Chihuahua, Mexico: Locals know where the ‘Man Bat’ lives

A few weeks ago we reported on the “Chihuahua Man Bat” case, where in the small town of “La Junta” in Chihuahua reports of a tall humanoid winged creature has been terrifying the residents.

Sounding like an episode of The X-files, this case refuses to die down. Even with all the hype of the “swine flu” this case still manages to get front page status on some Mexican newspapers.

The latest in the case is that some residents are coming out and stating that they know where this creature lives. Reports say that some residents have seen this creature come out at night (around 8pm or 9 pm) flying out from what appears to be a cave situated in “el cerro de Miñaca” or Miñaca’s mountain. Right outside the town of Miñaca, Chihuahua.

Miñaca being an old town with a lot of ancient and archeological sites with a small population.

The Chihuahua Herald is reporting that some locals have witnessed this creature come flying out of the mountain and fly into the trees. The residents tell of how neighborhood dogs howl and bark with certain fear in them. Something they have never heard before.

The psychological impact of these reports have taken a toll on the daily lives of the towns people. Like in major cities where people avoid leaving their homes due to the “swine flu”, the residents of Miñaca avoid going out at night due to the increasing reports of the sighting of this winged creature.

Is this mass hysteria at it’s best? meaning, can it be a combination of people who are already paranoid of the pig influenza going around and added rumors of a winged monster flying around that is causing them to see and or hear things?

Or is there something more to this story? Something many do not take seriously because of it’s origins? Remember, the description of this creature resembles that of the the legendary “Mothman”.

murcie“Man Bat” from Chihuahua, mx

mothmanWest Virginia’s “Mothman”

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Miñaca mountain, alleged origin of the ‘Man bat’.