatemala)

A “ghost” flying by a camera. Or is it a moth?

Making it’s rounds through the internet is another “Ghost in a surveillance video”.
This time, it’s from Guatemala.

With security cameras becoming cheaper and more affordable to implement, more anomalous (and I use the term loosely) videos are surfacing. We’ve seen it before; from the “haunted gas station” to the “ghost in the gym” videos. These videos clearly show some insect caught in front of the camera. Somehow these videos manage to becoming breaking news and be passed as “authentic ghost videos” on countless web sites.

This is the kind of attention that paranormal investigators hate. Well, at least the real ones that are in it for a scientific purpose.

The video in question is from a storage place that is said to have captured a “ghost” on camera.
I will translate it for you:

Narrator: “This strange apparition fly’s by a security camera in a storage building in zone 8, and remained on screen for more than 2 hours while a dozen employees watched the monitor.

Employee 1: “Looking at the camera and screen I noticed that there was a light that I could not really focus on. It was on the side of the screen and it did not let me properly monitor who was in the room because of it blocking a good part of the screen. I went down there to see what light was blocking the camera and did not find any light bulb or foreign light that would cause that glow in the camera

Narrator: “You can see the images wing by the screen in a coherent movement. In fact, you can distinguish some details on the image. One of the employees was sent to stand in front of the camera to see if they could resolve this issue. Upon arriving in the room, the employee did not see anything in or around the camera. He started to get frightened and started praying, to which the ghostly image suddenly vanished.

Employee 2: “I came into the room, or area and noticed that it was really cold in there. So I figured that if this was something from God, then I asked for it to reveal itself. If this was not sent from God, then I asked it to leave in the name of Jesus.

Narrator: “This occurred at 3 pm on Thursday. The strange image was captured on video. When our news team arrived, we were told that this was not the only supernatural thing that occurs. Strange apparitions are seen by the rest of the employees and vanish as quickly as they are seen.

Reporter: “Spiritual or not, something happened in front of this camera that is behind me. Something that no one can explain.

There you have it. The video to me does not show a ghost or entity. Honestly all I see is an insect in front of a camera. (once again)

I really hate to think that we as human beings, when we die, we have nothing better to do than to come back and float in a miniature form in front of a security camera. Because it’s not like the image was at a far distance from the camera. You can clearly see that it was something so close to the lens that it appears to be on the lens itself. maybe it’s a ghost of a moth?

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