Based in Brooklyn, NY, I write about all things creepy and strange. My book based on the real haunting of Doris Bither (The Entity 1982 movie) will be released soon. Got a question? Drop me a line.

  • Were on Ramona.. address….I just moved in a house on Ramona an I get very erie feeling….plz write back or contact at [email protected]

  • junior

    Hello I live on Wichita rd in apple valley, and my friend and I where standing in front of my home around 2am. Facing towards Zuni rd, I turned to my friend told home something, while turning my head back towards Zuni, my friend was already seeing it. And we saw a tall black figure moving very very fast and quite! It was super quite! It seemed like it stop enough for us to get a good look and them took of again! My friend and I saw the same thing at the same time can any one tell me anything about it, or if anyone has seen anything like that!

  • tony

    I live in Jicarilla road/Yucca Loma since 2009. When we first move in, our 4 year old seen a bloodied man smiling at the other side of our white fence. He sid he wasn’t scary looking or threatening. We have had occurances happen evry few months. Mostly, 3 knocks on enterance door and on sliding doors. In all, no one was ever there. It has happen during the day or at night. We had glass break in kitchen and nothing is there. I had felt someone sitting next to me on bed and seen nothing, but felt bed go down. I had something rub my leg lightly, while laying down under a sheet in summer time. We seen a shadowed run across our front yard during the day when sun shines through curtains. We thought they must be at the front door by now. No one was ever there.