Fox’s Hannity investigates ‘Beast of Bray road’

Linda Godfrey (Beast of Bray road) was on Sean Hannity’s (Fox news) show this past Friday night.

Linda and I have corresponded through email for the past year or so. I’ve interviewed her and shared my thoughts over the collected stories with her. I’m very skeptical of the existence of a “Werewolf” and figured it was just a misidentified canine. It wasn’t until her publicist send me a copy of Linda’s lastest book, that I started to really pay attention to the reports that were coming in from the mid-western U.S.

It is still very difficult to believe in the possibility of a werewolf roaming around the prairies of our country (or anywhere else for that matter),
but I can honestly say that after reading her book, I’m more convinced that what is being reported might not be a simple case of people misidentifying an animal. I’m not saying that werewolves are out there and that you better pack some silver bullets next time you go out, but Linda’s 17 years as a researchers on the case, brings about some credible eyewitness reports of a super large wolf-life creature that has been seen by hundreds of (sober) people.

Linda will be speaking at Paranormal L.A. 2009 alongside Loren Coleman and Barry Conrad this August in Santa Monica, CA.

I suggest you buy your tickets now before they sell out! Contact me if you would like more information on the event.