Reno Nevada, The Kelsay haunted home

The Kelsay home in the southern part of Reno, Nevada has has very little coverage throughout the years. As the story goes, a home built in the late 1800s had been sold and moved countless of times throughout it’s history. The only known recording of the haunting of this place started around 1977 and lasted well into 1981.

In the span of two decades, two families occupied this home. Both reported paranormal events. Poltergeist activities, levitation and apparitions were the norm. The family to buy the home were the Kelsays.

The Kelsay’s 13 year old daughter was the focus of the phenomenon. As it usually happens, poltergeist activity usually centers on a prepubescent child. Typically a female. Their daughter heard disembodied footsteps throughout the home, apparitions of “Samuel”, who many believed was the original builder of the home, and experienced her bed shaking and levitating.

Within a few years, the family had moved to a different home to which some of the haunting reportedly followed them. Their old home in Fish spring had been rented out to a new family, the Robinsons.

The Robinsons had 2 boys. This time, the ghosts shifted their focus and tormented these 2 young boys. The Robinson’s 11 year old one day heard voices throughout the the home. While no one else was present, the voices were loud and from a male. This caused the boy to flee the home in terror. The second child, was about 6 years of age when strange things started to happen to him. Apparitions and levitation started to occur.

Within a short period of time, The Robinsons complained of the paranormal activities and moved out. Forcing the Kelsays to sell their home in 1992. To this day, the house still stands and is a private residence. No new investigations or reports have been made of this home.