Yellow Top Bigfoot video: promotional video

There is this “Yellow Top Bigfoot” video going around in YouTube in which apparently a Bigfoot is recorded in the mountains of Colorado.
Filed under “Science and Technology” the poster of the video writes in the description:
This incredible piece of footage is surely the most amazing record of a sasquatch since the famed Patterson-Gimlin film of 1967! It was recorded last July just outside of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. You can check out the details behind this incredible encounter, as well as a brief history of Colorado’s Yellow Top Bigfoot at our website, More proof will be forthcoming!

More proof will be forthcoming? what do they mean? do they have better video evidence stashed away?

A quick check on their website “” shows that this video is only a promotional video for an up coming film by Noah Sodano. This is the disclaimer taken from their website: is a promotional website for Yellow Top,
the upcoming short film by Noah Sodano.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not vouch for, verify, or otherwise claim authenticity of any writing, video, or pictures posted on All content is presented as a matter of record, and should (as with any content of this nature) be regarded with a healthy skepticism.

So obviously this is just a promotional video being passed as a true Bigfoot sighting. In this day of age, viral videos are starting to become more and more infringing on the paranormal and cryptozoological studies.
Nowadays it is imperative to always remain skeptical of every evidence that is out there.