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So after all the ruckus and controversy that this new film dubbed “Gable Film 2” has caused, there is still no clear answer as to its origins and contents.

Many readers have all voiced their opinions on the new film. The comments on the last few posts have all yielded much speculation and discussions (some nice, some not so nice); but the bottom line is that we are still in the dark about knowing who owns “GF2” and what is the rest of the footage on that film.

Theories ranging from Gorilla attacks to hoax are being discussed. Some researchers focus on the film’s origin only. The original film (“Gable Case #MPO41177-1”) has brought upon some good questions. What does ‘MPO’ stand for?  Police code?  Michael Patterson (bear attack victim) ?

Could it be something entirely different? Like what reader “amb3rfaith” suggested:

So I’ve been trying to research “#MPO41177-1″ to figure out what “MP” means. I got nothing, then I realized that it says “MPO”!!(lol). I thought that the “o” was a zero..

Well by looking up the “MPO” I found something that it could stand for…MPO VIDEOTRONICS!!

MPO VIDEOTRONICS is a production film company that started in 1947 and then sold the film company 1974,, and just focused on making projectors.. Here’s a link to a brief history on MPO VIDEOTRONICS!!

Now I don’t know if this is what the “MPO” stood for. All I know is that both subjects the code # on the Gable film and MPO VIDEOTRONICS, both have something in common.. Which is film and film making..

Reader Zach Luebke has done an incredible job at hunting down important paperwork that could put this whole thing to rest. Unfortunately, so far the results he has do not conclude anything.

I myself have tried to contact various governmental departments in Michigan/Wisconsin to no avail. Even emails to the YouTube user who uploaded the “GF2” footage have gone unanswered.

Some of us have not given up on the search to get to the bottom of this mystery.

I want to thank everyone for helping form this ad hoc investigation on the films. I will update GhostTheory as soon as valuable information is passed along to me by the researchers working on the case.

  • Don’t worry, I posted Gable Film 2 on both of my YouTube Channels as soon as I found the original had been taken down.

    I’ve also been investigating this story since the new film surfaced last week. You can read about it on my website, Steve Cook, the owner of the original film, emailed me back about a few speculations I had made concerning the original film. I posted his email there. I think I’ve got a few more questions for him regarding the lyrics of the song…

    If YouTube pulls the same thing to me that happened to Zach, I’ll just upload the video directly to my site.

    By the way, Zach’s been doing an amazing job following up on all this. Great work!!!

    PS: Another possible clue in Gable Film Part 2: after the body and camera are shown, the third thing is a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses (thus, the “Gla…” on the evidence card for “Glasses”). There had been some previous speculation that it was a footprint, and “GIA…” stood for “GIANT.” Just wanted to clear that up.

  • Yea Never really looked passed the footage of the body. I was taking stills of everything up to that point. I found out that the police car that looks like a MSP car, with color, and uniform looking like to appear like MSP but has some issues with that. I posted that on my site. I haven’t really updated anything tho since Quinlan pulled his film and after I heard that song. I’ll take a look at your site now. And probably link it to mine.

  • to johnmiller- I stated that I have claimed them to be fake, based on ALL the information and clues I have found. Which leads it to be more than just a genral happening or average coincidence. One clue could be debatable to clues could be iffy three clues and its clear. In such a case there is no such thing as coincidences, maybe ONE COINCIDENCE, BUT MORE AND MORE AND MORE? Come one man…lol. But like I said I am claiming as of now that it is all fake. No such official word on if it is as of now. I still am waiting on replies to get the best confirmation I can on if the films are fake or not tho I have proven them fake already. and I will not let my claim get in the way. I look at facts, the facts lead right to it being fake already. But I will get as much as I can to prove it is all real or fabricated. You can’t deny it looks like the dogman gable film is a version of the big foot Paterson film and that film was admittedly fake by the original person who took the film only years later. And the people who took the Paterson film where “film nuts” too.

  • johnmilner

    sorry if i sounded snippy before zach, old guys get that way sometimes. still though, you may be rushing to judgement. if the anagram in quinlan’s message really means something, you aren’t likely to get proof or disproof on official channels. i have an acquaintance with a former mi dnr person who lives nearby. he’s had some very interesting things to say about this, but is adamant about being off the record.

  • johnmilner

    btw, there are still plenty of people who believe the p/g film is real. patterson himself later stated he only said it was fake because he was tired of dealing with the hundreds of self-appointed bigfoot researchers, most of whom were bumbling amateurs.

  • well tough sh*t for the paterson followers lol. That film was taken by people who where involved in film making to begin with, loses credibility just on that alone. And I know the MI DNR can be thick headed about things but it doesn’t show MI DNR at all in that second video as far as I can see. And taking in everything I’ve pulled out, all the clues that are around the films, it leans towards this footage being fake.Leans on it so far it actually fell over all ready.I haven’t found anything showing its cridble in the least, nothing at all.Its not cridble. I’ve tried finding things that are cridble. You should look at my site. My blog on there. And probably check into all the investigation I’ve shown so far. I know a lot of people believe in this film but believing is not normal! There is no easter bunny. There is only facts. Not Beliefs only Knowledge. And if anyone believing in this footage that tries to debate it with me is a lost soul. And a waste for me to talk to. Either you know its real, or you don’t know, or you know its fake. I’ve noticed there is a lot of people on here who just believe and will fight to the death on there belief…To me they look stupid fyi.

  • I just received word from Steve Cook regarding the lyrics to his song.

    He claims that “All but one of the verses in the original song were based on actual events, however, some locations were adjusted… The only verse that is entirely fictional is the 1907 crazy old widow story.

    “…The Bellaire verse was based on a rash of sighting reports…that occurred in Antrim County in the 60s and 70s.”

    So it appears the original “hoax” song wasn’t entirely a hoax after all…

  • Yeah it was stated tho that it all was a hoax. The song adimitdly was all a hoax. But like you mention facts around this song do match up to some real events but the location differs in the lyrics. Like it appears there was an incident involving an unkown creature scratching up a house in 87. but the location doesnt match the song. In any case he did claim the whole song was just a hoax made up before. Yet this stuff shows indesripancies…

  • the_snow_420

    i have watched the film researched all i can on it and came across this site.i started reading the reviews and right away i have a non idealist. think years ago the gorilla was a urban legend but yet it exist here and now but when we speak of walking apes of the north America it taboo in the real world we do not know everything but we have opinions on everything to believe or to not believe is a choice a privilege. to see a beast that moves like a gorilla but the shape of a large bear it is to think it cant be real we question it right a way with out proper gone throw it charges like a gorilla but looks like a dog running it cant be a known animal or a man in a suit the beast movement is smooth the way the fir and the fat move is to clean per say it is digital or it is a beast that has been smart enough to stay away from us self destroying human-beings we will discover new species as we dig deeper in the forests soon there will be no place to go for these animals and to say it that way is cruel but true of are natural greediness