Gable Film 2: No New Leads


So after all the ruckus and controversy that this new film dubbed “Gable Film 2” has caused, there is still no clear answer as to its origins and contents.

Many readers have all voiced their opinions on the new film. The comments on the last few posts have all yielded much speculation and discussions (some nice, some not so nice); but the bottom line is that we are still in the dark about knowing who owns “GF2” and what is the rest of the footage on that film.

Theories ranging from Gorilla attacks to hoax are being discussed. Some researchers focus on the film’s origin only. The original film (“Gable Case #MPO41177-1”) has brought upon some good questions. What does ‘MPO’ stand for?  Police code?  Michael Patterson (bear attack victim) ?

Could it be something entirely different? Like what reader “amb3rfaith” suggested:

So I’ve been trying to research “#MPO41177-1″ to figure out what “MP” means. I got nothing, then I realized that it says “MPO”!!(lol). I thought that the “o” was a zero..

Well by looking up the “MPO” I found something that it could stand for…MPO VIDEOTRONICS!!

MPO VIDEOTRONICS is a production film company that started in 1947 and then sold the film company 1974,, and just focused on making projectors.. Here’s a link to a brief history on MPO VIDEOTRONICS!!

Now I don’t know if this is what the “MPO” stood for. All I know is that both subjects the code # on the Gable film and MPO VIDEOTRONICS, both have something in common.. Which is film and film making..

Reader Zach Luebke has done an incredible job at hunting down important paperwork that could put this whole thing to rest. Unfortunately, so far the results he has do not conclude anything.

I myself have tried to contact various governmental departments in Michigan/Wisconsin to no avail. Even emails to the YouTube user who uploaded the “GF2” footage have gone unanswered.

Some of us have not given up on the search to get to the bottom of this mystery.

I want to thank everyone for helping form this ad hoc investigation on the films. I will update GhostTheory as soon as valuable information is passed along to me by the researchers working on the case.