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carmensnedekerCarmen Snedeker interviewed on CNN

As if you weren’t tired enough from hearing about this case, CNN posted on their front page online, an interview with Carmen Snedeker about her ordeal in the supposed haunted home.

If you missed it, I did a post on this last week. In which Joe Nickell from the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry ( exposed the awful truth behind the story. Including neighbors testifying that it was all made up and according to Mr. Nickell, Ed Warren accosting him on the set of “Sally Jessy Raphael”.

Today, I saw the CNN interview in which Carmen Snedeker confidently states that what you see in the movie is really close to what she experienced in that Connecticut home. She goes on to say that she is writing a new book (this time, by her) that will tell of other things that happened but that were not on the movie.

Again, to me this whole thing is really getting out of control.

Here we have Joe Nickell, a skeptical researcher who investigated the case along with the Warrens and came up with a different conclusion. One that did not show signs of any paranormal activities but rather, drug abuse, deceit and greed. The Warrens’ version was different. One that showed demons, possession and full body apparitions. The difference between both of these conclusions, is that the Warrens had a book deal.

  • carrie

    I do not belive or disbelive this story on way or the other. I do think that there was probably something that did happen.But the thing that we all have to remember is that none of us knows for certain what we would do if we were put faced to face with an unknown element that you can neither see or explan. I think that should be one of the things that we should all think about not only here but in any case that we encounter with paranormal.

  • Mike

    give them a shot? later still haunt us

  • bushra09

    LOL its cz the so was going through chemotherapy…he died 3 years later