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  • hall442

    *chuckles* What you are describing is a familial haunting. The spirits are most probably those of deceased relatives. You did not mention being physically assaulted by them, just somewhat disturbed by their presence. The fact that you were under some amount of stress probably attracted them to you, as they can indeed sense when the living are under disturbed. Most probably they were concerned about your welfare. If you had managed to listen to the whispering, til you were able to discern what was being said, you may have found some helpful advice. 🙂

    As for the cat; my dog, Ginger followed me for many months after she passed away. It was only after my emotional state improved, that she finally moved on to be with my parents. Either that cat belonged to a family member, or belongs to one of the other spirits following your family. Again, nothing to be concerned over.

    I always find such activity to be comforting. It’s not the dead one has to worry about. The living will do you FAR more harm.


  • dilip

    nice story

  • Jonah Gruber

    This seems indicative of the night terror phenomenon. Approximately 1% of the world’s population experiences night terrors. They are always gray or dark, murky beings that appear during or near sleep, and always at night. The picture at the top of the article is almost universally associated with this apparition. I experienced a thing that looked almost exactly like this for approximately 6 years.

    Auditory hallucinations are normal, as are certain “attacks.” Suffocation of various kinds is very commonly reported, as is a feeling of paralysis, being retrained, or having one’s chest pushed down. “Invasive” feelings are heightened. Sensations of being probed or having things inserted (or even raped) are less common. I was usually suffocated. My experiences seem to be common among night terror/sleep paralysis testimony.

    The strangest thing about my experience is that other members of my family saw the same “entity.”

  • Jules

    jamcomics is doing a version of my own shadow being experience. If it was a night terror it’s contagious because my then husband experienced it too.

  • torchkc

    The nephew’s description of the “shadow person” sounds a lot like that noted in this story:

    The events surrounding it are different, but it may be something worth considering.

  • Jon

    Jonah: re your experience, if other people saw the same entity that lends credence to the idea that it might have been something paranormal and not just night terrors. Same goes for this story too I guess.